Todd Rice/Obsidian

  • Show: Legends of Tomorrow
  • Category: TV Show
  • Portrayed by: Dan Payne, Lance Hendrikson
  • Status: Minor Character (2 Episodes) 
  • First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 2, The Justice Society of America
  • Orientation: gay
  • Sexuality Confirmed: Season 2, Episode 5, “Compromised”

check the read more to see if Obsidian is alive. 

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Where to start reading Todd Rice (Obsidian)?

His first appearance was in All-Star Squadron #25

  • All-Star Squadron #26-27
  • Infinity Inc. #1-53
  • Infinity Inc Annual #1-2
  • Justice League America v1 #0
  • JSA (especially #5, 7-9, 46, 50)
  • Manhunter v3 #18-20, 23, 25, 30
  • Justice Society of America v3
  • Justice League of America v2 #43-48 

Okay, I was going to reblog the post the included this, but then I noticed something in t hat last panel. Magog, Alan, and Jay are all very uncomfortable, but Kara and Maxine are grinning, and Ted seems to be laughing. No, not just laughing- is it just me? Does Ted not only seem to have a “thank god!” sort of relieved expression, but also maybe he’s about to do a limp-wrist gesture?

My gods, if Wildcat was the gay character, I would jump for joy. The guy taught Batman to box. Between him, Faceoff, and Midnighter, DC would corner the market on badass gay superheroes.