todd farrell

First round's on Todd Farrell, Jr. guys.

Did I mention I’ve been pokin’ an’ proddin’ friends of mine and/or Michelle’s to tell DBN their “Lucero Stories?” Hope you guys enjoy reading ‘em as much as I do. Thanks for this one, Todd! -Lynette

“As I write this, I am currently debating whether the sentence “In essence, Lucero changed my life” is too bold or too corny or just too poorly written to put down. However, it’s already there, so whatever. Lucero changed my life. Now hang on, bare with me here. Lucero didn’t talk me off a ledge or help me quit drinking (obviously) or convince me to go start running six miles every six hours. What they did was change the way I look at music. Since I was 13 years old, I have been involved in music, whether it be playing in bands, recording bands, or just being a freak collector of it. Currently, I am a producer/audio engineer/session guitarist here in Nashville, TN, and every once in a while I play and write in my own band, Todd Farrell Jr. & the Dirty Birds. Almost every moment of every day is music for me, so when I tell you that Lucero changed the way I look at music, I didn’t simply switch allegiances from the Beatles to the Stones.

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