todd killings

Aight but where’s Jason at tho?
—  Me every time DC releases anything

                                            this is what happens 

                                       when you drag your friends 

                                             into this crazy little 

                                                 game of ours!


get you a man that can leave Jason rothenberg shook

Looks like King forgot about Jason’s All Caste training, and Tim’s training after he left Robin. (Tim and Jason were put at the bottom of that list?!?!)

Thank you Lobdell for speaking up for the truth about my two precious cinnamon rolls who have done nothing wrong in their life to deserve this kind of monstrous discrimination!


i’m not talking about killing penguin or scarecrow or dent. i’m talking about HIM. just him. and doing it because … because he took me  a w a y  from you.

Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) [ do not repost or steal ]