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The Complex Characters of Maple Bay: How Mary, Joseph, and especially Robert aren’t pure, sweet cinnamon rolls.

Okay. So. Can we talk about how Mary, Joseph and Robert are all fucked up people, and this is a good thing? Not a one of them is completely vile. And not a one is a pure, sweet cinnamon roll.


Let’s start with the ‘easiest’ one, shall we? I feel like most people have the easiest time saying Joseph is bad. And they’re right. He does bad things. He cheats on his wife at least twice. And he keeps going back to their dysfunctional marriage for appearances sake. He either dumps you or asks you to be his side boy depending on the ending. So. Yeah. Cheater. And the datamined cult ending does nothing to redeem him. Nor do his endings.

But this is also somebody who seems to care about his kids. In the first chapter, you see him being good with his kids. He’s not freaking out about his daughter, Christie, for breaking stuff. He reprimands Christian for how he answers the door, but not harshly. He actually gets upset with you if you’re too harsh towards Mary. In the second chapter, he seems to really care about the kids and the dance. He talks to you about his misspent youth, and how he misses it sometimes.

Joseph is a cheater. He does terrible things. Yet like Mary and Robert (who also do terrible things) he also has good sides to him that are shown through the game. This mix of actions makes him a gray character.


Okay. So Mary is pretty awful to begin with. But you later find out that she does have good qualities. She cares about Damien and Robert. And she leads up an animal shelter. She is a redeemed character who is likable if a bit rough around the edges.

Does this make her a pure, innocent lamb? No. Mary drinks heavily (implied that it’s because of her terrible marriage to Joseph.) She flirts and likely fucks with other men. Yes, we’re told that she never goes home with the men she flirts with by the bartender. But when we do Robert’s ending, we see her go off with another man, talking about his dick. Is she really not going home with that dude to fuck him? Probably not.

But let’s say that she doesn’t fuck all of those men she propositions. Let’s say it is all just flirtation that is her way of unhealthy coping. Mary as a parent isn’t very good. She loses her toddler twice during a party (assuming she found him in the first place) and is supremely unconcerned about him getting harmed. Now, bad marriage or not, that is extremely shitty behavior on her end. Being terrible towards your offspring is a choice you make, not something your spouse (however unfaithful he is) makes for you.

Mary has redeemable traits, yes. And she becomes a likable character that you want out of her horrible situation. But she does things that are terrible that are all her choice.


Oh. Robert. The “Sweet Cinnamon Roll” of the DDADDS universe and slut shamer extraordinaire. If you sleep with him at any point in the game, he kicks you out of his house. If you sleep with him a second time, he gets even nastier, telling you how you want it to be like this. How you’ll come back for even more bad treatment from him. I didn’t go for a third date with Robert, but I assume he gets even worse if you try for a third date on his slut shaming route.

He is friends with Mary, and fucked her husband behind her back. Maybe Mary knows about this. Maybe she doesn’t. The thing is that Robert thinks Joseph is disgusting. So why the fuck is he just enabling Mary’s bad behavior instead of talking her into a divorce with Joseph? Even worse, if the cult ending is real, Robert is one of the few people who knows about it. And that means he isn’t doing jack shit to keep others away from Joseph OR get Mary away from the cult man.

Where Mary shows concern for Robert, Robert does not return that concern. He brushes off your questions about Mary with comments about how she’ll be fine.

He constantly lies to you during your relationship, just so that he can have a laugh at your expense. He drinks too much, and knows he was a bad father. And you have to talk him into even taking the reconciliation attempt his daughter tries to make.

Of course, Robert has good qualities as well. He’s a good dog owner. He whittles. He won’t push you for sex if you stop in the middle of it. He’s just an incredibly fucked up individual. He gets a redemption arc at the end of his story if you as the player talk him into it. He wants redemption, and you become his push to actually try it.


The only difference between Robert and Joseph as datable dads is that you get a redemption choice for Terrible Person Robert and not one for Terrible Person Joseph. (You don’t get any choice at all for Mary, sadly.)

Canonically, neither Mary, Joseph, nor Robert are pure, sweet, cinnamon rolls. They all do fucked up things that cannot be blamed on anyone but themselves. But they also have redeeming traits as well. Morally gray characters are good things to have. Erasing their fuck ups (Especially Robert’s as has been the trend) takes away the interest of their characters.

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Let's say that vampirism is miraculously cured one night. Everyone is human again at the age that they were when turned. For added fun, ALL magic disappears; no imprints or shifters, no powers, nothing. Who copes best? Worst? Which imprinted couples stay together? Which vampires go back to society? How does Bella, who is deathly afraid of aging, take it?

