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warm up before i start commissions :)c there was no need to draw percy ft. infant tyson but everyone’s on that Big Bro bandwagon so here i am (also what size are baby cyclopes??)

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rosie at a pride event?

Of course, nonny! Sherlock, John, and Rosie had a fabulous time at the 2017 London Pride Parade on Saturday. 


Okay, here’s my first entry for Pools & Toddlers Month:

Mini-Tutorial: Building a Toddler-Pool

1. Define the space of your pool with floor tiles

2. Fill the cutout with the Nile terrain paint

3. Add some railing, but make sure you use one that Sims can route through.

4. Add waterworks from the fountains category. They’re also walk-through, so don’t worry about the footprint (and you can be far more creative than I was here :)

5. Open ‘buydebug’ (or purchase a toychest) and place some water-related toys in the pool.

6. Enjoy!

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I own and run a kiddie attraction at my local mall and I have a ton of stories, but this one is the worst. Kids 0-6 month’s ride the establishment free as long as they have an adult (16+) with them. This woman didn’t want to ride and tried to convince me her daughter (looked around 10) was 16 and her toddler was 6 months. (The toddler was walking and talking) she got furious when I said I wouldn’t allow that and demanded to speak to my manager even after I told her I owned this business.

By The Hook

Notes: Three fic ideas in the brain mill and what is the first piece of fanfiction that I write in two years - a one-shot. Anyway, I would like to thank @welllpthisishappening for encouraging me to write this and dealing with my nuisance self for the past two days as I banged this out and constantly asked for her opinion. All mistakes are mine because I am trash. Depending on how this one goes, might make a “Little Pirates” drabble series starring Harrison, Westley (Wes) and Elizabeth (Beth) Jones. You can read on AO3 here: [LINK]

Summary: Since the birth of his children, Killian Jones has kept his hook out of sight in order to keep from scaring his children. His fourteen-month daughter doesn’t agree with this policy.

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,000+

“One of these days, we’re going to finally call it a quits and move to the other side of the country where no one can find us,” Emma says, exhaustion filling every word as they limp up the front steps of their home. She staggers slightly as her foot catches on the wood, swaying into Killian.

Killian groans at the unexpected contact but lifts an arm sluggishly around Emma’s shoulders to help his wife find balance. He’s feeling every single one of his years in this moment and nearly every part of him hurts. Bruises are starting to form on his shoulders and torso where the beastie of the week slammed into him. He feels blood trickling down his brow where the griffin’s talons grazed him. He is hoping against hope that he isn’t going to need stitches…again.

Emma gently pats him on the arm in silent thanks and leans slightly forward to open their front door. Both of them groan as they move to push off their shoes. Killian toes his boots into a fine line while Emma is more careless, one of her shoes flying into the air and hitting the wall in the dull thud. Killian is too tired to even care enough to complain. He just wants to lay in his bed with his wife and sleep for week.

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Tom Holland Imagine

(In this Tom and Reader are 25 years old.)

I turned around in the spot, looking around the room that had been decorated for my daughters fifth birthday themed birthday party. The theme of the party was The Avengers. Why, because her dad is Spider man.

OK so he’s not THE Spider man, her dad is the actor who plays Peter Parker/ Spider man, Tom Holland. Tom and I have been together for ten years now and we are as happy as ever.

At the age of 11 Tom and I met on the show of Billy Elliot, I was an extra in the dance class while he played Billy Elliot. We became fast friends and you both got on really well. You started dating at the age of 15 and have been together ever since. at the age of 20 we found out I was pregnant and we were over the moon. Our family were so supportive and helped us out when ever we needed it. Tom and I went crazy with all the shopping we did, we bought anything and everything we saw babies and toddlers needed and nine months later I gave birth to our baby girl Parker Elizabeth Holland, named after the role that made Tom the big actor he is now and after my best friend Elizabeth Olson who I met after Tom got the part as Peter Parker in Captain America : Civil War and that our life changed forever.

And now here I am, Five years later, preparing Parker’s birthday party with help from Elizabeth Olson, Scarlett Johansson and my Mum and Tom’s Mum were readying the food for the party to start.

