todd shaw

The Sideshow
Mistah F.A.B.
The Sideshow

Mistah F.A.B.- The Sideshow
hey yo trax, let me see what u got.
i dont rap if the beat dont knock,
i need bass, make it fast,
every girl in the place shakin ass.

yeah thats that bay shit, give it to her good that pussy stay wet,
i know what you want bitch, hook dont slap, you want that funk shit
well holler at traxamillion,
but dont fall in love n start catchin feelins,
he wont love you back, why would he?
flipped her n had a sideshow in her pussy,

wont stop doin donuts,
nothin goin change when the police show up,
burnin rubber in the streets of oakland,
bitch, what are you smokin??


Gettin’ It (Album Number Ten) is the seventh Jive Records album and 10th album overall from rapper Too Short. The album was released on May 21, 1996. This was his final album before going on a brief career hiatus, and is certified platinum. It peaked in the Top 5 in the Billboard 200, while becoming the third number-one album for the artist on the Top R&B Albums chart.The album’s production and lyrical content more or less reflect the domination of gangsta rap and G-funk through the West Coast, and somewhat strays from Too Short’s sex and pimping themes.

Accusations of schmuck bait fall away when such hugely dramatic steps are taken (and undone) in the name of character development as significant as this. Shaw isn’t the sociopath she’s been sold as. She has, somewhere, a beating heart, and as the show heads into its final stretch of episodes, it’s now with the hope that Shaw and Root might find each other, no matter the odds, and finally be happy together. (Given this show, that doesn’t seem likely.)

When Person of Interest debuted, the series was written off as slightly cold, as a techno-thriller that lacked anything human to it. As the series went on, it became ever more clear that it had that chilly feeling because so many of its characters were, themselves, machines, made that way by an increasingly impersonal society.

And yet here, in the middle of all that, one of the best love stories on TV. The implication is clear: if we survive the coming AI war, it won’t be because we’ve placated either superintelligence; it will be because we’ve remembered what makes us human in the first place.


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