Saw this great speaker last night named #ToddWaites, who was once a #Strongsville student. U are probably wondering why he only has one arm. Well let me tell u. He was playing football in middle school. He threw the ball and his right arm went out. He was in a cast for a long time. And then when he went for a check up at the doctors, they told him he had bone cancer and that his arm probably won’t make it. And it didn’t. He told us that his lost arm is nothing to him. He can still do eventing we can but it takes a little longer for him. He once gave up on life because of his lost arm because he got made fun of when he had cancer and no hair. But in the end his music teacher in high school told him you can do it, and don’t worry about the people who put u down for who u are. You are who u are and no one can change that but u. After that everything changed all because of this high school music teacher. He plays the piano like everyone else but with one arm. He calls himself a rockstar because when he is playing the piano nothing gets in his way, and goes all out and feels like a true rockstar. He has a saying that everyone should follow by “ROCKSTARS DON’T H8” they’re like everyone else in the world, but show everyone the true meaning of music and how it makes a difference in people’s lives when they listen to it. Todd is married and is just a really great happy #Christian who goes out in the world and shows people that even though I have one arm, I’m still a person just like u. He goes around the world telling people his story and making a difference in people’s lives. If u ever get a chance plz go to WWW.TODDWAITES.COM to learn more about him.