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Dimensions (Jason Todd/Batfam/Voltron crossover)

Requested by: @book-o-crazy

Summary: Jason and Shiro switch places due to some mysterious incident. This is going to be a little series and in this part Jason suddenly finds himself in the Castle of Lions, being introduced to the Paladins, Allura and Voltron.

Next part: Shiro wakes up, still hurt from battle in Wayne Manor

Warnings: non

Jason didn’t understand what just happened. Two seconds ago he was standing in front of Artemis and now… Jason had no clue where he was. It looked like a space ship, but how?
Maybe this was Kori? No, she was with the Titans.
And as much as Jason was informed Bruce wasn’t able to pull a stunt like that… or was he?

The door swiped open, making Jason spin around.

“Shiro?” A boy with black hair called, but he himself realized that Jason was not the one he called for.

Jason pointed his guns at the group. They were wearing weird armour and seemed to assemble some kind of color wheel. Almost like the Power Rangers, Jason thought.

“Where the hell am I? And who the hell are you?” Jason demanded to know.

“Who the hell are you?!” The blue one was now pointing some sort of gun at Jason as well.

“How did you get on my ship!” A young woman pushed through the group. She was definitely not human, but damn beautiful.

“I have no clue, lady. I was talking to my teammate and suddenly I was here.” Jason realized they were harmless and just as confused as he was. He put his guns away slowly. “So, where am I?”

“On a space ship. The Castle of Lions,” the woman said. “I am Princess Allura of Altea. This is my royal adviser Coran and this are the Paladins of Voltron.”

“Right.” Jason blinked. He didn’t understand 40% of what she said. What was Voltron?

“I bet he has something to do with Shiro disappearing!” The red one spat angrily and walked past Jason. “Where is Shiro?!” He pointed a threatening finger at him.

“Who?” He said unimpressed.

“He has a certain resemblance to Shiro.” The smallest one of them pointed out and the yellow one nodded in agreement.

“Look, buddies. I just wanna go home asap.”

“Where is your home?” The princess frowned. Jason could feel she noticed something.

“Earth. Currently Gotham.”

“Never heard of a city called Gotham.” The blue paladin squinted at Jason before looking around. The others shrugged as well.

“That’s impossible. Gotham? Batman? Joker?”

“Nope.” The big guy shook his head.

The princess stepped forward. “You must be coming from a different reality. A different dimension possibly.”

Jason was startled. Was this joke? He knew that stuff like this had happened before, but why now and why to him? Couldn’t he have two second of rest? Was that too much to ask for? Jason sighed heavily. He had to get back, but how did someone travel through dimension if they had been thrown into another one for no reason, or at least no obvious reason.

“Okay. We… we have to figure out why I’m here and then how I get back. You want your pal back, I want to go home.” Jason was running his hand through his hair and took deep breaths. “This is much to process.”

What if Artemis needed him? Who was Jason kidding she could take care of herself, but what if Bruce needed help, or Roy?
Jason had no control of anything that was going on with the people he cared for now and nothing scared him more.

“We fought a tough battle. Let us all get some rest.” Allura announced with grace.

“No! We need to get Shiro back!” The red boy, who seemed as annoying as Damian yelled.

“We cannot do anything, Keith. I am sorry.”

He stormed off. What was that kid’s problem? Jason was the one in a dilemma not that Keith.

“C'mon, I bring you to a bunk. Nice guns you have there. I’m Lance.”

“Jason. Yours is cool, too. Where did you grab it from?”

“It’s my bayard. I’m the sharp shooter here. Just to let you know.”

They disappeared down the endless hallways.


Jason was staring at the green goo in front of him. This was food? Hell nah. The others seemed to enjoy it very much, though.
Jason felt like chewed and spit out. He didn’t sleep one minute because his mind was racing and he was just too worried.

“So, who is Sheego?” He eventually brought himself to ask.

“Shiro!” Keith snapped at him. “His name is Shiro. He is the Black Paladin. Our leader.”

