todds boots

Prompts 82 + 31 + 50 + 113

Prompts-”You’re my girl.” “Oh sweetheart, I’m much more than that.” “Lets go fuck some shit up Doll face.” and “I’ve never seen someone so sweet yet so badass.” 

Jason Todd 

i want boots 







“You’re my girl,” One of Jason’s hands was in your back pocket and the other held a cold gun. His stubble covered chin ran against your cheek as you loaded you own gun. Today you two would be taking down the biggest drug lord in Gotham. 

“Oh Sweetheart, I’m much more than that.” You turned around with one last click, indicating that your gun was loaded, and placed a swift kiss to Jason’s lips. 

You hopped out of the van, Jason following in suit. You two walked up to the building, a new found confidence surrounding both of you. Your leather jacket provided little warmth in the chilly Gotham air, but it provided many spots for you extra bullets and knifes. 

You and Jason had been tracking this guy for what felt like years and now you both knew where he was. You both had studied his men and him and you realized that he may be scary, he and his mean were weak. You and Jason had this covered, this scum bag was going to die. 

Jason walked behind you and placed a kiss behind your ear, which made you shiver. He chuckled and bit the shell of your ear before pulling away, which made you only want him to stay. 

“Lets go fuck some shit up Doll face,” You laughed at the unusual nickname before swinging open the door. 

Like you both expected all of the men were asleep around an old table and many empty bottles of booze. Their bodies barley even flinched at the loud creak of the door opening. Rushing in, both of you grabbed all of the bags of drugs and quickly got them away from from the men. In the process of getting the many bags away from them, their boss slipped into the room with even more men behind him. Turning to face him, you paled slightly and Jason stilled. 

“Well, ain’t it just the two best people in the Gotham.” The man smiled at the two of you with his gun raised. 

“Nice to see you too, homie.” This probably wasn’t your best word choice but hey, it confused him. 


“Go!” Jason’s loud voice was your cue to start shooting. In just a few moments many of his men were down on the ground, dead. Jason had one man in a head lock while he made the man watch you kick complete ass. 

“I’ve never seen someone so sweet yet so badass,” Jason smiled as he shot the man in the head, causing him go limp in his arms. Jason walked over to you were had tied up the gang leader to a chair. 

“Well Baby, there’s one more thing to do.” You both laughed and then Jason watched as you shot the man in the head. 

“Oh, how I love you.” You pulled you to his chest and kissed your forehead as he lead you out of the building, both of you laughing.