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His sister hikes with a ballerina. He delights in teasing her for it. Until O drags him out to see her dance. Every muscle in her body must strain as she pulls the weight of her body onto her toe box but she doesn’t show any of it. Her face is pretty and relaxed, every move graceful as if she is weightless. Later he gets his hands on her waist and feels the tight cord of her hard work over bird bones. He finds himself holding his breath as he watches the play of hard won muscle under her skin.

This is another one from the series of prints I did for scientists, philosophers and artists. It’s also one of the most difficult quotes I’ve had to work with. Let’s be honest, I’m not that smart. I draw my daughter talking about bad guys and upset tummies.

This one was a blast though. Here’s the quote from Nietzsche:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you.”

Not sure if I captured the thought, but it sure was fun. And if you don’t know what Nietzsche looked like.. check him out.. he was super cool looking. Just like an old timey boxer.


This Is Probably The Best Drake-Inspired Custom Ever

With Drake being the talk of the summer from his winning battle with MeekMill, him getting exclusive Air Jordan 8s, and not to mention his own release of the OVO Air Jordan 10s, and as well as his recent collaborative tape with Future that released this pass weekend. It is clear that he is a very powerful artist and brings great inspiration, not just in the music industry, but also in the sneaker industry. These customs were made by HaveAir Customs, he used the Air Jordan 1 Mid Nouveau as the base of this artwork, these 1s have Drake lyrics and song titles. On the bronze toe-box is nothing but song titles like Miss Me, Tuscan Leather, Star 67, and Over just to name a few, the gold areas on the ankle, swoosh, and heel are nothing but lyrics, the rest of the shoe is covered in black leather. These customs are nothing less then dope and frankly a master piece, what would you give up for these?

Images Via: HAC

“I actually need you to go home,” Avery muttered on the phone, her cracking as she stopped herself from sneezing once more. She was sick. When Declan woke up earlier, she was already feeling hot but she thought that if she slept some more, she would feel better but now, she realized that she needed her boyfriend home. Lucky for her, little Elijah was still sleeping and she wouldn’t want to get close to him while she was sick. “I’m actually sick, I’ve been sneezing for the last thirty minutes,” She complained to the phone, trying to sit up but she was too tired, she was even too worn out toe grab the box of tissue to wipe her eyes and nose. “I’m so sorry if I’m going to let you miss school,” She groaned, knowing Avery, she was very much vocal about how she wanted Declan to finish school and if she wasn’t feeling so bad, she wouldn’t even ask Declan to come home and he knows that. “I just don’t want Elijah to get sick because of me, I tried calling your mom but she didn’t answer and I don’t know who else to call, Dec, I can’t call my parents, they know nothing about these,” She had to stop what she was saying because she suddenly sneezing, wiping her nose on the back of her hand, she squeezed her eyes close, “Come home please?”

Rule 47

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Part Twenty-Two [final]

“2:30 means 2:30. Not 2:33.”

Grace doesn’t even wait until she’s opened the door. She’s so nervous she’s practically shouting through the door from the next room. She might be excited. She’s not really sure. All Grace knows is that she’s definitely running on adrenaline. And coffee. So much coffee.

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