Raven’s Selfie game: 10/10

Here’s my Raven redraw of Kurotokyo's cosplay. When I saw this, I HAD to do it. I had so much inspiration from this and I said to myslef “THIS…is the best Raven cosplay I’ve EVER seen.” Hands down, this was so much fun and this illustration is my way of saying thank you for sharing your cosplays with all of us. You are truly awesome for it! 

Also guys! Check out her page. She’s got some great cosplays and an awesome blog. 

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toddabella asked:

I got a gif idea. you know the bathroom episode when they do the peepee dance? can you loop that part when starfire and cyborg do it? it looks like the dance starfire and blackfire was doing? that would be awesome.

I can so do that! :D


A compilation of all of the Teen Titans pics I’ve ever done! Crossovers included and more to come. Just need to think of new ideas to draw.

1. Crossover of all characters I love who are forever in my heart from cartoons and other media

2. Christmas image for 2014

3. White Raven

4. Starfire and Cerebella outfit swap

5. Halloween image for 2014

6. Terra

7. Raven selfie

8. Starfire and Blackfire Kill la Kill crossover

9. Starfire costume change based on new comic by Amanda Connor.

10. Same as the first image except less characters.


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I will send a note out shortly!

Thanks again everyone!

toddabella asked:

More like another question. You also reblog fan art Is this true or not true and what does it take to have one's art on this blog? Just curious

This is true. It just needs to be TT or TTG. I reblog what comes up on my dash or whenever I go through the TTG tag. 

I Will Show you THE New Trick! 

Character of the month for March: STARFIRE!

For the month of March on my Patreon Starfire is the girl! I’m surprised no one hasn’t done this yet. Well…at least I haven’t seen it yet. But if so first dibs. Since I have only 8 patrons. When I asked who would they want me to draw for character requests, I only got 3 responses. I waited a few weeks to see if I’d get more suggestions but nothing. But the direction was leading towards Starfire.

Also, DC announced a new Starfire comic giving her a new outfit and team. I HAD to do this. I’m so glad I got this done. If the Titans DID get a season 6 (which would be cool) maybe an outfit change would have happened. Anything is possible. Amanda Connor’s promo art for the new comic is awesome!!!

But our little Kori is game and she’s ready for anything. What if Starfire use lightnings instead of Starbolts? Or both? Would be so so legit. 

Zone 2: Hydro City
~Beneath the Sewer Caverns~

Hydro City Zone (or Hydrosity whichever way you pronounce it) is the second level of Sonic 3 &Knuckles. 

Blaze and Cream find themselves in a large blue underground stone built reservoir, spacious above as it is deep. However as time has passed on, the once pristine and pretty palace has now been over-industrialized, non-functional and corroded water plant. Broken-down machines, ruined stone pillars travel across the bottom half. The caverns are filled with water, and the apparent absence of life gives the place an eerie atmosphere, as the sound of water dropping into pools is the only thing to disturb the deadly silence. Sadly leaving the underground oasis in a state of disrepair. However, with 5 Sol emeralds in her grasp and her finding the sixth, they travel as far as they can to reach there next location. What will happen next?

*Image inspired by Hydro City Zone and Lost Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 3 and Sonic 4*

Zone 1: Angel Island <<

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