“What is a Paladin? And this V word… Vol-whatever. What is that?”

“The Paladins each pilot a lion. These lions can form Voltron, the defender of the universe.” Allura explained and Jason heard the pride in her voice. This Voltron must belong to her.

“Lions? Right…”

“Not real ones! They are robots and Voltron is this giant robot.” Hunk tried to make it more imaginable for Jason, but all Jason could think of was Power Rangers once again. “Keith can form a sword. I am a leg. And Shiro was the head, but since he’s gone we cannot form Voltron anymore.”

There was dead silence. Moment for moment dragged on.

“We can’t form Voltron,” Hunk panicked, looking at his team. “But… but… now that Zarkon is dead. We have to free the planets. How do we do that without Voltron?”

“Maybe I can try to drive that…. lion. Only until we found a way to get me back.” Jason suggested with a shrug. The group got quiet and looked at him as if he was a ghost.

“You could never pilot Black!” Keith hissed.

“Why that, brat?” Jason rolled his eyes at him, pushing the plate with the disgusting looking green slime away.

“Because you’re nothing like Shiro!”

“You don’t know anything about me, kiddo.”

“Keith.” Allura stopped him once again.

“I think that we should try.” Pidge shrugged. “This must somehow be explained. What if Jason is just Shiro of this other dimension and the universe, I don’t know, let’s say, got confused and switched them.”

Jason blinked at her. This was hard to believe, but one thing this Shiro guy and Jason had in common was being leaders.

Allura nodded and Keith wanted to protest, but didn’t, noticing the stare Allura was throwing at him. The group got up and headed to the landing bay, where Black was still hunched on the ground. The lion did not move ever since.

“What the…” Jason was at loss of words as he approached the giant cat. Who built a thing like this?

“The lions choose their Paladin. The Paladin forms a bond with the Lion that cannot be explained by science on it’s own.” Allura’s voice sounded like a faint whispered as Jason stepped closer and closer towards the robotic lion. His hands were tingling and his heart was running.

They all halted as the eyes suddenly flickered in a bright yellow. The lion got up and roared. Jason almost lost it right then and there. Some sort of force filed turned on, weaving the lion in a ball. Jason was in shock. It was gigantic. How tall will that robot be they form together?

“What was that?” His voice trembled.

“She activated!” Pidge said in awe.

Jason felt the urge to step closer. It was almost as if she was talking to him. He reached the barrier. Jason’s hand was shaking in both amazement and intimidation. His rough fingers touched the translucent barrier and it turned itself off.
Behind Jason the others gasped.

“W…wow.” he stumbled over this simple word. “Did I break it?”

“No, it accepts you.” Allura swallowed.

  • [at a restaurant]
  • Dick: Man, this turkey sandwich is so good. I’m so glad we came here.
  • Jason: I know, the food is always great here, and it’s great value.
  • Damian: You guys are so positive, it’s great. I know some people that are negative and they can’t see anything good in anything, and people like that just aren’t very pleasant to be around.
  • Tim: you guys, I’m right here…
  • Damian: what?
  • Tim: I said I’m right here. You guys are talking about me like I’m not here and I don’t like what you’re saying about me.
  • Jason: Tim, I don’t think he was talking about you.
  • Tim: How can he not be?! You guys know how much I hate sandwiches and love being negative!
  • Dick: I didn’t know you hated sandwiches…
  • Tim: I’m eating soup, Dick, and it’s like 100 degrees outside!
  • Dick: that makes sense…
  • Damian: I’m not talking about you, Tim.
  • Tim: promise?
  • Damian: promise.
  • Tim: Sorry guys, I don’t wanna be that guy who’s always so prideful and not willing to back down, and probably pops up his collar…
  • Dick: you guys, I’m right here!
  • Tim: Dick, I didn’t mean you…
  • Dick: I can’t help it that I’m more confident than you guys! Sure, I’m physically built as if Michelangelo chiselled me from stone, but don’t put that on me!
  • Tim: Oh, so you’re a little cocky. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Dick: And the truth comes out — you know what? Most of the time I’m just acting confident to hide my insecurities! I don’t wanna be the guy who’s overly sensitive about everything…
  • Steph: *gasps* I’m right here!
  • Damian: do we know you?
  • Steph: you don’t remember me?!
  • Damian: oh, fatgirl! You’re not the type of person we normally forget…
  • Duke: guys, I’m right here!
  • Jason: how long have you been there?!
  • Duke: I drove you all here!
  • Jason: I remember being driven here by a faceless blob…
  • Duke: Yeah, yeah, I know. I was voted most forgettable in my high school. Didn’t end up in the year book, they forgot, but at least I’m not one of those people who steals food from other people’s plates!
  • Damian: *whilst stealing food from Jason’s plate* Duke! Dick’s
  • right there!
  • Tim: Wait! We have to go, the movie starts soon. It looks like we’re gonna have to take main-street, the cops just shut down the freeway because they’re looking for a homicidal maniac.
  • Jason: guys! I’m right here!

