toddlers an tiaras

Domestic Drarry

“I’m home!” Draco yelled as he closed the door behind him. 

“We’re in front of the telly!” Scorpius and Harry yelled back at him. Draco smiled. When he’d started dating Harry he had never even dared to dream they would become a family, but three years later here they were. Draco could not be happier.

“What are you guys watching?” He asked as he threw his bag on the kitchen table, before walking into the living room. Scorpius and Harry were curled up on the couch, both of them with wet hair and wrapped in a blanket. 

“Toddlers and tiaras.” There was a devilish grin on Harry’s face. Draco sighed. 

“Why do you insist on ruining our child?” He collapsed on the couch and gave his husband a lazy, badly aimed kiss that landed on his eye.

“Because it’s hilarious.” Harry chuckled and kissed him back, this time on the lips. “Every girl in these pageants is basically you only younger. It’s the best.”

Draco frowned and glanced at the telly, just in time to see a three year old girl say she was ‘worth the 500 dollar manicure’ with an attitude bigger than Draco’s own. He glared at his husband. 

“You know I can still divorce you right?“ 

"If the two of you ever divorce them I’m divorcing too and then I’ll move in with aunt pansy.” Scorpius gave them a deviant look as he climbed off the couch and draped his blanket around himself like it was a cape. “And don’t you go thinking I’m joking." 

Then he swirled around dramatically and walked off towards the kitchen. 

"See Harry? Totally ruined.” Harry chuckled and kissed him again. Draco grumbled. In the background an American mother was yelling at the judges about the pageant result of her six months old daughter. 

All was well.

Modern Greaser Headcanons!

- Ponyboy and Johnny are sluts for memes.
- Soda and Steve are vine stars.
- Cherry, Sylvia, and Angela are Instagram famous.
- Ponyboy is secretly tumblr fandom famous.
- Dallas watches Keeping up with the Kardashians more than he did like to tell.
- Ponyboy is a fanboy.
- Dallas makes dubstep music (is that how you say it??).
- Steve and Pony argue constantly over Android vs. Apple.
- Pony has an iPhone 6+
- Steve has an android
- Pony, Cherry, and Sylvia spend about 87% of there time at Starbucks.
- Steve is a secret nerd who watches Anime.
- Soda caught Steve watching Attack on Titan once.
- Soda and Steve cosplay and go to anime cons all the time (secretly though).
- Pony really loves Takis
- Pony has a secret Wattpad,, and AO3 account.
- Along with playing football, Darry also took dance. Only Soda and Pony know tho.
- Darry thought Pony how to dance. Soda watched and laughed.
- Cherry and Pony have aesthetic tumblrs.
- Two-Bit loves McDonalds.
- Dallas once went to school with Johnny and told Johnny’s bully’s that he was his big brother and if the did stop picking on him he’d kick them to the moon.
- When Soda’s not home at night (working late, with Steve, etc) and Pony has a nightmare, Darry will let him sleep in his bed and play with his hair while singing “You are my sunshine.”
- The gang loves the song 7 Years by Lukas Graham.
- Johnny loves the song Gold by Kiiara.
- Soda likes to sing Lost boy by Ruth B to Pony at night.
- Steve and Soda’s favorite song is 679 by Fetty Wap.
- Dallas likes to sing Sky Full Of Stars and Another’s Arms by Coldplay.
- Curly and Pony’s first date was to the roller rink.
- Two-Bit saved up enough money to take himself and the gang to Disney land.
- Johnny and Pony plan on getting matching tattoos.
- Curly has a “Heaven sent, hell bent” tattoo on his forearm.
- Dallas once died his hair blue for some unknown reason.
- Tim loves Toddlers and Tiaras.
- Pony is a hipster
- The gang goes to see every new super hero movie they can.
- Pony’s two favorite super heroes are Superman bc he reminds him of Darry and Captain America.
- Sylvia’s winged eyeliner will cut you.
- Girls are always talking about Soda’s killer jaw line.
- Angela, Pony, Johnny, and Two-Bit all have snapchat stories like a Harry Potter trilogy.
- Dallas once had a nose ring.
- Soda jumped off the roof and broke his leg because Steve told him to “do it for the vine.”
- Steve saved up enough to buy himself a motorcycle.
- Darry secretly took online collage courses.
- He surprised everyone with his degree in law.
- Pony wants to get a degree in art and history.
- Pony also wants to open a book shop in Tulsa when he graduates.
- One by one the gang started moving into the house, helping Darry and Soda with the bills and stuff.
- Pony loved that the gang moved in bc it feels more like a family//and he and Johnny feel more loved than ever before.
- After a year of dating Paul moved in with the gang.
- Darry adopted Johnny shortly after he moved in.
- After Steve moved in he and soda started dating.
- Dallas was the last to move in,, shortly after moving in he started dating Tim.
- Pony started thinking of Darry and Paul as his ‘dads’.
- Johnny was like another big brother to Pony ((and so was Steve)).
- Pony would get picked on for being gay and Darry being gay (the whole two dad thing) and after a while Steve got feed up with it and broke someone’s nose bc they looked at Pony wrong.
- Pony loves Harry Potter.
- Johnny finally came out as gay.
- Two-Bit loves to skateboard.
- Cherry, Sylvia, Evie, Kathy, and Pony are the feminism squad.
- Dallas Winston is a fuckboi

(These are crappy and I apologize but I hope you like them! I’ve been saving these in the drafts for like two weeks 😅)

Here’s what we know

SH shared an Uber together last night.

They sang “careless whisper” together.

SH was at the diner eating together last night.

They watched Toddlers and Tiara together.

They are sharing a hotel room.

And they are sharing a bed….

Because they are visiting San Francisco together.

Because they are a couple.

Like, a romantic couple.

That is all we know.