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Bangtan Boys as toddlers
  • Jin: potty trained since birth because 'wearing diapers is fashion suicide', that one kid who buys the girls Lego sets
  • Taehyung: cutest kid but will creep you out eventually, always getting sent to the naughty corner for laughing too loud
  • Jimin: becomes obsessed with something different every day, doesnt wear sandals because theyre 'not cool', makes up lies to look better 24/7
  • Yoongi: brings every latest trend into his kindergarten and becomes the coolest kid, thinks its funny to pretend his parents are randoms kidnapping him in public
  • Jungkook: "I'm 5 i know things i need to know", binge watches Arthur every day, plays with a ball in the house and breaks stuff
  • Namjoon: Falls over 24/7, gives relationship advice to his parents from the age of 4, learns to talk really early
  • Hobi: scares other toddlers, loudest scream on the planet, his favourite thing is pop top juices, screams, screams louder, cries, screams
Feyre coming back to the Spring Court Like:


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“Y/N!  Come here!”  Stiles yelled, causing you to panic momentarily.  You abandoned what you had been working on and rushed into your bedroom.  Stiles was hovering by the side of your bed, grinning like a madman at your month old son who was propped up against your pillows.  “He’s sitting all by himself!”

Laughing as your heart rate became normal once more you shook your head.  Your son grinned toothlessly at you before his face contorted as he sneezed, falling to the side as he became unbalanced.  Stiles hurried to scoop him back up into his arms, cradling the small boy to his chest.  “He definitely takes after your side of the family.”  You teased, kissing both your son and Stiles on the cheek before going back to your waiting homework.

Ney: “I love Leo”

Pau: “no i love leo more”

Ney: “bish shut the fuck up and watch this” *scores spectacular goal from a leo assist and then is all extra with celebration in pau’s face*


Barca v Juve game predicted by @thinkingoverloves and me

“You’re almost 18 so make dinner yourself.”


Anonymous : Hiii!!! Could I maybe request fake texts about their toddler who writes something funny and cute to his dad. (Hoseok, Jungkook, Yoongi and Jimin) Ah this makes my heart warm 😭 thank you

*the typos are made on purpose, d/n = daughter’s name s/n = son’s name

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The Signs As Jokes Written By Kids

All of these jokes come from the twitter page Kids Write Jokes 

Aries - whats cold and hot


Taurus - what do you call a tiger with glasses

scientist tiger 



Cancer - what do you call a dinosaur with no eyes

shut up

Leo - why is it wrong to be frends with a fish

they are poopy

Virgo - why wolves howl?

because they have no idea what are they doing

Libra - what is furry and lays eggs and also flys?

a hot air chicken egg



Sagittarius - what did the ham say to the bred

if we were togeter we wuod be lovly

Capricorn - does your dog ware a sunhat when its hot

no just pants

Aquarius - what does the sock say

im a sock yeah?

Pisces - gess how many snakes there are