toddler month

Well that only took … how many months have we had toddlers?

Oh don’t get so excited. I still have to go through everything I have made and do the same thing for things that were affected.

BUT. I think I will be able to finally release this MCM set this weekend or next Monday (probably next Monday).

#Educhums I am digging…some new, some since the very first day. xx


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My little adventuring ducky 🐥😍 She had the run about ASDA earlier on after her doctors appointment with Richard and her Grandad. Definitely won’t want to be stuck in a pram for too long any more 🙈


A few months ago I could barely get Liam to let me give him a hug or kiss, he wouldn’t allow me to hold his hand, interact with him (or touch any of his toys) but now he is willingly giving big bear hugs and giving us kisses on his own, I can hold his hand without him throwing a fit and tickle and play with him with his toys as much as I want. This may not be a big deal to some of you with, dare I say, “normal” kids and I realize he’s almost three years old and most of you who have toddlers his age have been doing this for months, maybe even a year, but we are getting there slowly but surely. His occupational therapy, that I doubted so much and didn’t think was helping him in any way is actually helping. I finally feel like he’s connecting with us and it’s incredible. All I know is the day he looks at me and is able to say “I love you” back to me, I’ll burst into tears. We will get there, in time.


I’m so pleased to show you all my first baby design! When we heard a Whovian friend of ours was expecting, Megan asked if we could do something special for her and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! To keep things gender neutral I edited the quote from ‘Dark Lord’ to ‘Dark Ruler’, but the sentiment is still the same. A perfect little present for any future Whovian! 

We have printed a very small batch of these to test the waters and of course for our friend, so we have a few on hand ready to ship out in time for the Holidays if anyone is interested. Thanks guys!

Baby Onesie - [Sizes 6-24 months] $18

Baby/Toddler T-shirt [Sizes 6 months - 4T] $16

Cayetano Santos Godino, also known as “Petiso Orejudo”, is one of the most cruel and infamous serial killers in the history of Argentina, and terrorized the country at the beginning of the XX century. 

He was only 7 years old when he tried to murder a two year old; the next year he had another unsuccessful attempt against a 18 months old toddler. Both times he was caught and set free because of his age.

His first murder was in 1906, when he was 10 years old. He grabbed Maria Rosa Face (3) and buried her alive. Police only found out when he confessed to this crime years later, but her body was never found.

In January 1912 he strangled and beat to death Arturo Laurora (13). Two months later, he burned Rayna Vainicoff (5) alive. His last murder happened in December that year, when he buried a nail with the help of a rock into the temple of 3 year old Gesualdo Giordano.

Police caught him after he showed up at Gesualdo’s  wake to see if he still had the nail in his head.

Aside from this four murders, he tried to kill at least another 7 kids.

Once he was taken to prison, Cayetano continued his cruel crimes by torturing and killing pigeons. He died in 1944 under confusing circumstances. It is believed that other prisoners beat him up after he killed a cat that belonged to one of them. 


So apparently August is National Toddler Month. Well, at least that’s what google told me. Can we get on Twitter and spam EA (@EA), The Sims 4 development team (the gurus on various accounts) and the main sims account (@TheSims) asking for toddlers? Tweet all month, as much as you’d like. Use the hashtag #toddlersforts4. It’s not a guarantee for toddlers, we still might not get them but it will more than likely annoy them and if we get enough people to participate, maybe we can attract some type of media attention. Who knows? Feel free to spam them on tumblr (@thesimsofficial) as well.

The only thing that I ask is that there be no name calling, no profanity and no violent threats.

PS: If you don’t want toddlers, that’s fine. But don’t use this as an opportunity to bash those that do. You have the right to not play with toddlers just like people don’t play with children, teens, ghosts and aliens in their games now. It won’t ruin your game. Let us live. Thanks.