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It Had To Be You -- Jason Todd x Reader, Platonic!Roy Harper x Reader

I’ve been dying to actually sit down and write a soulmate story for a while now. There’s so many to choose from, it gets kind of hard to try and come up with your own spin on how soulmates find each other. I read one that I really liked while browsing on good ol’ Tumblr the other day, so here it is!

For this soulmate AU thing, every person is born with the words their soulmate will say to them when they realize they’re soulmates. It’s not the first thing they say to each other, but the first thing they say to clue one of them into the fact that they’re soulmates. I hope that makes sense!

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WARNING! Name calling and other forms of dislike ahead. And it’s kind of angsty?

Word Count: 1328

For the umpteenth time in your life, you wondered what kind of asshole you were destined to spend the rest of your life with. Some would say it was foolish to believe your soulmate was going to be a jerk, but the words printed in cursive on your arm were more than enough proof to prove your case.

That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Seriously, what kind of person would say that to their soulmate? An asshole, that’s who. And that asshole was the person you were destined to spend the rest of your life with.

Lucky you.

You pushed those depressing thoughts from your mind and refocused on getting ready for tonight. Your best friend, Roy Harper, finally had some free time and you two were going to have that best friend night you’d been planning for months. It wasn’t a date, you cringed at the very thought of dating the redhead. You two had known each other for so long, it was weird to think of him in any other capacity besides a best friend or brother figure. Besides, his soulmate would kick your ass from here to China just for thinking that this evening was a date.

The ringtone you’d set for Roy began to fill the air. You hurriedly stumbled into the living room where you had left your phone to answer the call. Once the device was in your hand, you swiped a finger across the screen and placed the cell phone to your ear.

“Hey Arrow Boy, what’s up?”

The voice on the other side groaned in annoyance. “Why do you insist on calling me that? I’m not even Oliver’s sidekick anymore.”

“Do you use a bow and arrows? Are you male?”

“Yes to both.”

“Then there’s your answer!” You chirped happily.

Again, an annoyed groan filled your ear in response to your words. “You have to be the single most annoying person in the world (Y/N).”

“Flattery will get you nowhere with me. Besides,” you said with a rueful smile, “I’m spoken for.”

“God bless the one stuck with you for the rest of their lives.”

You half-heartedly rolled your (E/C) eyes at his statement. The two of you’d had this conversation so many times it didn’t bother you anymore. You were well aware of the fact that you were a difficult person to get along with, hence the reason you had very few close friends.

“Anyway, I didn’t call for you to tease me. I just wanted to let you know that Jason will be joining us for tonight.”

You made a face at the name. “That skunk head? Why would you invite him to our best fiends’ night? He’s not my best friend!”

“But he is one of mine and it’s important to me that my two best friends get along.”

You scowled into the receiver.

Jason Todd and you had never gotten along. He was a complete and utter jerk with too many issues for your taste. It was no wonder he hadn’t found his soulmate yet. The person doomed to be his should be counting their blessings that they hadn’t found him yet. Any time you didn’t have to be around the former Boy Wonder was a good day in your book.

“(Y/N)? You still there?”

A heavy sigh escaped your lips. You reached up and ran a hand through your (H/C) hair as you spoke. “Yeah, I’m still here. The psychopath can come, but only if he’s on his best behavior!”

“I’m not a psychopath!” You heard someone shout in the background. A small, satisfied smirk graced your face in response.

“You be nice too. We’ll see you at the restaurant.”

Twenty minutes later and you found yourself sitting across from the skunk head himself at yours and Roy’s favorite restaurant. Since there were three of you, you weren’t set at your usual table. The little two toppers wouldn’t have had enough room to accommodate Jason’s unwelcome presence, so you were over in a corner at a booth. The server had already come by and taken your drink order before the two men had arrived. You’d ordered the usual for Roy and yourself. For Jason, you’d ordered a Dr. Pepper. You hated the drink with a burning passion and from what little you knew about the vigilante, so did Jason.

He was still glaring at you for that little “slip up” as you called it.

The tension between the two of you could have been cut with a knife. It was more than obvious neither of you wanted to be near the other. Had it not been for Roy, the two of you would’ve been at each other’s throats by now.