“Y/N, are you OK?” I heard someone ask I turned to see Jeremy Renner smiled at me as he entered the room, holding a box with Parker’s birthday cake inside. I nodded and shrugged,

“I guess it just feels weird without Tom here.” I replied as I took the cake from his arms and placed it on the table that all the food is on and opened the box to look at the cake that had a picture of Parker and Tom smiling at the camera and a big gold glittery 5 candle stood in the middle.

“I know but you know he wanted to be here, it was his agent who got in the interview on the same day.” Scarlett called over. I nodded and smiled.

“I know that and Tom said he was pissed at him for doing that.” I laughed, making the others laugh as we finished of the decorations.

I had met the MARVEL actors while Tom was shooting for Captain America: Civil War, I had gone with him to the set a lot and when Tom was filming I would sit and talk to anyone that wasn’t  in the scene. The after a while I met other actors at premieres like Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo and when Tom started filming other Avengers movies we all became closer until they all became family, so of course they were all invited to the party and most were helping set up, while Rob and Mark had taken Parker out until we were ready.

Coming to Parker’s Birthday party was  Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan,Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, RDJ, Scarlett Johannson and Paul Bettney and Elizabeth Olsen. It had been Lizzy’s idea to have arranged that they all would change into costume and become their characters so Parker and her friends can have pictures with them. There was also the actors kids and the kids from Parker’s school class My parents and family and Toms parents and family as well a Zandaya and Harry, Tom’s friends so the party was pretty big.

“And we’re done!” I heard Chris E shout as he pinned up the last of the banners. Just in time to, it was almost 5 with meant the guest would be arriving soon. I smiled and grabbed my bag and wan into the bathroom and pulled out my change of clothes.

I put on a pair of black skinny jeans, a red top that came down to about mid thigh, a blue leather jacket and a pair of black converse high tops, I let my hair fall into it’s natural mess of curls and and added a Spider man bow that Parker had picked out for me.

I exited the bathroom and smiled as I noticed guests had started to arrive. Before I even had time to move from the bathroom door I heard a high pitch screech and I saw my baby girl running, full speed to wards me, wearing almost exactly the same outfit as me. I dropped my bag just as she leaped into my arms and hugged me tight.

“Mama, Uncle Rob buyed me a Iron man toy.” She yelled excitedly. Waving a miniature Iron man figure in my face.

“Wow honey, I hope you said thank you?” I told her as I smiled at her.

“Yes I did” she nodded.

“Good, now lets go party.” I smiled as I heard music begin to play, she nodded and jumped back onto the floor only to grab my hand and drag me onto the dance floor and was danced for about an hour until most of the guests had arrived and I got a text from Liz telling me they were ready.

“OK Parker,” I called over to her and she came skipping over to me, pulling Zandaya along behind her. I laughed and shook my head, “Parker, I have a surprise for you. Come on out guys.” I called and out came the avengers, they came running out from behind a curtain and on to the dance floor in front of everyone. All her favorite hero’s were there: Iron man, Captain America, Thor, Hawk eye, Bruce Banner (because the Hulk was to dangerous to be here), Vision, Black widow and The Scarlett witch, even Loki was there. Each of our actor friends dressed at their characters for Parker. Except for Spider man, he, as I understood, was to be played by Tom’s best friend Harrison. I watched as Parker saw the guys and her face light up. She got so excited, she runs straight to Captain America AKA uncle Chris.

“WOW, Captain America and Iron man!” She yelled as She reached them. “What are you doing here?” She asked them as She jumped down and went down the line hugging each of the heroes until she came to a stop at Spider man.

“Who are you?” She asked, standing in front of the man she had come to know as her dad’s character. I suddenly felt a little guilty at the sight of Parker, pointing and glaring at poor harry in the Spider man costume.

“I’m Spider man” he spoke, his voice sounded different to what Harrison usually sounded like but I guess he was just trying to sound more like Tom so just left it.

“No you’re not” Parker stated.

“I am, I’m your friendly neighborhood Spider man.” Harry tried again.

“No you’re not, my daddy is Spiderman and my Daddy is working.” Parker shouted at him making me laugh a little.

