I’m probably gonna change the trees but here’s a banner I’ve been working on fro Blackwood Crossing.

The black parts on the top and bottom are parts that get cut off from tumblr’s banner on their newest default theme, But I might change the theme on the blog so -shrug-

Jackson - Jeremy - Toddson

The three main-ish characters for a story I came up with!
I’m actually hoping to make this into a comic in the future<3

This story was first created around April 2013 uvu
It’s a murder mystery story~ 

I’m WAY too lazy to scan lately. I’ve been drawing, but shit I don’t feel like scanning art.

I drew these last night after midnight!

I recently lost all passion I had for art but after talking to my doctor I’m now on this new medication that I think is REALLY gonna help me!

I’m not too sure if I drew a lot because I was happy/relieved my doctor actually LISTENED to me or because the medication is already working.

I don’t care. I missed drawing so much.