Todd Rice/Obsidian

  • Show: Legends of Tomorrow
  • Category: TV Show
  • Portrayed by: Dan Payne, Lance Hendrikson
  • Status: Minor Character (2 Episodes) 
  • First Appearance: Season 2, Episode 2, The Justice Society of America
  • Orientation: gay
  • Sexuality Confirmed: Season 2, Episode 5, “Compromised”

check the read more to see if Obsidian is alive. 

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anonymous asked:

I wouldn't care if they made Alan Scott straight again if they brought back his son Todd Rice (Obsidian). Todd was a great gay hero and I like that he had mental health issues that were a major hindrance in his life. Iirc Todd didn't exist in the new 52 so the writer decide to add being gay to Alan. What are the chances Infinity Inc shows up in Rebirth? I wish...

Yeah I have a soft spot for Obsidian him in the Convergence tie in comic was everything I’ve ever wanted. All that aside I think bring back him AND Alan as gay would be interesting. Their relationship has always been troubled in part because Todd is gay and Alan is from the 1940s and having Alan be gay, having been closeted and gay for years brings up all kinds of interesting story lines about being closeted, internalized homophobia and how in not that long a period of time being gay went from illegal and socially toxic to being something middle schooler can openly be (some places) 

Where to start reading Todd Rice (Obsidian)?

His first appearance was in All-Star Squadron #25

  • All-Star Squadron #26-27
  • Infinity Inc. #1-53
  • Infinity Inc Annual #1-2
  • Justice League America v1 #0
  • JSA (especially #5, 7-9, 46, 50)
  • Manhunter v3 #18-20, 23, 25, 30
  • Justice Society of America v3
  • Justice League of America v2 #43-48 

Todd “Obsidian” Rice and Damon Matthews from Manhunter #34 (v.4) and the JSA 80-Page Giant #1. (2011)

My favorite superhero couple before Northstar and Kyle became better fleshed out as an item. Even if I otherwise had no problems with Nu52, I’d probably still hate it for erasing these two from continuity.

Okay, I was going to reblog the post the included this, but then I noticed something in t hat last panel. Magog, Alan, and Jay are all very uncomfortable, but Kara and Maxine are grinning, and Ted seems to be laughing. No, not just laughing- is it just me? Does Ted not only seem to have a “thank god!” sort of relieved expression, but also maybe he’s about to do a limp-wrist gesture?

My gods, if Wildcat was the gay character, I would jump for joy. The guy taught Batman to box. Between him, Faceoff, and Midnighter, DC would corner the market on badass gay superheroes.