Alec: hey Magnus what’s your last name?

Magnus:it’s Bane? You know that??

Alec: *gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring* maybe I can change that.

Magnus: fuck no I’m keeping my last name it’s iconic

Magnus:but yes I’ll marry you.

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Like she becomes 'full on vilian.' Sorry for not making that clear. 😅😅

Oh no no no! Its completely fine doll! 

Batfam reacting to newest batsis/daughter betrayal. (I’m currently a writing a fic similar to this)


  • Oh no.
  • My poor baby
  • He’s honestly sobbing his heart out.
  • “Hey…I don’t know what’s going on but I’m here for you. Please come home…”
  • He refuses to fight you, and if you try to fight him he won’t resist your punches.
  • “Please ___. If it was something I did or said…I’m sorry”
  • However, he will not force you to be good though.
  • He just…hopes you make the right decisions.
  • “Shut up! I hate you!!”
  • Oh my. He’s so heartbroken when you say this.
  • He makes sure you stay away from a lot if the bigger villains though.
  • He does NOT want you harmed.


  • “You just killed that man!!”
  • “You kill people all the time Todd”
  • “Oh so now we’re on last name bases Sis?! That man was innocent!
  • You two honestly just bicker back and forth.
  • Until finally he breaks.
  • “God Damnit ___!! Can’t you see I don’t want you to become like him?!“he’d yell, shaking you by the shoulders.
  • If you squint just enough, you can see his eyes glossed over with tears.
  • “Please Sis…if it was somethin our old man did…or somethin I did…tell me"he’d whisper.
  • When you finally tell him the hero work just isn’t for you, he nods.
  • “Alright…alright, if you ever need a place to stay,I’m here for ya. Just…please don’t kill any innocents. I understand I kill…but those people, are bad people”
  • When he goes on patrol as Red Hood, it’s the worst.
  • He has to act like he doesn’t know you.
  • But god he does. And he can see you breaking just like he did.
  • He partly blames Bruce for why you went rogue. 
  • In all honesty? Bruce probably blames himself as well.
  • He makes sure to subdue you with little injuries to your body.
  • “Sorry sis…I have to take you to the authorities.”


  • At first, he doesn’t believe it
  • After going through denial, he’s angry. Not at you, but himself.
  • He tends to drown himself in more work.
  • He also tends to lash out more at his team.
  • He makes sure to track you too, which probably makes you trust him less.
  • He doesn’t care though. He only cares about your safety. 
  • He gets so many night terrors.
  • The whole batfamily has to come in to calm his screaming.
  • He just can’t stand the thought of losing you, and it haunts him day and night.
  • He tries not to force you to come back, he really does.
  • But some days when he sees how broken you are he just wants to drag you back home.
  • And then you killed your first innocent.
  • He was in so much shock and denial.
  • Hell, he was shaking when he saw you.
  • “Why are you doing this?!”
  • “I don’t see how you all can still trust that man…Our father.”
  • “Please ___. I don’t know what he did to you…but we need you here,”

    “I need you here.”