“I promise I am Spider man, see” and he lifted his mask to reveal my boyfriends smiling face. It took her a minute to process but after a few seconds she dove into Tom’s arms and hugged him.

“Daddy, you’re home.” She yelled, I just stood there in shock, Tom hadn’t told me he was coming home, I really though Harrison was in the suit. I felt a pair of hand land on my shoulder and I turned to see Harry smiled wickedly at me. I jabbed him and the tummy lightly and turned back to Watch to and Parker hold onto each other for dear life.

“You didn’t think I was gonna miss my spiderling’s birthday did you?” He asked. picking her feet of the ground and standing up, smiling and waving at everyone around them.

“Tom? What the Hell is going on?” I asked still shocked.

“Hello love, how are you?"Tom asked me putting our daughter on the ground, she kissed his cheek before running of to Mark rufflo who smiled at her as he picked her up.

"How are you here, Tom? You said you were working.”

“I may have told you a little fib. I knew if I had told you I was coming home you would have told Parker.”

“No I wouldn’t, not if you had told me it was a surprise.” I argued.

“Ok so you’re telling me, when Parker was crying down the phone because she missed me, you wouldn’t have made her feel better by telling her she would see me soon?”

“OK, yeah, you made the right call,” I nodded, seeing his point.I hated seeing my baby girl cry, it killed me inside. I laughed a little and smiled at Tom who smiled back and held open his arms.

“So are you just gonna stand there or are you going to kiss me.” Tom laughed. I smiled back and ran into his waiting arms and kissed him. Everyone around us all busting into applause.

“Guy, my mum is kissing Spiderman.” Parker yelled to the other avengers who laughed along with everyone else.

“Ok, why don’t we get some family pictures” My mum called we all nodded “we’ll start with Parker, Y/N and Tom, then with the avengers added then with grandparents.” She instructed.

First Tom and I stood together with Parker in our arms. *Click*

Then came Tom, Parker and I with our parents, Chris H insisted he took the picture. *Click*

Then Parker and the avengers next. The order went Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner and Mark Rufflo, then in front of them was RDJ, Scarlett and Paul Bettney then at the very front was Tom, Parker, and Elizabeth. *Click*

“Wait, my mummy needs to take a picture with the avengers too.” Parker yelled as she ran to me and pulled me forward.

“She’s right, Y/N needs to get in on the avenger love” Jeremy laughed, I smiled and went and sat next to Tom as Parker ran over to my mum who was holding the camera and my dad held my phone taking photos. Tom’s mum had his phone and was getting ready to take a photo when Tom called out.

“Wait, before we take the picture I need to asked Y/N something.” Tom announce.

“I expect you will be needing this.” Elizabeth asked handing Tom a small black box.

“I will, thanks Lizzy.” Tom smiled before he dropped down on one knee, smiling up at me. “Y/N We have been together for ten years now and for ten years I have loved you each and everyday and I will love you until the day I die. SO I ask you now if you would do me the honour of being my wife. Y/N will you marry me?” He asked opening the little black box revealing a diamond ring.

“Yes.” I laughed, Tom stood, slipped a somewhat large, beautiful ring onto my finger and kissed me as everybody cheered.

“Omg that was so beautiful,” Jeremy fake cried earning a smack to the back of the head from “Bruce Banner” and “Loki” at the same time.

“Oh my spiderson is all grown up” RDJ yelled making us all laugh.

“Ok, picture time Mrs Holland.” My mum called. I nodded and smiled at the camera but Tom had other Ideas. He turned me to face him and kissed me as he held my hand to show the ring he had slipped onto my finger, while all the other Avengers cheered.

“Best birthday ever!” Parker yelled as she ran at Tom who picked her up. “Daddy, put the mask back on for another picture.” She laughed. Tom did as told and pulled the mask on for another picture. This time the photo involved everyone.

After about a billion more photos we all started our own different convocation and soon everybody had started making there way home due to it being almost 8pm and there were a lot of young kids here.