“Sorry for the mix up, here are all of your drinks.” The young man said as he placed the three glasses down on the table. He tucked his tray under his arm and gave a nervous smile to all of you. “Are you ready to order?”

Neither you nor Jason paid him any mind. Sighing, Roy shook his head at the other man to indicate that you would need more time. The server nodded and quickly walked away from the tension filled table.

Without breaking eye contact, you reached out and grasped your drink and took a sip. The wonderful sensation of sweet tea hitting your taste buds made a content sigh slip from your lips. Jason smirked at the small victory of being able to keep a stoic face longer than you.

“I can’t believe something as insignificant as a drink can make you crack. No wonder you never got into the hero biz.”

“Jason,” Roy warned in a low tone. “We talked about this.”

“It’s fine Roy, it’s not like I’ve ever, oh I don’t know, died doing something mundane.”

It was your turn to receive a warning. “(Y/N)…”

“No, she’s right Roy,” Jason cut in, “her life is boring and dull.”

“At least I’m not a bully.”

“At least I’m not boring.”

“Skunk head.” You growled.

“Hill billy.” Jason shot back.

Enough!” Roy all but shouted. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Can’t we just enjoy tonight? Please, dear god I’m begging you. Just one night where there isn’t any fighting. I get enough of that in my night job.”

The two of you mumbled quick apologies to the redhead before looking at your menus. The server came back a few minutes later and took your orders. As he walked away, you took another sip from your glass of sweet tea. Jason made a disgusted face at the beverage in your glass.

“How can you drink that? It’s like a drink of pure sugar.”

“Excuse you. Sweet tea is God’s given gift to mankind!”

You had expected Jason to snap at you with a witty comeback, but you were surprised at his dumbstruck expression. His blue eyes were wide in disbelief and his mouth hung open. Realizing this, Jason shut his mouth before opening it again as if to speak then promptly shutting it again. He repeated these actions for a few moments before a scowl settled on his face.

“That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

You choked on your drink as his words registered in your head. Coughing to try and clear your lungs, you frantically rolled up the sleeve on your shirt to inspect your arm. Sure enough, the words that had always been there were gradually fading away.

You whipped your head up and stared at Jason.

For a moment, you could’ve sworn he had a hopeful look in his eyes. For a moment, you had forgotten that you hated this man’s guts. For a moment, you were insanely and indefinitely happy. For a moment, all that mattered was that you had found your soulmate.

Then the feeling passed.

You both scowled at the other and said in an eerily similar tone of disgust, “It had to be you.”

“Just like that, don’t stop.” Jason moans loudly, moving his back in time with your movement.

You raise one of your eyebrows and when Jason turns to look at you cheekily, you roll your eyes. Pressing your elbow on to his back, you begin massaging him. “Yeah, babe, just like that.”

“They are going to start thinking we are banging each other.” You point out, pressing your elbow harder on to his back. Not that the two of you aren’t already banging each other, you just didn’t want them to not be able to look at you in the eyes.

Jason lets out another groan before letting out a chuckle. “Let’s just give them a show.” Jason grins at you and you scoff before playfully smacking his ass. “Yes, babe – harder!” This is one of the things that makes Jason love you – despite always commenting on his choice of pranks, Jason knows you will always play along with his pranks. “Fuck, yeah, babe.”

You heard a loud curse right outside the door and footsteps hurriedly walking away. That causes you to laugh as you stop to lightly caress Jason’s back. “You are so dumb.” You tell him, wiping away the stray tears that manage to escape your eyes. “Whoever that had been is not going to be able to look at me straight in the eyes!”

Jason snorts. “Well, sooner or later, they have to get used to it.” He winks at you and you roll your eyes before leaning forward to press a kiss on Jason’s temple. “You missed, babe.” Jason points to his own lips but before you could even roll your eyes, he pulls you to him and crashes his lips against yours, swallowing your moan.

Dick groans when he hears your loud cries for the umpteenth time that night. Jason kicks his chair and Dick rolls his eyes at his younger brother before standing up. He walks over to the crib to pick you up and you immediately curl on to his chest.

“This is going to suck.” Jason groans. “What are we going to tell Bruce?”

Bruce chooses that moment to step in with Damian walking behind him. “Who is that?” Bruce pauses, causing Damian to almost walk on to Bruce’s back but he stops himself and leans to the side, a frown evident on his face.