  • “What nonsense is this sister?!”
  • “Don’t you see? I’m righting everything Bruce did wrong.”
  • “I’m sorry if it seems i doubt your intellect dear sister, but you are in the wrong”
  • Yeah, he takes his anger out on you.
  • He understands why you feel killing people is okay. He was there.
  • Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand enough to join you.
  • Instead, he takes you down, making sure you’re still alive.
  • He pities you. He knows something happened to make you do this.
  • And he does as his father wishes, stopping you from harming any innocents.
  • You’re just like any other villain now.
  • Then why does he feel like breaking down in tears everytime he sees you?
  • Why does he still feel the need to support you?
  • It gets to the point that he actually collapses to the ground during a patrol.
  • All he can think about is how he failed.
  • How he failed you.
  • He doesn’t know how, but god he feels like he failed.
  • Apparently he blacked out and the team had to carry him home.
  • He was still in shock; How could he let his guard down like that?
  • Starfire places a hand on his shoulder,”She’s your sister Damian…you’re feeling loss”
  • “But i didn’t lose her…she’s right there! Except now..”he doesn’t dare utter the words on his mind.
  • Everyone knows what he’s feeling though. Betrayal.

    “Whoever did this to you will pay.”

summary: Being in a class with a pack full of chewing gums has never really been a good idea, and you’ve learned that the hard way today.

pairing: Jason Todd/Reader

rating: General.

warnings: None.

(based on this prompt from @otp–promptsPerson A is chewing the last piece of gum in a really good pack so person B pulls them into a kiss to low key steal it out of A’s mouth)

It’s a Thursday afternoon and you’re sitting in the back of the classroom, peacefully chewing on a gum as the teacher continues to dawdle on about her lesson—something about atoms and their structures and whatnots—when the person beside you taps you on the shoulder.

“Hey.” You recognize the person as Jason Todd, one of the most popular boys in school. He’s notorious for being a rumored gang member, although you don’t quite believe it.

He’s good-looking, and although he could be quite snarky and sarcastic at times, you know that deep down, he’s a good person, even if he’s a playboy. You know it; you’ve seen him helping a freshman once, even though he’d probably never forgive you if you so much as tell someone about it.

He’s staring at you, a bored look on his expression. “Hey,” he says once more when he thinks you haven’t heard him. He waves his hand in front of you, trying to catch your attention. “Can I have a gum?”

You immediately tear your gaze away from his face and nod your head, moving to quickly check your pockets before turning back toward him and shaking your head. “Sorry,” you say softly, careful not to be heard by the teacher. “I’m out of it already.”

“Aw, man,” Jason remarks, a disappointed frown forming on the corners of his lips. “Not even a single one?”

You shake your head once more in response, raising a finger and motioning it toward your lips. “This is the last one already,” you say, sticking your tongue at him, almost as if to show him.

Jason smirks, then beckons you to move closer toward him. “Come here,” he says, the smirk still present on his lips. You give him a confused look but do as he says, anyway, leaning your head closer toward him as you wait for his next words.

You watch as his smirk widens just the slightest, watch as he leans his head forward, stopping only once when his face is inches from yours. You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, silently wondering what it is he’s about to do. You open your mouth, about to voice your question, but before you could even do so, he’s already moved to close the distance between the two of you, crashing his lips against yours in a kiss.

Your eyes immediately widen in alarm and you quickly plant your hands against his chest, opting to push him away, but he only grabs your head and pulls you toward him, deepening the kiss.

His lips move against yours, slow and languid like he’s trying to savor every moment. It isn’t long before the moment is over and he’s finally moved to finally pull away from you. For a moment, all you could do is stare at him, still reeling from the events that had just happened, but a call of your name is enough to snap you out of your thoughts.