I was talking with Scarlett, Elizabeth and Chris E when my phone started to buzz non stop. I looked to see I had been tagged in two Instagram posts, both from Tom. The first was the photo of Parker and the Avengers with the caption: ’@tomholland2013: Surprised my daughter on her birthday with the rest the Avengers. Thank you @Y/N for giving me the greatest gift a guy like me could ask for and thank you for bringing her up at be as smart and amazing as you are. Happy 5th Birthday Parker Elizabeth Holland, my Spiderling princess Super Iron girl (She came up with the awesome nickname, not me) I loves you so much baby girl.’

The second picture was the one of Tom and I kissing, showing off my new bling while The Avengers seem to be fangirling behind us, with the caption: ’@tomholland2013: The most amazing thing happened to me today, @Y/N, who is the Lois Lane to my Clark Kent, the Pepper Potts to my Tony Stark, the Harley Quinn to my Joker, the Khaleesi to my Khal Drogo, the Deadpool to my Spider man, the love of my life, has agreed to marry me, that’s right, @Y/N will soon be mine forever *evil laugh*. No but for real though, this girl has already given me the most amazing gift in the world, Our daughter and now the mother of my child is to finally become my wife and I am so happy…I love you @Y/N and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Xxxxxxx’

As I read the posts I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and Toms head rested on my shoulder. He was now dressed in normal clothes and had been running around and dancing with Parker and our family so he was a little hot and sweaty.

“Hi,” He smiled at me.

“Hey, where’s Parker?” I asked him. He pointed over towards a pile of coats on a chair, but upon closer inspection I noticed the pile of coats was in fact my daughter asleep under Tom’s jacket on the chairs.

“Honey, why don’t you and Tom take Parker home, we can clear this away tomorrow while Parker is with your parents.” Lizzy smiled, pointing towards the party decorations. I smiled and nodded and turned to Tom who shrugged back.

“It’s probably best I mean our daughter is currently asleep on a chair, that can’t be comfortable.” I laughed. Tom and I said a quick goodbye to our friends before taking Parker back home to put her to bed.

“We both took a shower and got changed for before climbing in and turning on the tv.

"So, we have choice to tonight. Brooklyn nine nine, Game of thrones or Smallville?” I told Tome as I flicked though the channals.

“Oh, let’s watch a bit of Brooklyn Nine Nine, Not seen if for a while and I feel like we need to keep our good mood.” Tom smiled taking the remote from my hand and pressing play on the show.

“Believe me, as long as I’m with you, I will never not be in a good mood.” I kissed him and snuggled in to his chest at the programs started.

“I love you Mrs Holland.” Tom whispered in my ear.

“I love you too Spider man, now shush, Jake peralta is on the TV.” I smiled making Tom laugh.

Interference (pt 1)

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Officer!Jimin x Reader~  

*big thanks to @namjeune for helping me proofread and more shit~

Your day started in darkness. There’s voices, hushed and muffled, speaking way too close, as if someone were beside you. If you could shiver in this dream-like state, you would at the eerie, almost ghostly whispers in your ear.

Your body is heavy and numb of feeling with your mind blank, just as blank as the dark world surrounding you. It doesn’t register in your mind that maybe your eyes were sealed tight until little of your senses begin to function and your fingers twitched, bright lights filtering through the darkness. It’s blinding but you force yourself to grab a hold of reality and pull yourself out of the tempting arms of unconsciousness.

Cracking open your heavy eyes, the first thing you register is the pure white ceiling directly above you. Upon awaking, you inhale sharply, your lungs eagerly welcoming your first breath since coming to, the oxygen mask attached to your face fogging up with evaporation when you exhale. Without much strength in your body with a peculiar throb in your head, your eyes flit around without twisting your neck.

The room you’re in is purely white with beeping machines and organized counters pushed towards the walls furnishing it. You could fairly guess that you were in the hospital, but for what reason were you here?

It takes a lot of whatever energy you had to attempt to recall the events prior to your awakening, but your mind is blank and it only causes the throbbing in your head to worsen. Your eyebrows furrow at the pain, finding the will to raise your hand and grip your forehead, the limb suddenly the weight of an anvil.

