Here’s a 5 page preview* of BATWOMAN #21 out this week, written by JH Williams III and W. Haden Blackman, drawn and colored by me, and lettered by Todd Klein.
Covers by JH “The Man” Williams III.

Had tons of fun drawing Killer Croc in this: he is such a cool villain character.

Hope you guys enjoy the read!


* Preview courtesy of ComicVine


GO FREELANCE 1st Printing

Issued in October 2011, the first 500 copy printing of this 11 by 17 inch signed print in collaboration with artist Shawn McManus is now available. GO FREELANCE! is a board game that outlines the lives of two budding comics artists. It’s written, designed and lettered by me with over fifty wonderful spot illustrations by Shawn in a 1950s-advertising art style that’s sure to bring a smile. Here you’ll meet Artie and Scribbler as they make their way from childhood to retirement through the challenges, pitfalls, rewards and catastrophes of a creative livelihood…their original creations, terrific T-Man and the mysterious Master of None…plus other characters like the Old Pro, and a special guest appearance by a certain Top Writer! (hint: initials NG) The print is on ivory-colored Wausau cardstock paper, printed in black, and highlighted with green watercolor, each hand-painted by me. Shawn and I have individually signed each print. My price is $20 plus shipping. A detailed description of the creation of the print on my blog is HERE. For a larger image of the print go HERE. To order using PayPal, click the button below.


Retro Reciting Artie Simek

Work in progress poster design and hand lettering, focusing on Marvel Comics letterer Artie Simek. This header is for the first of a planned series. Extreme closeups to show foundation lines. I like the application of Artie’s rough brush style, jagged splash balloon and thick top/thin bottom font. Going thin with “in the” might not look that good. Inspired by Todd Klein’s “Knowledge” poster.

Source: Artie Simek | Todd Klein’s “Knowledge” poster