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i understand how the idea of "bisexual chic" can be used to erase bisexuality, but is the concept entirely biphobic? or was there/is there a period when bisexuality is seen as 'trendy' and celebrities tend come out as bi?

Why yes, there have been periods and places when bisexuality was seen as ‘trendy’.  For example in Western Culture the period from  510 BC to 323 BC springs readily to mind … But seriously, the answer is a resounding “No!”

If you stop to look at what was Really going on you will soon see that it coincides with a time when many people - celebrities included - were finally starting to come out as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual as well as Trans/Gender Non-conforming.  And indeed THAT phenomena does/(or at least did) come in waves, depending on how safe and accepting society seemed to be at that time.  

However while people coming out as Lesbian/Gay were seen as brave, forward-thinking pioneers to be respected, admired and applauded as role-models … both Bisexual AND Trans/Gender Non-conforming people tended to be held up to ridicule or as some sort of trendy or even weird “Hollywood” or Publicity-seeking phenomena. And they were also belittled with phrases such as “Bisexual Chic” and “Bi Curious” as well as “Gender-fuck”, “Tranny”, etc. Including and especially from inside the LGBT Community itself. So for example:

  • when Harvey Milk, a Gay Man decided to run for SF City Supervisor in 1973 he was courageous role-model for the entire LGBT Community nationwide;
  • when “Walk on the Wild Side” a song about LGBT life in NYC included discussing Trans/Genderqueer people as members of the Community  – written and performed by Lou Reed, a Bisexual Man (and produced by David Bowie BTW) reached Number 16 on the “Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts” in the Same Year … That was simply dismissed as an example of “Bisexual Chic”. 

Those interested in reading just a few articles of many the topics of the Dismissal + Erasure of Bisexual and Trans/Genderqueer People in the Modern Queer Rights Movement may wish to read:

186. Morning Ride

Preview: Yang also took pride in the fact that she had an inkling of an idea of what to do about Weiss’ present now.She soon fell asleep to Weiss’ familiar scent and her calmed breathing, praying she’d remember her idea in the morning.

Morning Ride

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I have no motivation, but dang it all, I can totally write up something for a great picture. If it doesn’t fit something in the AU or how you think things would go down, feel free to change it, Todd.

Weiss’ body screamed with anger: crossed arms ending in closed fists, feet shoulder width apart, a clenched jaw highlighting an almost visible scowl.

“Why aren’t you at the hospital?” Weiss snarled quietly. Her reflection in the mirror showed Yang the truth. Weiss wasn’t angry; she was scared.

Yang went back to rolling up the bloody ends of her shirt sleeves. “No need.”

Droplets of crimson swirled down the drain while Yang let the water heat up. She soaked a white towel in the stream of water before wringing it out and reaching up to wash off the crusted blood under her nose. She’d gotten lucky; it wasn’t broken even with all the blood. Aura would handle most of the swelling in a few hours and the bruising would likely be gone in the course of a few days.

“Give it to me,” Weiss commanded. She stepped into the bathroom, reaching with her left hand for the towel and capturing Yang’s chin in her right. Yang enjoyed the soothing cool of Weiss’ prosthetic, it was a nice contrast to the heat of her cuts. Weiss gently pulled Yang to face her and softly dabbed at the blood trails around the blonde’s nose and mouth. “I’m worried about your eye.”

Yang tried to give a huff of laughter only to remember why she was breathing shallowly. Medics at the Hunters’ Guild had said she’d cracked four when the Taijitu’s second head had nailed her. Hitting the ground afterwards didn’t help though it had given her some wicked bruises along her hip and arms. Lucky, they’d said, that she hadn’t actually broken anything. She was starting to wish for a different kind of luck, the kind that kept her from getting hurt in the first place. “Which one?”

Weiss’ scowl deepened. “Both I suppose. One’s swollen shut and the other’s still reacting to your semblance.”

She was quiet for a few moments, taking the time to clean away blood that’d matted Yang’s hair on either side of her face. Yang took the opportunity to rememorize her wife’s face.

