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Ello!~ May I request a headcanon for Bokuto and Tobio babysitting a smol 2 year old toddler with their s/o? You can choose the temperament of the kid XD Thanks! I really love your writing D: soooo in character! <3

sorry it’s taken so fookin long to get this out! Hope you’re doing well, and here you go!!

Bokuto Koutarou

  • The babysitting begins with optimism. It ends with fear.
  • His s/o promises that it will be easy- Fun even. Bokuto gets excited at the idea since he actually really likes kids, and he’s fairly good with them.
  • As soon as the toddler’s parents leave though, all hell breaks loose.
  • It’s a classic case of “child appears sweet at first and then turns into a devil”.
  • The toddler waddles around with intent to destroy, knowing over everything in their path and bursting into screeching tears out of seemingly nowhere. It scares Bokuto, since he doesn’t know how to react or what to do to get them to calm down.
  • Bokuto’s s/o somehow manages to keep up with the kid, amazing Bokuto. He quickly realizes that he is not ready to be a parent just yet (boi you’re in freakin high school calm yourself)
  • Despite Bokuto fearing the child, he realizes they have a bit in common: Really likes being held by his s/o, eating, taking naps, and having somewhat random mood swings.
  • The kid seems to have a death wish and toddles over to any pointy edge or possibly dangerous item in sight, forcing Bokuto and his s/o to constantly be on alert. Even beloved childhood shows don’t get the toddler to calm down.
  • By the time they’re done babysitting, both have sworn off children until further notice and are completely exhausted.
  • They’re happy with themselves, though. They managed to keep a two year old alive for several hours and have pockets full of cash. Overall, a frightening yet good experience.

Kageyama Tobio

  • lol fuck optimism Kageyama is Ready For The End.
  • The second his s/o proposes him coming along to help them babysit he rejects the idea. Wouldn’t he scare them?
  • After his s/o manages to coax him into going along with it, the two arrive at the destination quickly and as soon as the toddler lays their eyes on Kageyama a staring contest begins.
  • Kageyama’s pride doesn’t let him blink or look away- Until his s/o tugs on his arm to get him to move.
  • The kid doesn’t seem to particularly like or dislike Kageyama, if anything they seem more suspicious of him (at least the feeling is mutual)
  • When the toddler refuses to eat their food, his s/o (who had been doing most of the work) begs Kags to come try. For some reason, him saying “eat” was all the coaxing the kid needed and they chowed down on their meal.
  • Kageyama chalked it up to his intimidating appearance, but his s/o insisted that it was simply that he was good with kids.
  • After that, Kageyama and the toddler seemed to reach an understanding. Kageyama spoke to them plainly, mostly giving them little-worded directions, such as “No don’t go in there.” or “Stop that.” or “Come here so we can brush your hair.” And it worked.
  • For some reason, Kageyama seemed to have a sort of calming affect on the toddler and the kid rarely ever cried out and was much more subdued than he’d expected them to be.
  • His s/o insisted on him coming along to all of their other babysitting gigs.

She was the kind of kid who loved surprises. Katniss always marveled at how joyfully her daughter would play hide and seek. Even though the toddler thought standing in the same corner every time was a good hiding spot. She was the kind of kid for whom a jack in the box provided hours of gleeful merriment.

Katniss, on her hunter’s feet was excellent at surprising her daughter. And unexpectedly revealing flowers from behind a back was a common occurrence. Peeta would participate with little items from the bakery or tiny paintings and drawings. They both loved the little “Oh!” their daughter would gift them with when they presented something surprising.

They had discussed the baby for weeks. But he came so quickly and suddenly. One night, they all went to bed unawares, and by the next morning there was an entirely new person in their family.

As Peeta opened the door to begin the introductions, Katniss steeled herself. It isn’t every day someone just appears and comes to live in your house. She and Peeta decided to present her brother as a a very special surprise. She just wasn’t sure the girl was ready for a surprise of this magnitude.

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Okay, have a story - I once lived, what has since been dubbed, 'The Week of Embarrasment'. I was a nanny, living in Finland at the time, and my kid was the most adorable little pumping seed anyone could ask for. Now, I don't deal well with embarrassment, I have no idea how to handle it or how to react and generally just run and hide. Now this week started off like any other; drag myself from my warm bed to be sharply woken up with a smoke in the bitter Finnish weather (1)

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“I don’t wike it” – Tyler Seguin about his glove, probably [12.29.15]

The Littlest Winchester - Circles

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 635


   “Again, Daddy! Do it again!”

   “Again? Aren’t you dizzy?”

   “No!” Bouncing, the four-year-old grabs Dean’s hands. “Again!”

