toddler good times

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Got back in yesterday from two weeks away visiting my folks and presenting at/attending a conference. Lio did so well while we were away so I was feeling brave and decided to join in on a local greyhound meet up.

In classic Lio fashion, he spent most of his time wandering around alone, marking the fence, and eating grass. He engaged in some galloping when the other dogs got amped up and a young CKC greyhound gal managed to entice him into play at the very end, but he mostly kept it very low key. There was a bit of growling but he relaxed once he got space from the other dogs.

I fell in love with a brindle male named Bo who is a big time leaner. Lio and him spent the whole time in a very low key, low energy pissing contest (which basically means they slowly followed each other around the baseball diamond, peeing on top of where the other one had just peed). You can see the start of Bo and Lio’s complicated friendship in the bottom two pictures.

Yesterday was a very good day and a nice way to end two really busy, bustling weeks (I also got to feed goats and a llama… pictures to come soon). Being in the academy can be intense and draining. Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with beautiful alien creatures.


We had a monstrous adventure to Granville Island today. The kind of adventure where you’re out of the house at 10 am and home at 4.
Not having my bike to tote both littles around has me doing a ton more walking. It’s a 5 km walk one way to Granville island so round trip is a monster hike for me.
We met our friends Abby and Alison at the kids market, hit up the duck pond, the crystal ark rock garden and had some lunch in the market. Afterwards we parted ways but continued onto the playGround. Oria made a new friend and so did I. It was nice having an adult to chat with while our daughters played and ran amok. I’m pretty sure we spent two solid hours in the playground.
As we strolled along the seawall home we stopped in at the big birds in Olympic village and Oria danced with another girl her age and Arrow had an out of ergo stretch.
It was so lovely to see Oria making new friends and running around as much as she did. We had a beautiful warm-ish fall day and we’re all exercised and wiped!