I'm Gonna Blame This On Apple

Saying Dylan has sleep issues is like saying the Arctic is a little chilly, it’s a bit of an understatement. So, part of our sleep routine is to have an iPod playing on a dock in his room with some “white noise” (we’ve been listening to wave sounds) on repeat. It drowns out the outside noise and the creaks in the floor. Last night, right after Christina and I went to bed, we noticed a sudden stop in the noise over the baby monitor. A little bit later Dylan woke up, and Christina went in to get him down again and noticed the iPod was acting a little funny.

Fast forward to this morning, the iPod won’t even turn on. Sucks, but luckily I have another one (which I actually use) that works. So put the boy down, thrown on the iPod and leave the room. 34 minutes later, I no longer here the soothing sounds of crashing waves. The track was over and now I hear Henry Rollins’ booming voice yelling about nature. Needless to say, Dylan woke up and he refused to go back to sleep.

I’m placing the blame on Apple for their shotty workmanship on the busted iPod. Surely, it’s not me forgetting to put the track on “repeat”. Nope…really it’s not.

Look, I can’t remember everything!

finishing up my 30 day photo challenge

I have been running late the past two days and I wont have any time after tomorrow since we’ll be leaving on our big road trip on Wednesday morning. So, here are the last of my 30 day photo challenge photos.

It was fun little project and I loved having to think about a specific way to shoot a pictures every day. But I have to admit, I’m a little happy to have one less thing to worry about on my daily to-do list.

Photo 27 | A photo using the sun as your lighting

 July 2, 2011 

{30 Day Photo Challenge}

Photo 28 | A photo that incorporates motion

 July 3, 2011 

{30 Day Photo Challenge}

Photo 29 | A photo with clouds

 July 4, 2011 

{30 Day Photo Challenge}

Photo 30 | A photo of whatever you please

 July 5, 2011 

{30 Day Photo Challenge}

Roughly one year ago we were hit with the scariest moment a parent could ever experience, our little boy stopped breathing.  He was only about 2 months old. Addison spent just a little under a week in the hospital being poked, tested and scaned constantly.  By the time is was all said and done, the doctors said that ACE has severe reflux and had choked.  For almost the first year of his life he had to have a tablespoon of rice cereal for each ounce of formula.  Also for the first 6 months he had to sleep on a wedge.  We finally had to yank it out of his crib, because he was too mobile and rolling around so much that is became dangerous.  Both of these things kept him from choking while his insides strengthened as he grew.  We are so grateful for all the prayers we received during this time.  Thankfully this all feels like a really bad dream and I can say that we have a happy and healthy fourteen month old now. 

The first image of ACE  having a tube put down his nose and throat to monitor for reflux for 24 hours.  The second image is of ACE wearing lots of electrodes on his head for 24 hours while they monitored his brain activity for seizures.  Poor little guy also had an IV in his arm and heart and breathing monitors on as well.

Here is my big boy now, happy and healthy.  My we have come a long way I am so thankful for each and every moment I have with him.  He is such a blessing and brings a ridiculous amount of joy into my life.

(If you would like to read more about our experience and story you can find it in my archives starting at August 17, 2010:

Now that he’s finally asleep here comes the usual gigantic wave of guilt for feeling angry at him. I wish these night time ordeals didn’t have to happen. I wish I could handle them better. I’m too stressed.

I’m thankful for the baby monitor. On monday, J climbed out of his pack and play. Today he climbed out of his crib. We decided to make the toddler bed transition. It was pretty rough at first, but we managed to get him to sleep in 45 min. I have no idea what will happen if he wakes up in the night… Or how he will react in the morning…. I am not sure I will be able to sleep. I am counting on this baby monitor to alert me if my not-so-baby decides to make trouble. Can’t believe my 21 month old has a big boy bed! Not ready for this!

Thankful - Day Nineteen

Toddlers and Television

it’s no secret that toddlers would rather not go down for a nap. there are so many better things to do than drift off into a foggy dreamland without mommy, without kitty, without toys and without…television.

television has never been more interesting to Hill as it is now. he’s in it for the commercials. he has favorites. favorite girls at favorite vocational schools. favorite cars driving favorite roads. favorite appliances. favorite Indian Casinos etc. its an absolute whirlwind of familiar favorite things.

his morning routine is simple: he wakes up at about 930, we sing a good morning song, give gratitude to the Lord and to each other, have milk & fruits w/warm cereal, and watch television; half Wendy Williams (whom he adores) and half Judge Mathis (whom I adore). during Hill’s hour long love affair with television commercials, that warm cereal starts to set in and his eyes get a little lower. oh but he’s a fighter. Lord forbid he miss the Gratton Casino commercial and pass up a chance dance. ham. or what if mom gets on Tumblr and I miss an american apparel post? hipster. or if a news reporter comes on and has something to tell him directly…because, after all, she is looking right at him and talking. flirt.

our routine is strict in this matter because Hill does have the will to stay up all day long and not think twice about it. and where there’s a will, there’s a way. everything off at 12noon. by 12:15 he’s asleep. it’s that easy. no laptop, no visible iPads or iPhones or remote controls. television off. I recommend this method to moms and caregivers who are having an impossible time getting their 1 year old to nap.