I think overall the shifters are going to cope better than the vampires, as their lives were mostly human (still live with family, go to school, not sunlight or diet restrictions) and they were fully human more recently. They’ll be fine. I think Sam and Emily are in it for the long haul at this point, the trauma they went through together after the accident bonded them. 

Paul and Rachel are probably toast. Jared and Kim could go either way. Quil’s not going to go to toddler birthday parties anymore let alone enjoy them. Jacob and Nessie might still have a special bond but it will be strictly the kind where you’re her mom’s friend so she calls you ‘uncle.’ 

The nomads are going to have a rough time because suddenly they need like, shelter. And food. And probably don’t have much in the way of money or assets. They probably don’t have IDs and paperwork to get any help, either. So, that’s gonna suck. The ones that know Carlisle are probably going to be trying desperately to contact him for help.

More settled covens could manage that side of things better–the Volturi at least have a place to live and stockpiles of jewelry apparently–but like, grocery shopping, how does it work? And losing their powers and being vulnerable to like the common cold is going to be such an indignity and probably pretty scary. Aro is going to hate it. Caius will hate it but might be secretly satisfied that the playing field has been leveled and he’s not the only powerless one anymore. Marcus might actually be able to move on, at least a little, no longer bound to vampire rules when it comes to love? At any rate at least he’s mortal now and if he’s still suffering at least there’s an end to it someday. Jane is really going to resent the loss of her power but might be kind of excited to actually get to be a real teenager. Alec will just roll with it. Felix will hit the gym to be the strongest human he can be. Demetri will miss his gift and invest in a lot of facial creams and hair products to stay young-looking and dashing for as long as possible. One wonders how long the Volturi will remain cohesive without Chelsea’s power and without a purpose, but having a place to live would be pretty good reason to stick around as long as the Coven allows it. 

The Romanians will be giddy and buy a lot of weapons and head for Volterra with smiles on their faces. There might not be a vampire world to rule anymore, but there’s still revenge. 

Vampires with powers are going to have a harder adjustment than those without, IMO. Edward will be happy at first but I think he’ll end up missing his gift. It’s like when you don’t have any electricity and suddenly you realize how much you use it. Alice is going to be lost but she had some form of it as a human so she’ll probably just cling to that, but her visions won’t be a certain or as clear so that will be frustrating for her. Jasper might not mind losing his all that much. 

Of the Cullens weirdly I think Carlisle, despite having been a vampire the longest, would have the easiest time because he’s living the most “human-style” life of them. Even when the kids go to school it’s just a cover story, you know? His job is real. His patients are real. His relationships with co-workers are real. It’s going to be weird for him to actually get tired on long shifts and to have to take sick days but he’s so fully integrated into human society already. 

With Bella we might get a repeat of the “it’s not FAIR!” thing she did in Eclipse, when Jacob was all “I thought girls only stomped their feet on TV” or whatever. Or else she’ll somehow think this was her fault, that her bad luck got supernatrually enhanced in the transformation and made everyone powerless and weak and mortal again. She totally won’t understand Rosalie’s giddiness and joy at all, nor Carlisle’s relief. 

Renesmee might have a rough time because unlike everyone else, she’s never been human in the first place. Vampires might not remember it clearly but it’s there in the recesses of their memory somewhere. Renesmee always been supernatural, she’s never had human limits, she’s always used her gift to communicate. Humanity might seem really unnatural to her. 

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i loVed the photo album??? so much??? can you possibly do anything with two-bit? like toddler, bday parties, holidays, etc.?

Baby photo

The only picture Two-bit has of his parent’s together (also the only photo he has of his dad)

Thanksgiving dinner

Two-bit and Cathy 

Two-bit’s 8th birthday

Two-bit, Cathy, his mom, and his uncle on Father’s Day

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Hi! I love your sims and cc so congrats! I would like a sim YA and female...I'm not too sure how I want her but some cooler colors would be great (green blue purple) you can use cc and I have all the packs but toddler stuff luxury party and spooky 💚

I really like cool colors and this gave me a lot of inspiration 💜 I hope you like her as much as I do!


She looks like a goddess, I love her

CC and tray files under the cut!

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in a Zombie Apocalypse

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 📑Office Day & Toddler Party👶👑

Affter a usual morning meetings, at lunch i pick my daughter @a-russette to help me around the store and testing a few makeup products i’m making for the brand. Shes amaizing making paperwork thank you my princess 👑👸😘💋 i received a text from my sister to take Kev affer his daycare to his  bff birthday party.


My sister was bussy making the snacks & sweets for the babies. So kevin was so excited almost kill me and @dr-trevorsterling ahahahahhaha i took him to see his bff Elaine❤👶👑 soooo we got a long Day ahead…