You quickly turn your head toward the source of the voice, discovering that it’s your teacher. She’s staring at the both of you, a glare in her eyes and a fury in her expression. “Todd, (Your Last Name),” she begins, crossing her arms over her chest as she continues to stare at the two of you. “What do you think you’re doing in my class?”

Todd remains silent, the smirk still present on his lips. You open your mouth to give your teacher a response—an explanation of some sort—but another glare from her is enough to silence you.

“You two will be staying after class for some…” she says, trailing off and pausing for a brief moment, trying to find the right words before continuing. “…Disciplinary action. Understood?”

You nod your head obediently at her words, afraid to anger her even more. Jason only gives her a nonchalant shrug, like he couldn’t care less at all, and the teacher only gives him another glare before going back to dawdling on about her lesson.

Jason only gives you a wink, before beginning to chew on a gum. You pause for a moment, staring at him as you try and take all of the events in. You narrow your eyes into a glare as you look at him, only now realizing what it is he’s just done.

He stole your fucking gum.

First - Jason Todd x Reader

Request: Prompt #2 @cas-backwards-tie

A/N: Here’s the second prompt you requested! :) 

Prompt #2: “Our first Thanksgiving as a family… Who knew we’d reach this point?”

And to anyone else, here’s my Thanksgiving prompt list! #1 on the list has already been completed for Jason Todd, as well as #2! 

Thanksgiving Prompt List 

Originally posted by nialler-hoeran

As you gazed around the room, you felt overjoyed. You and Jason had finally left an apartment and were able to step up into a home. An actual family home where you could spend the rest of your lives, raise a few kids, and just be happily married. 

Gazing into the living room, you saw Jason cradling Abigail, your heart swelling with warmth. Each time you looked at them, they were what you just so happened to be most thankful for. Each year at Thanksgiving, the question arises.

“What are you thankful for?”

Witnessing Jason and Abigail together, father and daughter, they were what brought you joy, happiness, warmth, thankfulness. Slowly making your way into the living room, you took a seat beside the two. Abigail was already passed out, very well comfortable in Jason’s arms. 

“I’ve never seen a five month old pass out that quick.” You whispered. Jason chuckled, his eyes averting towards her. “From what I’ve noticed, she falls asleep quickest when she’s with me.” He smirked, knowing you would roll your eyes. 

“She has you wrapped around her finger, that’s for sure.” You ran your fingers through his dark hair. This Thanksgiving just so happened to be a very special one.

You looked down at Abigail whose dark hair was ruffled outwards on her head, making you giggle quietly. You stroked along her arm, noticing as she curled into Jason’s chest further.

“Our first Thanksgiving as a family… Who knew we’d reach this point?” Jason mumbled, casting his eyes back up to you. You arched your eyebrow, running your thumb across his cheek. “It’s crazy, isn’t it?” You whispered.

Jason nodded his head. “Seems like yesterday we met on the streets. Then you moved into my apartment, then we bought this house, and now we have her,” His eyes maneuvered over to the sleeping baby tucked in his arms. 

“I wouldn’t have wanted to experience this with anyone else but you, Jason Todd.” You rested your head on his shoulder.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to either, (Y/N) Todd.” You smiled like a fool at the sound of his last name on yours. It still seemed so surreal that you were married to your best friend. Through everything you two have went through, this was truly a Thanksgiving you’d never forget.

Timmy Todd - Part Two

This one is actually really boring. It’s kinda a filler chapter, just a bunch of stuff leading up to the next chapter. I’m sick so I don’t know when the next one will be coming out! Sorry!


By the time you are nine months pregnant, your heart has begun to heal. It was difficult at first, you honestly didn’t know how you were going to survive without the love of your life, but a new love was starting to grow. The love for your son.

“Damian Wayne! What did I tell you about breaking into my apartment! “

“I believe you said to no to, but you were not here, and I did not wish to wait outside.”

