Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

It’s been well over a year since this track dropped and it is still a malicious ear worm. The video is also one of those rare instances where the visuals not only compliment the sounds spectacularly but it also resonates on a whole new level that the song alone couldn’t have. Fuck you Todd. I wish I made this.


New playlist: “Pitchfork’s Top 200 Tracks of the Decade (So Far)”

Earlier today Pitchfork shared their list of The 200 Best Tracks Of The Decade So Far. Whether you agree with the order, content or even the need for the list, it’s hard to deny there are some amazing songs on here… so, we decided to pull together all 200 songs into 1 easy playlist for you all. Enjoy!

We won’t bore you with the full list (when you can just listen to them all instead), but here are the Top 10:

  1. “Oblivion” by Grimes
  2. “Round and Round” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti 
  3. “Runaway” by Kanye West
  4. “Midnight City” by M83
  5. “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar
  6. “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn
  7. “212” by Azealia Banks
  8. “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean
  9. “Helicopter” by Deerhunter
  10. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake

Listen to all 200 of Pitchfork’s Best Songs of the Decade So Far.

Update: Pitchfork have also now shared their Top 100 Albums & Top 50 Videos of the Decade (So Far).