   Dean lifts her up by her arms and starts spinning in circles. The little girl laughs delightedly, her grip tightening. He keeps this up for a few seconds, eventually slowing to a stop and setting her down.

   “Again! Again!” Immediately, she tugs on his arm again.

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Another fandom Granny here - seeing the same arguments that were levelled against fanfic writers before website deletion and the purges have been making me really uncomfortable lately too. I wish we could move past this

Just everyone stay in your own corners, you know?  Toddlers manage this.

Though Tumblr’s particular version of rhetoric (aka the most outraged person is Correct and if you’re not Vocally And Publicly Posting And Addressing Something you are Complicit because One’s Social Media/Fandom Content is a 1 to 1 of their Personal Beliefs) is not helping

Timing Part 3

Aaron’s dominant eyes quickly fell to the files in his hand when Penelope informed them that a killer had struck (y/n)’s neighborhood. Although they hadn’t spoken in almost 2 years, Aaron worried each and every time a madman made an appearance anywhere near her.

He exhaled a sigh of relief, however, and moved his eyes back up to the screen behind the techie when she said that this particular unsub was taking mothers and their infant or toddler aged children.

Though he knew (y/n) wasn’t a mother when they’d met and dated, Aaron had never considered the possibility of her being one now. Not until a photo of the latest victim was removed the screen, replacing it with a smiling face– a face with (e/c) eyes and (long/short) (H/c) hair.

Aaron’s eyes widened as Penelope spoke.

“This is (y/n) (l/n), (age). She was taken just under 5 hours ago. If he sticks to pattern, he’ll keep her for 3 days–”

“Wheels up in 30,” Aaron practically whispered as he stood from the table in a hurry and exited the room.

Locking himself in his office, Aaron’s mind ran wild. He cared so deeply for (y/n) when he had her that his feelings grew to love more quickly than he thought possible, and because of that, he chose to leave her in an effort to keep her safe. Now, that she was in danger, Aaron couldn’t help but blame himself. Now, he wondered if she would’ve been safer with him, if he had been there for her none of this would’ve happened.

Suddenly, Penelope’s words crashed into his mind and cleared it of all these of thoughts.

This unsub wasn’t kidnapping and killing women. This unsub was kidnapping mothers. Mothers.

“Garcia,” Aaron called as he left his office and rushed down the stairs toward the bullpen.

“Yes, sir,” she rose from her perch on Derek’s desk as soon as she caught sight of him.

“Garcia, this unsub takes only mothers. Never women without children?”

“No, sir, they’re all mothers.”

“This latest victim,” his voice caught in his throat referring to (y/n) in that manner, “How old is her child?”

“Um, she’s…” Penelope opened her tablet and slid her finger across the screen as she searched for the information, “Just over a year old.”

“She’s a year old,” Aaron’s mind quickly calculated a timeframe. It’s been 22 months since his break up with (y/n). A year ago today would’ve have made 10 months that they’ve been separated, and if this child is slightly over a year, that makes it more like 9. Aaron didn’t need much proof beyond that. He knew. This was his child.

Staying quiet on the plane, Aaron feared for (y/n)’s safety, he worried that he had a child he may never get to meet, and he wondered why she hadn’t told him about her. He questioned his entire relationship with (y/n). Had there been someone else? Did she not see him as capable? She never met Jack, why would she assume he was a bad father? Maybe it was job. Maybe the fact that is presence is scarce turned (y/n) away.

Although his mind was full of emotions and questions, Aaron was able to focus his energy on the case, pouring every fiber of his being into finding this man before he could bring any harm to (y/n) and their child.

Finally, Spencer had a break through. His eidetic memory allowed him to see an inconsistency in a suspect’s interview. This inconsistency allowed Aaron’s alpha male persona more fuel for fiery questioning when he entered the interview room a second time. When he exited the room, Aaron exited with an address.

His heart raced as the blaring sirens of the SUV cascaded through the streets, the lights flashing like memories of (y/n) and her time with Aaron.

Before the vehicle had completely stopped, Aaron flung the door open, unable to be bothered with closing it again. Exiting the back seat, Emily pushed his door shut as she walked passed it, sharing a concerned look with Derek as they followed their unit chief into a run-down house.

“Hotch,” she called as the raced to catch up with him, but he immediately burst through the door with his weapon drawn.

Eyeing the room, he caught sight of door with various locks and latches attached to it. He approached it slowly, turning the knob as quietly as he could.

Aaron rarely became nervous. His heart never pounded out of a normal rhythm. But right now, as he eased himself down the steps of this basement, he felt as if he would throw up. His lungs shook as they jerked in air, his heart raced, it’s pulse blaring through his ears like a drum.

Catching up with him, Derek and Emily slowed their steps when they reached the door of the basement, lowering themselves downstairs as quietly as their team leader.

Tilting his head back to them, Emily tilted her head to left, suggesting the direction she wished to take. He nodded his accordance and quickly turned to the right side of the stairs, rushing in with his gun drawn.

“Aaron!” A familiar voice cried out to him.

“(Y/n),” he whispered, keeping himself calm enough to scan the room for the unsub, “Where is he?”

“I don’t know,” she cried, tugging on the rope that held her to the wall. “Please don’t let him hurt my daughter!”

As she spoke, Aaron cleared the room, quickly rushing to her side and releasing her from her binds.

“Morgan and Prentiss are here too. They’d never let that happen,” he quickly led her up the stairs and outside, speaking into the walkie talkie pinned to his vest, “I’ve got (y/n). Do you have the child?”

“Aaron, wait. I need her. I need to get her–”

“Morgan and Prentiss will get her. I need to get you out,” he brushed a fallen tear from her cheek before he scooped her into his arms, carried her from the house, and sat her down in the lawn.

“We’ve got her, Hotch,” they heard through the device on his vest, “She’s ok. Morgan’s got the bastard cuffed.”

“I’m so sorry, (y/n),” Aaron whispered, trying to contain his emotions as he studied her face– her brilliant (e/c) eyes were reddened by continuous crying, she had a few cuts and scrapes, and matching bruises on her wrists from the rope. Wrapping his arms around her, Aaron held (y/n) protectively, “I should’ve been there for you. I should’ve been protecting you. I thought being with me would put you in danger, but leaving you has.”

“It’s not your fault,” she squeezed him tightly, taking in his scent for the first time in almost 2 years.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” His words forced her to pull away from his embrace.

“Tell you?” She gazed into his eyes perplexed. “Tell you wh-what?”

“You have a child, (y/n). A child that had to have been conceived when we were together. Unless you had someone else too, I can only assume that I’m…” He exhaled as his words caught in his throat. He didn’t want to say the words and have her deny them, so he looked at her, his eyes pleading for answers.

“You’ve been through a lot, Aaron,” she looked down, but she held onto his hands tightly, “You already have a child and so much heartbreak in your past. You didn’t need anything making your life more complicated.”

“You, a baby, a family, that wouldn’t have been a complication–”

“If that were true then you wouldn’t have left me.”

“I thought I was protecting you, (y/n),” he brought his hand to her chin, tilting her head upward to look at him, “Haley died because of me, because of my job. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to you. Now, I see that it almost has, I know I was foolish in thinking that. I can protect you, (y/n). I can keep you safe. I won’t ever let something like this happen to you ever again. Give me the chance to show you that. Give me the chance to be with you, to have a life with you, and our child.”

Just as she was about to speak, Emily appeared outside carrying the most beautiful little girl Aaron had ever seen.

(Y/n) rose from the ground and rushed over to her, hugging her child and kissing her forehead repeatedly.

“Aaron,” she called to him after a few moments.

When he stepped up beside her, he instinctively placed and arm around the small of her back.

“I want you to meet your daughter,” she smiled, “So, we can be a family.”

The Littlest Winchester - Zoo Day

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 855


           Goats smell bad. Like, really bad. Bad as in Dean doesn’t know how he’s not gagging from the stench. There’s sheep too, and also a couple of alpacas, but goats are the dominant species in the open pen. Maybe if he wasn’t standing so close to them, the smell wouldn’t be so bad, but he can’t go very far. If he moves away, his four-year-old daughter will follow. She’s too nervous about the animals to stray far from her father while they’re close.

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cue anxiety buildup over new job (assuming i get it!!!!) what! if! i! suck! at! child! care! what if they place me with the big kids and they are terrors!!!! i cannot deal with little two year old boys entering their anal phase !!!!! and are also still in their oral phase!!!!!!! christ!!!!!!!!!!!! pls put me in pre toddler!!!!!!!!!!!!! what if i suck at pre toddler though!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck!!!!!!!!!!

For 4 days this upcoming week I am gonna be with the kids I babysit for 10 hours every day

I am so fucking excited cause I love these kids and I am gonna take them on some day trips to the mall and maybe the movies!! I am gonna look like a crazy teen mom with two toddlers though lmao

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i've been feeling "ooh eeh ooh ah ah" song so hard lately tho, i've been getting caught on an awful echolalia loop with it. I work with toddlers though so they're entertained at least.

hypomania is just that song but in my bones and I can’t sleep I also haven’t eaten in 15 hours