Your fingers brush over the top layer of gauze wrapped around your forehead, a sting forcing your jaw to clench when you press down on a certain spot above your temple. Glancing up, you spot the needle fixed into your arm, connected to an IV drip.

“Oh! You’re awake, perfect, I should call Dr. Nam right now!”

It’s only a few silent minutes before a feminine face peers over you, her body clad in baby blue scrubs and her hair pulled back and out of her face in a tight bun. Her doe-like brown eyes are wide with relief as she smiles down reassuringly at you.

“Wh… who are y-you?” you manage to croak out, your voice hoarse and filled with uncertainty as she helps you sit up, fixing a pillow to support your head and carefully pulling the oxygen mask off your mouth.

“I’m Nurse Oh, you’re at the hospital… Miss… are you alright? Does your head hurt?”

Oh no it feels fucking amazing, you think bitterly when your head throbs. However, you can’t help but notice the hesitant pause after Miss. Did she not know your name?

Your eyes widen when you realize you also didn’t even know your own name. Hell, it suddenly occurs to you, you have no idea who you are, and what you were doing in the hospital in the first place.

“You don’t know.. my name?” you ask hesitantly, gauging her reaction carefully as she goes through a state of shock. Her mouth opens and closes for a brief second, and just when she finally utters a noise, the door opens and who you assume is Dr. Nam walks in.

You size him up as a fairly tall man, his elongated body showing off a white lab coat with the same baby blue scrubs underneath, his hair is nicely styled off his forehead, and in his hands is a clipboard of papers you can barely care for when you’re having an identity crisis blowing up inside of you.

“No evidence of identification was found on you or at the crime scene, Miss,” Nurse Oh sighs as the doctor checks your vitals.

“Crime scene..?” you ask, your brain straining to figure out the blanks. You found yourself in the middle of a complex word search, with nothing but blanks and no answers to fill them. Whatever they said kept drawing more blanks, memories you had no idea of. It frustrated you, anger blooming across your chest the longer the nurse and doctor continued to ask you whether a limb hurt or if you could move it.

Doctor Nam stopped, and looked up at you, his eyes narrow as they intimidate your own into averting elsewhere, “Your body was found.. you were shot in the head when we found you, thankfully you hadn’t bled out.. you’ve been in a comatose for the past two months.”

“You’re lucky the bullet didn’t pierce through any crucial areas, only one side of your brain was damaged, I assume only your memories have been affected and nothing physical like moving or speaking.”

It’s on cue that images flash through your mind, images of an alley, the muzzle of a gun aimed right at your head when you turn. There’s blood, too much blood that you can’t recognize the color of the ground when your body shuts down and makes contact with the floor.

“Hey, are you okay?”

You jolt from your initial shock from the sudden onslaught of memories, but it leaves you empty when nothing else returns to you. The memories are there, you conclude, compiled in a sturdy box inside your brain, something restraining you from reminiscing them.

What could have happened that your brain completely blocked out all of your memories, leaving you with no recollection of who you were? Who would shoot you in the head in the first place? What connections did you have prior to the shooting that caused you to get stuck in this place?

“I’m fine,” you say as reassuringly as you can, managing a small bitter smile that is enough to make the doctor lay off and leave you alone to yourself and your thoughts.

Before the nurse leaves you, she turns on the television for you, leaving you as well after reassuring you that after you find the strength to move around again you’ll get discharged and maybe find a detective to help your crisis.

And that’s what you’re determined to do. You force yourself to forget the fact that you have retrograde amnesia, and push yourself to recover your regular motor skills.

It takes you a few days to be able to feed yourself without the need of a nurse to spoon food like a child.

It takes you a week to be able to push yourself into an upright position in bed without a nurse doing it for you.

It takes a few more weeks to be able to stand up without having to hold the hand of a nurse to balance yourself, however your strength only lasting to an extent before you seek the help of her to get you back in bed.

It takes you a month to begin to make baby steps, using a crutch as your support. With being able to walk, you’re no longer wearing those damned diapers that make you feel like a toddler. For the past month you’ve been nothing but an infant learning how to crawl and eventually walk, it’s a hit to your dignity when they have to change your diaper due to your inability to walk. However, you’re relieved to be able to carry yourself to and from your bed to the restroom.

