“I love you, Katy Perry. I love everything about you.

I love your triumphant success in the face of negative amounts of talent. I love your complete refusal to have any sort of depth or thought in your music. I love the way you gargle vowels in some vain attempt to hit notes that autotune is just gonna clean up later anyway.

You win Katy Perry. Marry me.”

Let me make this clear- there’s a reason One Direction thinks you’re beautiful because you don’t know you’re beautiful. It’s because you’re hot enough to make a good trophy, yet too insecure to make them feel threatened by it. Is that clear? You’re beautiful because you’re too stupid or damaged to ever leave him. That’s what they’re saying here. Got it?
—  Todd in the Shadows on One Direction and “What Makes You Beautiful”

Title card for Todd In The Shadow’s One Hit Wonderland review of Eiffel 65′s “Bue (Da Ba Dee)”!!!

Fig. 2 was actually the first card I did, in the style of Picasso’s Blue Period (also features decaying skulls of the weird aliens in the music video). I wanted to try something different. This is a take off of the painting “The Old Guitarist.” Todd asked for a card that better reflects his show, though, so I went for the good ol’ violent Todd With A Gun Pointed At The Things He Doesn’t Like [Fig. 1].

Check out the review on blip here!

This was the first song on OHW that I both knew and liked… really liked… and in which I knew and liked the “Failed Followups,” too. By the way, the version of “My Console” he used in the video was a really terrible live version with bad sound quality. I don’t think his review is going to drive any new fans in Eiffel 65′s direction, but if you liked anything you heard in the video, please check out studio versions of their songs.

When “Blue” came out I looooved it. Since I watched Todd’s review this morning, I’ve been trying to articulate to myself why. Eventually I arrived at this: it gave me the #1 thing I want to hear in music- something new. The bass and the autotune stood out to me in a way I don’t recall anything else from that time period doing. I loved this song enough to buy the CD (pretty rare for me). GUYS THIS WAS BEFORE THE INTERNET WAS A REALLY WELL-PUT-TOGETHER-THING I HAD TO GO TO THE STORE AND BUY A PHYSICAL COPY OF THE MUSIC!! (also I didn’t know how to Napster (lol Napster) and tbh I still don’t). One of the follow ups Todd mentions in his review is “Move Your Body,” which I also loved. It inspired me to write a lot of a novel that will never ever see the light of day (though I found it recently, and quickly hid it away again). With the delight of a OHW I actually knew and the opportunity to share with you all a little about myself, I was excited to dig out my now-vintage CD [Fig. 3]. :)

One additional thing I’d like to share is that I didn’t grow up with cable, so I’m in a strange position when it comes to knowing the music of my younger years vs the music videos from said years. There are a lot of songs that I never saw the videos to until youtube had ‘em up. And even then, I only checked them out once I had reason to. “Blue” and the other Eiffel 65 songs are no exception. So, as a huge fan of the music, I can honestly say, holy hell, those are some f*&%ing terrible music videos. I’m glad I never knew them when I listened to my CD on repeat over and over and over.

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