Damian was young, only 10 years old when his mother dropped him off with Bruce. The two of you had grown close, you were like an older sister to him, someone who wouldn’t put up with his shit, and who would treat him like an adult. In turn he handles all of your mood swings, your bouts of depression and he went with you to every doctor’s appointment.

“Well, you could have called. I just got back from the doctors, they said that it was just Braxton-hick’s contractions. I hate going in there alone, they all think that since I’m alone and 17 that I’m a whore.”

tt idiots. They know nothing. You should sit down, according to my research you will be going into labor soon”

“Good! I can’t wait to see my feet again!”

In all honesty you’re terrified. What if you aren’t a good mother? What if you can’t protect your baby? What if someone hurts your baby?

“I can practically see you worrying, Y/N. Calm down”

“I’m just nervous, I’ve never done this before”

Damian scoffs and rolls his eyes, “I should hope not. There will be any firsts coming up, however you are prepared, I’m sure of it.”

Two days later you go into labor, and after 17 hours you finally get to hold your little boy for the first time.

“He looks just like his father” you whisper

Dick leans forward, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, “He really does. You did good, Y/N. What are you going to name him?”

“Timothy Jackson Todd. I want him to have Jason’s last name”

Timmy is almost three when the Red Hood is first sighted in Gotham. Damian is now 14, and you are only ever called in to help Gotham’s vigilantes when they are in desperate need. They have Oracle now, and she is the one who does what you used to.


You crouch down, catching your son as he barreled around the corner, “Timmy!”

“I missed you!”

“I was only gone for an hour, sweetheart. Didn’t you have fun with Uncle Duck and Uncle Dami”

“Uncle Duck took me up on the roof! And-and Uncle Dami let me throw his Baterang! It was so much fun, mommy!!”

Throwing a quick glance up at your two babysitters, “Did they now? You were up on the roof? Did you at least wear a coat?”

“Of course, mommy! I got to show them my batman coat!”

“It was indeed cool, but I will be getting Timothy a Robin coat to wear”

You chuckle and shake your head. Even though you refused to allow Tim to be trained by his uncles, they were constantly getting him different paraphernalia for their vigilante work. But your son loved it, so you allowed it.

“You do that, Dami, but it’s time for Timmy’s nap, so you to need to say goodnight”

Dick leaned down and pressed a kiss to Tim’s cheek, and Damian gave him a hug before you took Tim to his room. “Mommy?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Do you still love daddy?”

Sucking in a sharp breath you look down at your son, at Jason’s son, “Why do you ask?”

“Uncle Duck was telling me stories about you and Daddy”

“What kind of stories?”

“’bout how you and daddy met”

“Oh yeah? What did he tell you about that?”

“That you didn’t like daddy at first, that daddy was mean to you, but then you kicked his butt and daddy started to like you. He said that you wear your necklace because you and daddy were gonna get married”

“Well he was right, but I’m gonna tell you the part of the story that Uncle Duck doesn’t know.” Your son sits up straighter, leaning toward you, “I loved your daddy from the moment I saw him, just like I loved you before you were even born.”

“But he was mean”

“That’s what I liked about him. He didn’t treat me like I was just some girl, he challenged me, made me earn everything instead of just having it handed to me. And yes, I do still love your daddy, and I love you” leaning down you give him an eskimo kiss, “and your daddy would love you too”

Tim gave you a sleepy smile, “Love you too, mommy”

Once you are outside of Tim’s room you reach for your necklace. It is a simple silver chain, and attached to it are only two things. One item is your engagement ring, the ring that Jason had given you a week before his death, and the other is a locket. Inside of the locket is a picture of you and Jason, one of the few pictures of the two of you, and then a picture of you and Tim. The two most important men in your life and always around your neck.

“Are you alright?”

Glancing up you look at Dick, “I’m fine. He asked about Jason again, you told him stories?”

“He was asking for stories, so I told him some. Maybe you should go on a date, maybe it would help you move on”

“I don’t want to move on. Jason was my one and only, and now I have Timmy. I don’t want anyone else, Dick, you know that.”