It’s days after when you’re able to roam the hospital, your legs beginning to function how they would if you hadn’t been in a coma.

During the span of a month, you’re disappointed when no one claims to know you. There’s no family visits, friends, a boyfriend maybe, nothing. There’s no leads to anymore memories, just the knowledge that you were shot in an alley, and even then you had no idea where that alley could be.

When you’re finally able to ditch the crutches and walk on your own, your discharge from the hospital in the near distance, you’re suddenly hit with the realization that you had nowhere to go from there on. What were you going to do when you knew no one, you didn’t even know yourself? You had no name, no background, no home as far as you knew, there was nothing for you outside of those glass doors as you signed the forms for your discharge.

“Um Miss..?”

You’re jolted out of your thoughts by the receptionist, she carefully slides you a piece of parchment that you realize is the bill for your stay at the hospital. The price wasn’t as scary as the fact that you basically had nothing, there was no way you were going to be able to pay at this rate.

“You have to cut me some slack,” you try reasoning, desperate and beyond frustrated with your horrible luck, “I’m unable to pay for this, I have no idea who I am and what world I’m about to step into outside those doors, I have nothing…”

She shakes her head with a pitiful look her eyes, it almost makes you want to slap her for looking down on you like some abandoned puppy, even if that was what you were. Just an abandoned animal, no family, no home, nothing.

“I’m sorry Miss there’s nothing we can do about it, you can pay in increments but until then you-” the receptionist is interrupted by another voice, more masculine but not deep. When you look up, you’re not expecting the first thing you see to be a head of fluffy-looking orange locks.

“I’ll pay for her, partial now and in increments until it’s fully paid for.”

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if freddie's louis' kid, dont you think that louis would talk ab the kid more and post more pics of him and just hang out around him more ? if he did that dont you think the larries would "shut up" , explain louis is the type of person who would cherish their child , he has so many siblings ffs

This isn’t some scientific theory where we’re the only observers.

Louis lives almost his entire life without us seeing it. He managed to keep his mother’s sickness a secret as well as all the hospital visits he took with her for almost an entire year. Does that mean she never existed? Cheryl has not been seen for MONTHS does that mean we can assume she’s not real anymore? HARRY WAS PRIVATE ALMOST THE WHOLE OF LAST YEAR. Yet we know he existed, right? We know people spoke to him, right? We know he went to studios, right? We know he was in Jamaica for ages on and off, right? Yet we saw almost NONE of that.

He has no obligation for you to see him with his son for you to accept he exists and that he sees him. That’s an absurd irrational mindset that others have brainwashed into you because I 100% assure you that you have never looked at anyone else’s life in that way. I refuse to believe you suspect people have fake babies if you don’t see them enough publicly.

He has a birth certificate. Nobody fakes a baby. It has never happened in all of entertainment history. The fact that you can accept that as a premise to start with shows that you’re not looking for logic, you’re seeking irrationality. No normal person would ever accept a man has to fake a baby. 

He’s a 15 month old toddler. You have believed in this ridiculous premise for over 2 years AND IT HAS TAKEN YOU NOWHERE. Imagine if I had told you 2 years ago you’d still be at the same point. That nothing had changed. Would past you think Babygate were logical or illogical then? Would the you from 2 years ago find it pathetic that a person could still be insisting a baby didn’t exist 2 years later? 

If you decide just this week to believe Freddie is Louis’s son, what would change? Do you think it’ll alter anything for Freddie or Louis? Yet you think your disbelief is a necessary thing for a concept that hasn’t changed in 2 years…? Do you get how silly that is? You act like not believing in it is so hugely important to you, yet it’s not changed a single fucking thing in Louis’s life. 

So if you’d believed Freddie was his son back 2 years ago when Briana got pregnant, what would have changed for you in the last 2 years?

