“Belle, I may be big and scary, but sometimes people aren’t what they look like on the outside.” I want you to remember that. Really. It’s super important. Belle looked at Beast, and even though he was big and hairy and smelly and kind of ugly, she could tell that there was really something deep down really good about him. So she fell in love with him. And that kind of love, Hope, that kind of love lasts forever.

~Todd Manning to his grand-daughter Hope

[Notes: While the picture (which ran in SOW in December 2011) was apparently taken during the shooting of the T&B confront Neela in Angel Square scenes, I guess RH and KDP decided to break the fourth wall for this shot. As for the tagline “a match made in…somewhere,” Todd said that to Blair in 2001 when he was trying to convince her to marry him for the third time.]


This foreshadowing, I swear….

I was in the middle of transcribing the April 1995 T&B transcripts for the website when I heard Todd randomly mention his hate for fog. Of course, I immediately thought of Ireland.

[Notes: This is my first time working with GIF dialogue. Is it easy to read? Would you guys like other vintage GIF sets similar to these? BTW, click here and here to see the actual video clips.]