todd wagner

Toad-ally *X-men Evolution* (Todd/Forge) Part 5

Pietro opened the door to find Forge standing, smiling and holding a bunch of flowers.

“Where’s Todd at?”

Pietro chuckled.

“Toad! You’re boyfriend’s here to win ya back!”

“He bring flowers?!”


“What kind?!”

Pietro scrutinized over the bouquet Forge held.

“Roses!…..Umm….there’s a purple one that has like a thousand flowers on one stalk!……”

“How many primroses?!”

“Like 7?!”

“What color roses?!”

“Red and white!”

Toad came clambering down the stairs. Tripping but catching himself at the bottom. He bumped into Pietro as he ran to the door. He ran a hand through his mullet as he clutched the doorframe.

“Sup, Jonny?”

“Oh I’m–”

Forge looked at Pietro, “Ahem”

“Ahem!”, Toad said louder.

“Don’t look at me, I’m not leaving”, Pietro smirked.

Forge rolled his eyes.

“Fine…..Anyways…..I’m sorry”

“Nah. I’m sorry…. I knew you didn’t mean none of it. Guess I’m still not used to knowing you don’t think like everyone else, y'know. About me being gross”

“Maybe we should’ve just, y'know, told him? I mean, there was nothing to say, I mean, I was feeling you up. But, I dunno man, Kurt’s kinda dumb”

“Oh Hell no! You got any idea what kinda blabbermouth fuzzy’s got?! Damn mansion’d know in 5 minutes what we was doing. And you know they’d never let me in if they knew! They don’t even let Lance in & everybody knows about him and Kitty”

Pietro nodded, “That’s true”

“Stay out of this!”

Pietro gave an offended scoff.

“Well, excuse me! I’ll just leave if I’m not wanted!”, Pietro said dramatically before speeding away.

“You”, Toad sniffed, “wanna come in?”

“I was thinking maybe we’d go out? Like for food?”

“Nah, don’t wanna start crying there. At our diner. Too embarrassing. Too many people. Witnesses. All them eyes. Staring. Watching”

“Right, right………. I still think we should talk…… About this”

“Yeah, we…..kinda do. We need to. But you right we shouldn’t do it here. Pietro and the rest gonna be here soon. Don’t wanna see me weak, crying. Never gonna let me live it down, y'know?”

Forge smiled softly


Todd smiled and started laughing, then crying. Through tears he croaked out,

“Yeah, Toad-ally”