Your mentality is broken. You won’t believe a birth certificate is real or that a man can see his child when you’re not around BECAUSE YOU’RE LITERALLY NEVER AROUND HIM, yet you believe leaping into the void of Fake Baby Contracts is reasonable. Don’t you see how utterly absurd it is you’re prepared to believe something ridiculous with ZERO verifiable proof (like a government document, a history of fake babies in Hollywood, a history of slave fake baby contracts, anyone around him saying “Louis is faking a baby”, etc) yet you won’t accept an actual government document and the words out of people’s own mouths and the fact that a real living breathing baby who also looks just like him exists? 

It isn’t reasonable, you’re wrong, will always be wrong, and in 2 years we can meet back here and we can ask you again if you’ve gained anything from 2 more years of denial or not. It’s never changing. 

so my house has a sun room right off the living room and it has a tiny set of like 3-4 stairs to get to it and the stairs are behind these double doors that i used to keep locked and shut all the time because i was too lazy to baby proof the sun room but!!! i finally did the other day and was like hell yeah world’s best mom i deserve a trophy and a cinnamon roll the size of my face etc

anyway the point of this post is that my twin toddlers and my 15 month old have never REALLY seen or had access to this tiny staircase before and it’s currently 2:53 pm and theyve been climbing up and down this tiny staircase for 6 and a half hours

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Imagine that after a mission you and Bucky had to take care of an orphaned toddler for about a month until social services found it a proper foster home. You let the kid go, thinking that you'd be fine. But it was only a week later when you noticed how Bucky had suddenly become so subdued. He'd fallen in love with the small child, you had as well, but Bucky was heartbroken. So you spend weeks and weeks trying to contact all kinds of places to track this kid down. (1)

You finally find them and file for adoption. About a month passes. Bucky wakes up and is confused because you aren’t sleeping next to him like you usually are. He hesitantly walks out into the main room and nearly collapses at the sight in front of him. You’re standing there, the child in your arm. “Merry Christmas, Bucky.” You whisper. (2)

“Say Merry Christmas to daddy” you’d say a soft smile on your face 

Daddy Wednesday™

(Source).The main thing I want you to take away from this is how much the larries lie to themselves. They know they’re not talking about “two boys hiding a gay relationship” at this point, and they know that Zayn and Harry weren’t contractually bound to their restrictions, but because they refuse to revisit their theories when they fail, they can’t even honestly approach what the situation is here.

Louis has an 18 month old son and a new record deal. And Harry CAN wear what he wants. And Zayn CAN grow a beard. And both of these changes have been openly talked about now, multiple times. They can’t move on past that, though. Somehow Harry’s and Zayn’s freedom is caught up in an 18 month old toddler and since the larries refuse to invoke his name, he remains the cause of all their distress while never being acknowledged as the glaring difference between two young men being urged to hide a relationship and facial hair, or bell bottoms.

They all have to agree the emperor’s clothes are beautiful. That’s where they’re stuck.

ETA: another thing I want you to take away from this is this post now has over 400 notes and will probably be over 500 before I post this edit, which is faster growing than any new posts about Louis that anyone puts out. I invite you to recognize that these larries now stan their own complaints about Louis’ career more than Louis’ career.

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Prompt idea: While holding and playing with baby Finn Hanna accidentally bumps his head against a wall and Emily goes all pit bull normally we see ali going nuts but it'd be cool to see Emily x

loveddd this thank u x 

“Come on, Finny, you can say Aria but you can’t say Hanna?” Hanna grumbled as the five of them sat around Ali and Emily’s garden, the 18 month old toddler sat on his godmothers lap as she fiddled with his hands, holding them in her own as she tried to prise a word out of his mouth.

“Uh, I don’t think ‘Ayya’ counts as Aria, Han” Emily said with a grin, sat on Ali’s lap as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Hey! It completely does. It’s a hard word” Aria said with a pout as Spencer grinned silently at her from the opposite seat. Finn giggled loudly, pushing against Hanna’s grasp and standing up on her lap, looking across at Aria and waving. “I’m proud of you, little man” She said, stretching across and kissing his forehead.

“Careful, guys, she’s gonna run off with your kid” Spence teased, taking a sip of her wine and relishing in the evening sun that shone down on the little gathering. Hanna was too engrossed in her godson to pay attention to what the others were saying, jiggling him around in the air as he smiled wider at her touch. She jumped up from her chair, swinging him around onto her back and running around the yard with him.

