todd chase

Arbitrary List: The Signs as Todd Rundgren Moments
  • Taurus:Climbing onto the roof of the studio and dropping lit fireworks onto the band below to "wake them up".
  • Leonardo:Peter Gabriel finding him in the woods and inviting him to Tony Levin's wedding in his shorts.
  • DeCapricorn:Calling Garth Hudson and old man and Levon Helm subsequently threatening Todd with his drumsticks chasing him around and out of Bearsville Theatre.
  • Pisces:Adopting an almost cyborg performance identity in the 90s. A /rapping/ cyborg. With a mullet-hawk. In a skirt.
  • Cancer:Telling students to be good and not to streak before his show, only to streak with them afterwards.
  • Libra:Co-inventing the first color graphics tablet. Straight up, if you're reading this on a tablet, thank Todd.
  • Ram:Breaking his arm doing a stunt for a film and being rushed to the emergency room with magneta and green hair and sparkly tights.
  • Sagittaruious:Hanging out with a band. Playing with the band. Writing with the band. Playing in the band. Producing the band. Touring with the band. Half the band joining his band. Marrying one of the ba-
  • Aquarium:Climbing a 20 foot free-step pyramid, while soloing, and flipping off of it. Repeatedly. (boy likes climbing things)(see also: climbing the amps while soloing during a Ringo show and people in the balcony reaching out and touching him, with Timmy Cappello making crosses over himself for Todd not to fall)
  • Ophiuchus:A possible dislike for republicans ie. beating up a piñata of George W Bush's head and throwing the contents to the fans, the Reagan rants and possible karmic fortune of having to civilly debate with a Reaganite on tv, "Jesse", a game where you literally stone Rush Limbaugh,
  • Shit I Should Know More of These I Used To Like Homestuck:Telling your friend and working partner of 40 years on his birthday to "Blow me old man."
  • Gemini:Putting on a bra a fan threw at him while performing and said bandmate nuzzling and biting it.
  • Scorpion:Banan

I don’t care how much you whine at me, I’m not letting you in the Batcave.”

- Jason Todd (probably at somepoint)

Just remember Jay-bird you chose to be friends with these dorks. 

This is from the draw the squad meme. We never actually got to see Jay hanging out with Eddie Bloomberg or Danny Chase on panel; their friendship was only ever mentioned in off-handed bits of exposition, which is a damn shame. 

  • Chase Chrisley:I'm 16 and want a tattoo.
  • Todd Chrisley:people in hell want ice water, that don't mean the gonna get it.
  • Chase:I'm 18 so I should be able to come home whenever I want.
  • Todd:as long as you are living under my roof like hell you won't. The only thing open at 2 am are emergency rooms and girls legs, and you won't be found in either.
  • And my favorite!
  • Todd:talking to his oldest son, "How in the hell did you get a girl pregnant with something that small! I am ashamed."
  • My favorite family!