todd packer

My work colleague and I came up with an alignment chart for The Office characters today 🙌🏼🙌🏼
P.S. Not all the characters are on there because my work colleague hasn’t finished the series 😑

The Office Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever:

  • “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”
  • Dwight makes a beet reference
  • Dwight and Angela secretly meet
  • Stanley is onscreen
  • Jim pranks Dwight
  • Jim looks at the camera
  • Jan is onscreen
  • Michael is attempting to flirt with a woman
  • Andy is referred to as “Nard Dog”
  • Michael references race, gender, sexuality, weight, age, etc
  • Kelly says something self-absorbed
  • Jim mentions Pam
  • Pam mentions Jim
  • Pam mentions art
  • “Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration”
  • Todd Packer is onscreen
  • Michael insults Toby
  • “That’s what she said”

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Moze is shown or mentioned
  • Jim’s prank on Dwight involves jello
  • Steve Carrell wrote the episode