“Did father not tell you to wear protection – you should know better than that, Grayson. Tt.” Damian shakes his head as he approaches Dick and the toddler. The toddler is currently sniffling in to his chest. “Why is it crying?”

Dick sighs. “She is not an ‘it’ and well,” Dick looks at Jason who shrugs his shoulders, pretending to zip his mouth and throwing away the key. He rolls his eyes at that and turn to look at Tim who had been quiet the entire time.

Feeling eyes on his back, Tim looks up from the papers he had been sifting through and looks at the rest of his family sheepishly before clearing his throat. “So apparently, our mom has been turned in to a toddler.”

Damian’s head reels back from the information. “Mother?” He steps closer to Dick to look at the toddler and when the toddler turns her head to stare at Damian, his jaw drops slightly. “Father, she is mother after all.”

Bruce frowns as he pads over to his sons, a migraine forming. “How did this happen?”


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One line sentence thing: "Damian has friends?" Thank you

You skid to a stop when you spy Damian’s brother, Todd at the front door and grin at him. “Hi Todd, where’s Damian?” You stand at the tip of your toes and fall back on your feet when Todd looks at you with an amused look on his face while the man that’s beside Todd is looking at you and Todd in confusion. “Hi, I’m Y/N – Damian’s friend.”

The man opens his mouth but closes it. “Damian has friends?” He fake-whispers at Todd. Todd elbows the man on his side and you grin at the two of them.

“Hey, Y/N. Damian’s inside.” Todd tells you before turning to look at his friend. “Tell me about it – didn’t expect the demon spawn to have friends.”

You roll your eyes at that before excusing yourself. “Bye, Todd! And Todd’s friend! I’m going to bother Damian now!” With one last wave, you rush inside the house leaving ‘Todd’ and his friend looking after your disappearing figure.

Roy blinks a couple of times before a chuckle left his mouth. “So I’m guessing she thinks Todd’s your first name then.”

Jason smirks. “It’s pretty funny.” He shrugs his shoulders and Roy rolls his eyes, laughing.

“You are such a bastard.”

“Funny thing is; she calls everyone by our last name – just because that’s all she ever hears from Damian.” Jason snickers. “Y/N even calls Tim – Drake and Dick, Grayson. It’s so hilarious and no one has even bother correcting Y/N either.” Not that Jason minded really. When it came from your mouth, his name didn’t sound condescending at all. Still though, he wonders when you will come to realize that Todd is not his first name.

Spoil sport.

“Tt,” Damian shakes his head as he walks in to the living room. “Lovey dovey as always.” Damian comments as he walks by Jason and you to grab the books he had left behind in the living room. “But where are the rings?”

You look away from Jason to stare at Damian. “What?” Did you hear correctly or were you so hopeful you actually thought Damian said ‘rings’ instead.

Damian is staring straight at you, holding book tightly before he tilts his head to the side, catching Jason’s gaze. “You have yet to ask?”

Jason groans before glaring his eyes at Damian. “Can it, Damian! Get out of here.” He instructs instead.

“I thought you would be less incompetent, Todd.” Damian shakes his head at Jason’s lack of actions before he gives you a curt nod, padding out of the living room, leaving you so utterly confused yet at the same time hopeful.

You turn to look back at your long-time boyfriend who is looking at anywhere but you. “What was Damian talking about, Jay?”

Jason hesitates for the tiniest fraction before taking a deep breath and looking at you, releasing that breath slowly. “The little shit ruined the surprise so what have I got to lose, yeah?” Jason gives a grin and although you are slightly comforted by it, Jason’s words are still confusing to you.

“I still don’t get it.”

Jason clears his throat before taking out the rings he had gotten for you and pulls your hand to his. “Will you marry me, Y/N?”

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The bat family getting a new autistic member of the family.

I am not sure how comfortable I am with writing a full imagine because I don’t really want to offend anyone just in case this is a sensitive issue. I personally volunteer at a local center made for autistic people but more specifically kids / pre-teens so what I know are mostly just based on experiences whenever I am with my kids. Also safe to say, I know most of them pretty well too. But I’ll just write it as a short headcanon thing instead, sorry! Will be putting this under ‘read more’ too.

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Todd & Tea / Iris (collab with XxxStarg8rocksxxX)