Every good story must have:

A naive but powerful “chosen” protagonist with messy hair

An idolized mentor who turns out not to be invincible 

A smart friend who keeps the protagonist in line 

A loyal friend who supports the main character

A brooding character with daddy issues who gets shipped with the protagonist by fans 

A pair of obviously in love best friends

A terrifying looking villain 

And a character who is not the villain but is universally hated

Deku and todorokis friendship is so funny to me like imagine this guy who’s maybe said 5 words all year comes up to you, says he’s gonna kick your fucking ass, accuses you of being somebodies illegitimate child, unloads all his super personal childhood trauma and daddy issues on you, all in like the span of an hour, so then you break your fucking bones to beat some common sense into him. And it works.