No amount of sleep got rid of the dark circles under her eyes anymore. Wrinkles –crows’ feet at the corners of her eyes and permanent laugh lines that deepened when Weiss frowned– highlighted how dark they’d gotten in the few days Yang had been gone. The blonde wondered how grey Weiss’ hair would be if it wasn’t already so stark white. She wondered how soon their oldest would go grey from the stress of managing SDC; would Yang be the only blonde in the family or would her hair change color first and leave Lila the resident blonde?

She ruthlessly smothered thought that she might not live long enough to go grey.

“This has to stop,” Weiss whispered, her voice rough. She threw the towel into the sink hard enough to splatter pink droplets of water onto the mirror before slamming her hands down onto the marble and bowing her head. The water cut false lines across their reflections.


“No, Yang!” Weiss screamed, spinning to pin Yang with eyes a cold enough blue to freeze a volcano. She jabbed a finger at Yang’s sternum, but never connected to Yang’s relief. “You can’t keep doing this! Can’t keep coming home like this!”

Weiss stormed out of bathroom. Furious footsteps echoed down the hallway until the door to Weiss’ home office slammed shut. Yang stared at the empty doorway leading into the dark master bedroom. She turned to stare into the mirror again, picking up the towel and picking up where Weiss had left off.


“I heard Mom yell at you earlier.”

Yang jumped at the sudden interruption, only to groan and wrap an arm around her ribs. “Did you need to sneak up on me like that?”

Zweiss leaned onto the kitchen counter beside Yang, watching the leftovers from dinner spin in the microwave. “It was totally necessary.”

“That’s bull and you know it.” Yang slowly reached out, gently pulling her younger daughter into her less injured side. “What’s up, Zee? Want a midnight snack? Because you’ll have to make something yourself. I’m not sharing.”

Zweiss huffed a small laugh and leaned her head lightly on Yang’s shoulder. “Nah, Pops. It’s all yours.”

“Don’t call me ‘Pops’, you little whippersnapper,” Yang grumbled good naturedly. She rested her cheek on the top of Zweiss’ head. “Seriously though, why are you up?”

“I was wondering why you were sleeping down here,” Zweiss admitted, refusing to look away from the apparently riveting sight of spinning food.

“I can’t sleep laying down after doing damage to my ribs and I’m not about to keep your poor Mom awake because I keep having to readjust to sleep sitting up,” Yang explained.”And this way I can sneak the cookies I baked a few days ago out of my hiding spot and enjoy them.”

Zweiss snickered. “You mean in the empty flour bag in the top of the cabinet by the fridge? Because we went through those yesterday.”

“How on Remnant did you even find them?” Yang groused. She’d been looking forward to those cookies. “I hid them really well this time, too.”

“We have our ways,” Zweiss bragged haughtily.

Yang grinned. “How many did you lose to bribing Lila and Sable to help look?”

Zweiss cringed and mumbled something.

“What was that?” Yang asked sweetly, holding one hand up to her ear and grinning as wide as she could manage.

“I said check your hearing aid,” Zweiss teased before sighing. “Two freakin’ thirds of ‘em. I don’t even know how she convinced us to take that deal.”

Yang snorted. “She’s a natural businesswoman. May the world cower at her feet as she takes over all civilization.”

“Right?” Zweiss laughed. She yawned, then leaned up to give Yang a kiss on the cheek. “Well, nice as it was to brag about my awesome negotiation skills, I think I’m heading to bed. Night, Papa.”

Yang returned the sentiment and grabbed her food from the microwave, leaving one second on the clock to keep it from buzzing. She turned to eat at the counter, but she noticed a piece of paper that looked like some sort of business form. Zweiss must have left it behind, she figured.

Yang picked it up and skimmed through it. She turned to smile at the empty doorway leading into the dark living room, shaking her head at her bratty daughter. Keeping the paper in her left hand, she settled in to read the information on the position of a combat instructor at one of the local schools as she ate.

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