todd harvey

do you ever think about the strain on bruce having to deal with the batfamily…and rogues gallery…simultaneously…like “we gotta work together for the sake of gotham!!1!” but bruce can’t even deal with the city-shattering event because damian made a disparaging comment and now two-face is down to fight a 10-year-old. will bruce ever get to arkham without a migraine? who knows jason just said freud was wrong and started a screaming match with scarecrow in the back of the batmobile. stephanie needs stitches because she made a plant fucker joke. and bruce is just tired..he’s just so tired…

Okay but can you imagine much the Gotham Academy kids would use the #OnlyInGotham hashtag

  • Red Hood came crashing through the window of my Math class today. Told us to “stay on drugs” and “don’t do school.” Math test STILL not cancelled #soundadvice #OnlyInGotham 
  • Learned that one of the tunnels that runs under GA also runs under Arkham Asylum #thatsreassuring #OnlyInGotham 
  • Somehow Riddler got hold of my number and has been spamming my phone with riddles for the past week #fml #HeIsntEvenACoolOne #OnlyInGotham 
  • Thought I scored some of the good stuff last night off a shady dude hanging around campus. Turned out to be Fear Toxin #WellShit #BetterThanTheExorcist #OnlyInGotham 
  • My English professor had to yell at Red Robin for breaking into the girls dorm last night. He tried to explain he was tailing Harley Quinn #ThatsWhatTheyAllSay #OnlyInGotham 
  • That weird girl from school’s mom is a super-villain? Okay. #WhoIsntASupervillainNoawadays #OnlyInGotham 
  • Two-Face came into the store I work at today asking about the two for one offer. Stayed and talked for a while. Called me gorgeous. Was he hitting on me? #ImALittleYoung #IDontThinkIt’llWorkOut #OnlyInGotham 
  • Jokerized hordes outside? We’re all in tents with only one escape route? Teachers armed with flashlights and baseball bats to protect us? Ofc it’s gunna be okay. #ThatsWhatTheySaidLastTime #OnlyInGotham 
  • My friend killed her house plant. Pray for her. #OnlyInGotham