He just sighed, you knew that Dick was getting frustrated. Since Jason’s death he had seen you as his responsibility, and sometimes you hated him for that.

“I’m just saying …”

“Enough, Dick. I said no. I just want to focus on Timmy and on this Red Hood. Now tell me everything you know about him”

Dick sighed and walked into your living room, “Well, he’s taken out several mob leaders, killed a bunch of drug peddlers who would sell to children, and he seems to have a real grudge against the Joker”

“Wow, he has quite a rap sheet already, and he’s only been in Gotham for like two weeks?”

“Two weeks and three days, he seems to be gunning for Black Mask now. He’s the only boss who isn’t under Red Hood’s control”

“What is B planning to do?”

“Father seems to be set on finding out who is behind the mask. He has recently gone to visit Mother and Grandfather at the League, I assume he has a lead but he has refused to share any of his findings with us. He has sealed away all tests that he has run, neither Richard or I have the hacking skills to get past his firewalls.”

“So you want me to sneak down to the Cave and hack into secret files?”

Damian smirked, “You have read my mind, Y/N”

“Fine, as long as you take Timmy and Bruce out of the house while I work. Something like this could take a while and I don’t want to be interrupted.”

“We were gonna do that anyway! Maybe we can convince B to take us all to the zoo”

“I’m sure if you tell Timmy to ask you can get Bruce to do anything” glancing back at your son’s room, you start to plan. It’s been awhile since you had to hack anything and you highly suspect that Bruce has updated everything. “So tomorrow I’ll come over to the Manor, you two will leave with Bruce and Tim, and I will hack secret files!”

“Yeah, pretty much!” Dick glances at your clock, “We have to head out, Dami and I are in charge of Patrol for tonight, rumor has it that the Joker was broken out of jail.”

“Aright, you go save the city, I’ll be here with Tim. If anything goes south send me a message and we are gone”

Hacking into the computers mainframe is surprisingly easy, and finding the tests are even easier. Deciphering the coded results is where you have a bit of trouble, but nothing that you can’t handle.

“Damn, B. You really didn’t want anyone to see these results” you mumble.

While the decoding program is running you check your phone. Dick had sent you a picture of Tim. He has perched on Bruce’s shoulder, wearing overalls and an elephant hat, he was feeding the giraffes, and it was absolutely adorable. You save the picture and make it your screensaver. A ding sounded when the program finished.

“Now, let’s see what you have been hiding”

Your eyes widen as you read through the results of the blood tests. You scan through the pictures f the empty grave, of the coffin that was in ruins. A trembling hand raises to cover your mouth. The Red Hood is actually Jason Todd.

Jason Todd x Reader - Sweet Child O’ Mine pt 2

Requested by: SO MANY PEOPLE

Warnings: none

Song: none

Words: 1470

Tagging: @memento-scribet (This was supposed to be for your birthday, but I had no time during the week and I’m really sorry for that! but here it is! I know It wasn’t much of a surprise because you read it earlier, but it is still for you.)



Walking out of the GCPD, a drop of rain hit your forehead, and another on your hand. You looked down to the boy at your side, and he had a drop on his arm, running down his elbow and over his wrist, down his finger and dropping to the ground.

He looked up at you with a goofy grin plastered on his face, gripping your hand tighter and his grin growing to a smirk, he took off in a sprint to the only car parked out front, and you ran with him. He dropped Jason’s hand, and Jason watched with a smile as the two of you ran in the rain, happiness radiating off of your bodies in waves, hair soaking wet and covering your faces, and fingers intertwined as your feet splashed against the forming puddles.

Jason sat in the driver’s seat, and you in the passenger’s, as the kid sat in the back. You never turned your head, but you watched him through the mirror as he stared out the window, watching the rain fall and the people run from it, shelter under buildings and umbrellas and holding on to others to save space. The boy’s focus was just on what lay outside the car, and he didn’t notice when Jason reached back and patted his shoulder.

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