Todd and Blair, 8/5/13
  • T:Something to tell you.
  • B:Okay. What?
  • T:We're doomed.
  • B:Don't joke.
  • T:Why not? It's just something I do. It's my tell. Like you, you put your hair behind your ear.
  • B:You do that when you're lying.
  • T:I do that when I'm hurting.
  • B:It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay, Todd. It will. Everything you've done, for me, for the family, I'm happy, I haven't seen this Todd, ever, something I never thought would happen, I mean the self-sacrificing Todd . . .
  • T:Sure, now who's telling jokes?
  • B:I have hope that fate has another ending for us. I do.
  • [kiss. shows hands with wedding bands]
  • [Later, at door]
  • B:Todd . . .
  • T:Nothing to say. I love you, Blair Manning.
  • B:I love you, Todd Manning. I always have, and I always will.