“Be careful, Han” Emily warned her, as Ali frowned, kissing her temple softly to get her to calm down.

“Is mama being a grumps again? Is she?” Hanna teased as she started helicoptering him around the open space, his laugh echoing through the air, plastering a smile on even Emily’s face.

“He’s fine, baby” Ali promised. Emily huffed, snuggling herself closer into Ali’s chest as they swung gently in the low hanging hammock, Spencer and Aria watching on in peace. “you’re cute when you’re nervous” she whispered into her ear, but it wasn’t missed by the other two girls who sent them both a sly smile.

“What?” Emily asked, confusion taking over her expression as Ali raised her eyebrows.

“Nothing, I just-” Spencer began, cutting herself off because she didn’t even know what she was going to say.

“It’s just, still so surreal seeing you guys as a family” Aria continued for her, Spencer nodding in agreement as she found the words that had been lost.

“It’s been 2 and a half years” Ali said with a disbelieving chuckle.
“No, we know it’s just-”

“Making up for lost time” Emily said before she could finish her sentence. Aria grinned as she reached over and kissed her girlfriend, not ashamed to let herself get a little lost in it. It was only when a giggle turned into a scream on the other side of the garden that she broke it, flinging herself off the hammock before Ali could even register what had happened, consequently toppling out and landing belly first on the lawn.

“Hanna I told you to be careful” Emily spat as she craddled Finn in her arms, his head bleeding slightly from where he had fallen from her shoulders and onto a blunt rock underneath him.

“I was! He saw a bird and reached for it and he just fell. I don’t know what happened” The desperation for Emily to understand was clear in her voice, but everybody knew that it wasn’t going to be that easy for the blonde. Finn was her world; and anyone that hurt him hurt her. 

“If you don’t know what happened then you weren’t being careful” Emily said through gritted teeth, Finn howling in her arms as she tried to stop the bleeding with her jacket, Ali running inside the house to find a first aid kit.

“Em-” Hanna reached out to touch him, but she was quick to block her hand.

“No, don’t, Hanna” She held him closer to her chest as he sobbed, Ali running back outside with a bandage and what appeared to be 911 on the phone. Emily took the phone from her, lying Finn down on the garden sofa, frantically following the muttered instructions.

“Ali, you know I didn’t-” She turned to Alison to try and find some forgiveness, and Ali shook her head softly, smiling slightly in response.

“I know, Han. Kids fall, that’s what happens. Em just-” The rest of the sentence trailed off as Aria and Spencer joined their circle, Emily oblivious to anything to going on around her.

“She’s intense” Spencer muttered “Hanna’s a mom too- I’m sure she knew what she was doing”
“Yeah! Thanks, Spence” Hanna mumbled, crossing her arm across her chest and pouting.

“She’s not intense” Ali defended her fiancee “she’s just…completely besotted by him”

“Mushy squash” Emily appeared behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist. Ali blushed, turning around and gently pressing her lips to her forehead.

“Hey little man” Finn was hooked onto her hip, a big plaster on the cut on his head “you feeling okay?” She kissed the big red patch, and he giggled softly.

“Mommy” Was all he said, his eyes still red from tears as he reached out for her.

“Oh, I know sweetie” She cooed, stroking his head as Emily handed him to her and he nestled his head into her neck. Emily cleared her throat awkwardly.

“I shouldn’t have-” She started. Hanna shook her head, cutting her off instantly.

“Don’t mention it, Em. If anything happened to Ava I’d-” The rest of the sentiment didn’t need to be said. The five of them stood for a little while longer, watching as Finn gradually fell asleep. 

“Love Banana” He mumbled groggily, sending Hanna into cheers of joy.

“That’s Hanna! I got Hanna!” She yelled, waving her arms in the air as a grin spread across her face, the drama already forgotten as they took their seats once again.


day two of sasuhina month!

kia’s baby otp was the first thing i read for this day and i couldn’t get the image of bb sasuke crying out of my head even when i was hanging out with people xD i love the ending she put thouGH it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT