toddlers though

So I’ve known for a while that when I start my third year of the PhD in September, I’m going to have to give up writing for several months. It’s killing me already to think about it, but I simply have to - there’s no way I’ll be able to allow myself the distraction of ficcing and read, annotate and retain up to 1,000 pages of secondary literature per day as I prepare for qualifying exams.

I made a list today of all the fics and stories and original work I wanted to therefore complete before September/by my birthday in late August, all the stuff I feel like I’ll be distracted by or dissatisfied with if I don’t finish them, and it’s just - it’s impossible. I’ve extended the schedule through September, even, thinking that maybe I’ll keep the first month for prep and busywork and start reading October 1st, and it’s still the equivalent of doing several NaNoWriMos at once. While also trying to write my master’s thesis and complete an internship.


I tried to be brave and actually went out yesterday, and I just have this overwhelming feeling of embarrassment and misery. I apologised too much, I made everyone uncomfortable by how unbelievably anxious and shy I was, anytime someone touched me I flinched/clenched on reflex which is just rude but I couldn’t stop and when I did speak it was just a pure stuttering mess. To top it all off some buried feelings revived from the dead that I have no idea how to deal with, since they definitely don’t reciprocate my feelings which is not their fault but I couldn’t keep a lid on it so, yeah.

So overall, my ears hurt, my heart has been split open and I want to cry because I can’t seem to act normally in any social situation.

bitemygiantscalyass || continued from here

Grace can’t help but make a face as he
licks her. It’s kind of sweet and adorable,
but it’s also kind of disgusting. She also
lets out a mildly sarcastic,

                   "Thank you.“

Once he starts reaching for her necklace
she sets him back down and removes it,
stuffing it deep into her pocket. It’s rather
precious to her and she doesn’t want to
risk him marking it up with his teeth and
claws or maybe even eating it. She then
kneels down next to him and gently
strokes his head.

Toddlers fighting sleep 👎🏼
Toddlers fighting sleep despite being very OBVIOUSLY tired 👎🏼
Toddlers fighting sleep even though you let them get up and play for a bit but they refused to and just cried and threw a tantrum because they are tired so you put them back to bed since they aren’t playing anyways 👎🏼

His twilight turtle made him happy though


(I have chosen to leave that autocorrect because my mister keeps pointing out that I curse too much around our parrot of a toddler.)

Seriously, though. Every night for the past few days, he wakes up then refuses to go back to sleep for a couple hours. Screams and throws himself around his crib if we leave him alone. Sits quietly or drifts in and out if we stay in the rocking chair in his room.

Still awake early as hell in the morning.

I’m tired.

I’m really, really trying not to bring him into our bed because 1) between the two of them sprawling out, I won’t have any space and 2) I need him to get back in the habit of going to sleep on his own.


I’m tired.

Its not just toddlers though. 
anyone else think its weird going from 8/9 yr old to 16/18 yr old???

its just as weird/annoying/fudged as a little baby going to 8/9 yr old… 
its like puberty - no such thing. 
one second i’m a kid next thing I am an adult. 
I wonder if ea would have a hart attack and sue or something idk lol

You’re always welcome during Ramadan

Ramadan comes with a lot of experiences besides gnawing hunger.

Nushrat Hoque’s previous work for Coming of Faith can be found here.

Between the rows of woven prayer rugs, stitched columns repeating again and again, lined up ever so precisely – there’s a squirming girl, hair sticking out from her hijab. Her neck burns from the curious eyes looking her way. If she’s lucky, a screaming toddler will pick up the car keys she’s placed at the top of her rectangular life raft and leave them for her in a puddle of unidentified goop. If she’s lucky.

More than likely, though, the toddler will keep his berth, since she’s the face that doesn’t belong.

She stays on her two-by-five patch of space in the prayer room, struggling through line after line of indiscernible Arabic calligraphy. It is not the calligraphy of her mother’s Qur’an. This one feels foreign in her hands, despite the familiarity of the space. The letters must be the same as those she memorized a lifetime ago, but they utter nothing back as she murmurs to them.

Read the full article here.

Soda Pop Suga,

Today’s the beginning of payback from all the times you called me a “teenager” as if I had committed some horrible crime because you are officially a teenager! Happy 13th birthday to the most unbelievably talented, athletic, intelligent, hilarious (intentionally and unintentionally) beautiful and (inside and out) person in the world! You have enough accomplishments for us all! It is hard to imagine a time without you and I do not just say that because of all the cognitive problems I have from all your smacks on the head. Before “Athlete of the Year,” “Rookie of the Year,” and so many other awards that I lost count I feel lucky to have known you before you became “Soda Pop Suga,” and “Kaitlyn B. Pennell.” When you were our “Kapelin” and then “Lil’ K” during your “rough n’ tough” phase as a toddler! Even though the high school graduation has seemed to change your celebration a bit, I hope you know that we are celebrating your fierceness today and everyday! There is not an instance when your name is mentioned that we do not smile and say she is going to accomplish wonderful things! Thank you for all the sleepovers where you ensured I was properly covered up with blankets, walks where you saved me from a nasty fall more than once, and chats over Green Tea about your Sims family! Not so thank you for all the times you threatened to pop a balloon in my face and reminded everyone that you are taller than me! Hopefully you will live for many many many more years so we can have more adventures together that lead to hilarious stories but given those last two examples who knows! :P I hope you are having the best birthday yet and you are surrounded by the love, joy, happiness, grace, and support you put into this world every day for the last 13 years! You are a true gem who sparkles on the inside and out whom I have the honour and privilege to call my cousin (twice), friend, and sista from another mista! Here’s to a great year ahead and an even better lifetime ahead! Here’s to you!

Vanilla Ice Tea

absentxa asked:

She hobbles up to her mummy, holding a little puppy from the forelegs. It's taller than her, but she still tries to hold it, enjoying the feeling of its soft fur on her skin. She knows the name of the puppy: Doberman! She's seen one just like it in enough paintings to have asked what they were called. His little ears, pointed straight up, make it hard for her to see; it whispers "woof," struggling in her hold. "Mummy, can we keep him? Please!" [toddler annabel!]


     Though Elizabeth should’ve known that this was bound to happen any day now, she hadn’t anticipated that it would be one of those days today. No; she believed that she would have had enough time to prepare herself, and expect a maybe eight year old Annabel to be bringing home a stray animal. Not a four year old Annabel.

And even with the knowledge that her darling husband had told her that they needed to wait to bring an animal into their home, wait until their child was old enough to care for the pet on a regular basis, the way this sweet child was looking at her…she couldn’t resist. She simply couldn’t turn down such a plea.

                                               Surely she’s going to get in trouble later.

     “Why, of course we can, my sweet,” the Lady cooed softly, kneeling down to her daughter’s height in order to give Annabel a delicate stroke to the cheek. “What shall we name him, hm?”

jesus lord i was surrounded by toddlers today and even though i’m exhausted from looking after them i had a good time bc they were the cutest ever

In other news...

Waverly quit her film job and joined the writer profession which I’m super excited about and she is too judging by that smile. (ignore bby Ezra in the back, he was glitching and reverted back to toddler, I fixed it though.

Dawson learned how to talk. 

Violet is ecstatic ( I assume, that she doesn’t have to have 50 million kids to produce an heir)