toddler pics

This is it.

For the past few months my game has been freezing on me every 5 minutes whenever I tried and whatever I tried, so now I’m going to uninstall it and start clean. Taking mods out didn’t help, trying a new save didn’t help, so maybe this will. 

Please bear with me while I try to get over the fact that right now my game just isn’t working anymore. I’ll go vanilla for a while and play premades. I always loved premades. If that works, you will very likely get random gameplay shots, but nothing cohesive. 

I’d probably get back to full CC soon enough and then I’ll try and see if my legacy backup is playing nice, but for now I’m not expecting the Shamrocks to return any time soon I’m afraid. :(

On a happier note: I sooo enjoy seeing all the toddler excitement on my dash! And pets, and vampires and bowling!

Keep them toddler pics coming folks, I feel like I’m liking each and every one of them, they’re just too dang cute! Spread some love, right? <3


This set of beautiful commissions all done by @keysamoguri and here’s her art blog @keysa-does-art 

KanoKido and our @shuuyakido precious KanoKido children all when they were toddlers. First pic is Shuuichi, Then the second is Ayato, and then third is Tsubaki. Thank you so much Keysa for doing all these precious drawings i love whenever i commission from you :’D