You’re a Wizard Raphie

couldn’t help myself i had to make another turtle tot comic. they’re just too cute!
another theory and this time how raph got his shell chipped. i think it was an accident while leo and raph were roughhousing in the dojo.
raph thinks his new scar looks horrible and wants to hide it from everyone but mikey’s being too annoying and in the end raph gives up only to hear mikey say it looks really cool UvU
but mostly i made this comic just cuz i wanted to do the harry potter pun XD the first time i saw raph’s scar i immediatley thought about hp but only now did i manage to draw it.

other comic: Happy Mutation Day

*EDIT thanks twodentfucker69 for the source link to a-ka! ‘s pixiv account, it is much appreciated :) also my mistake, i just had a feeling that it was Hewlett’s drawing since the art-style is close to it. (there wasn’t a source link.) ‘can i say this is just adorable ? :-) i haven’t seen all music videos of Gorillaz but i guess this is just one of Jamie Hewlett’s illustrations.’


I drew so many profiles of children when I did portraits, I could do it blindfolded. Because let’s be honest, all toddlers look the same.

The best portrait I ever drew was of this little boy who kept getting up to look at what I was doing, because he didn’t really understand that he had to sit for it. Then he kept asking me questions, like “Are you going to draw my mommy too?” and “Are you going to draw my hands? They’re BROWN”. Some kids are too cute, man.

Anyway, I do love drawing chubby cheeks. :)

The Signs as Toddlers

Aries: The one that wants to play with all the toys!

Taurus: Throws a fit when somebody touches their stuff even though they were not using it. 

Gemini: The babbling baby that doesn’t even know what they are trying to say (best to pretend to understand them). 

Cancer: Can be all giggles one moment then in a fit of rage in the next. 

Leo: The one who needs to be held all the time and cries for attention when you ignore them.

Virgo: The one that clings to their guardian, but one-on-one is super playful!

Libra: The one that is the most willing to share with others and constantly trying to make friends.

Scorpio: Grabs everything they can get a hold onto and launches it across the room.

Sagittarius: Can’t sit still; always on the move and constantly being found in odd areas.

Capricorn: Always working on their motive skills, whether it is building blocks or constructing things with paper. 

Aquarius: The baby with no fear and is found constantly being in danger of falling off of something.

Pisces: Always has their hands on paint, pencils, crayons, or whatever will satisfy their artistic curiosity. 


Elena Shumilova told us her passion for photography manifested in early 2012 when she got her first camera. Her most recent equipment includes the Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a 135mm lens. As a mother who doesn’t want to miss out on her growing children, she says she shoots every day and processes the images at night. Elena and her two sons live in Russia.


a note on bilingual consent

Whenever I take my son to his favourite park, the one closest to our house, he often ends up playing with bilingual kids, whose supervising parents just as often have English as a second language. This means their kids - who are, like my son, younger than school age - automatically switch back and forth between English and a different language during play, just as their parents switch back and forth while talking to them. I’ve attempted to learn a number of languages over the years, and while I’m not proficient in any of them - I was a lazy student who struggled with grammar, though my pronunciation and vocabulary were always decent - the one thing I have remembered is how to say a smattering of basic words, including yes and no.

Right now, my son is three and a half. He’s big for his age and enthusiastic when playing, and the thing we’re trying hardest to teach him is respect for the word ‘no’. (That thing about teaching consent to kids at a young age? Absolutely matters. The parallels between childhood and adult behaviour become clear *really quickly* when you’re constantly saying stuff like “just because he said yes to sharing before doesn’t mean he wants to share now”, “she’s allowed to say no to playing with you”, “stop if the other person isn’t having fun”. BUT I DIGRESS.) And what I’ve noticed is that, when he’s playing with bilingual kids, they’ll often say 'no’ - a very popular word among toddlers, for a variety of reasons - in a language other than English.

So what I’m trying to do, with my very limited knowledge of other languages, is to listen for when that happens and translate it for my kid, so that he understands it, too. “If he says la, that means no, and you have to stop. If she says iie, that means no, and you have to stop. If he says bu, that means no, and you have to stop.”

This last came up at the park today, with a mother who was alternating between Mandarin and English with her three-year-old. I only ever took about three very basic Mandarin lessons more than five years ago, and I wasn’t sure I’d remembered the word correctly, so I asked her if I had it right, and explained why I wanted to know. She confirmed that I did, and we continued a pleasant conversation about our respective offspring, who were happily smearing each other with bark chips and dirt.

The point being, it’s not something I’d have thought of independently before the first time it came up in practice, and if the kid in question had been speaking a language I didn’t know, I might not have noticed. But it strikes me as a potentially useful etiquette, in the context of bilingual toddlers, to consider politely asking their parents or guardians what others words they might use for yes and no, to make sure they’re being understood by both children and adults alike.