“I love you, Katy Perry. I love everything about you.

I love your triumphant success in the face of negative amounts of talent. I love your complete refusal to have any sort of depth or thought in your music. I love the way you gargle vowels in some vain attempt to hit notes that autotune is just gonna clean up later anyway.

You win Katy Perry. Marry me.”

I did 2 cards for the One Hit Wonderland video on “Mickey” by Toni Basil. The first was rejected by Todd because he, quote, “really really really REALLY REALLY want[ed] to be a cheerleader.” So here he is, with all his lil cheerleader dreams come true!!


Hidden words: so fine

Let me make this clear- there’s a reason One Direction thinks you’re beautiful because you don’t know you’re beautiful. It’s because you’re hot enough to make a good trophy, yet too insecure to make them feel threatened by it. Is that clear? You’re beautiful because you’re too stupid or damaged to ever leave him. That’s what they’re saying here. Got it?
—  Todd in the Shadows on One Direction and “What Makes You Beautiful”