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“Someone has to know it was his father! Neil wouldn’t kill himself! he loved living!”

“You don’t seriously think his father…”

“Not with the gun! damn it, even if the bastard didn’t pull the trigger he– even if Mr Perry didn’t shoot him, he killed him. they have to know that!”

  • Chase Chrisley: I'm 16 and want a tattoo.
  • Todd Chrisley: people in hell want ice water, that don't mean the gonna get it.
  • Chase: I'm 18 so I should be able to come home whenever I want.
  • Todd: as long as you are living under my roof like hell you won't. The only thing open at 2 am are emergency rooms and girls legs, and you won't be found in either.
  • And my favorite!
  • Todd: talking to his oldest son, "How in the hell did you get a girl pregnant with something that small! I am ashamed."
  • My favorite family!
These Kids Have Issues Chapter 4

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Yay! The reader gets claimed in this chapter! Super excited to reveal this to you guys!

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Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

TW: Fire

Word Count: 2,154

Chapter - I’m the Daughter of…

Your head was officially spinning, here it was the day before your Claiming Ceremony, Percy and Annabeth Jackson were there, they’d probably get to witness your Claiming Ceremony! That kid Jason, as it was explained to you by Tim Drake one evening- cause he knew everything about everyone and was the main source for Camp Gossip- that Jason had gone off on a quest right after he was claimed by his father. Everyone thought he was dead- in fact Cass claimed she had seen him in the underworld. But somehow, here he was, alive. Percy and Mr. B (who forgot about you risky move the moment everyone was take care of) had held Jason up at the main pavilion, questioning him. He was still fourteen, though technically he would be around Dick’s age now. Stephanie was sitting with Tim when you and a few campers swarmed up to them. She became annoyed - apparently they were on a date- and used her nymph powers to spray water at everyone until you all left. “All I wanted was a nice date,” She had yelled at you, “A simple date!”

Now you were sitting up in bed at the Big House, you didn’t know how you were supposed to sleep. Tomorrow your father would finally claim you! You had been sorting through your things, trying to pick what you would throw into the fire as your final offering as an unclaimed demigod. Would you dad show up like Leon’s mom had after they ere claimed? Would everything finally click? You were excited to meet your siblings, most of the campers were nice to you, Ester’s siblings let you come into their cabin, they had started to teach you how to manipulate the mist because as one put it We have a good feeling about you… You’d never really had an problems with the other campers, they all wanted to help each other and for everyone to thrive…

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I don’t care how much you whine at me, I’m not letting you in the Batcave.”

- Jason Todd (probably at somepoint)

Just remember Jay-bird you chose to be friends with these dorks. 

This is from the draw the squad meme. We never actually got to see Jay hanging out with Eddie Bloomberg or Danny Chase on panel; their friendship was only ever mentioned in off-handed bits of exposition, which is a damn shame. 

The Chase of Love (Jason Todd x Reader) | Part Three

Warnings: Swearing.
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A/N: The sentence: “You know ‘give me a warning’ means let me know before they come in here!” was suggested by grumpycheshirecat. Thank you! :)

You were just getting out of the shower when you saw Jason frantically moving about and tossing things around. With a towel wrapped around your body, you walk over to him with a somewhat amused and confused expression on your face.

“Jay?” You begin, gaining his attention and having to hold back a smirk when his eyes widen and his face reddens. “You lose something?”

“N-No,” He quickly turns back to his work, ‘sneaking’ glances back at you. “I was looking for something to pack our essentials up.”

You become serious. “Is everything okay? What happened?”

“Nothing that should make you freak out, we should be able to get out of here in time.” He looks back at to see you look unconvinced. “Okay, fine, look,” He pauses to bite his lip. “My… big brother may be onto us.”

“Onto what exactly?” You ask, until your brain seems to register it. “You haven’t told your family about me.”

“Okay, I know that look, but trust me, it’s better that they don’t know.”

“Why? Are you ashamed of me?”

“Fuck no! I love you more than myself, that isn’t it! They’re–” He stammers and gestures a bit wildly with his arms. “They’re them. Intrusive and a lot to deal with and just– they won’t stop bugging us when they find out.”

“Well, if they’re so intrusive won’t they figure it out anyway?”

“Yes, Y/N, Dick has already begun to figure it out, which is exactly why we have to leave!” He sighs in a small amount of relief when he finds a suitcase and flops it onto the bed. “It’ll at least prolong the search, especially with the new security measures I installed.”

You hum. “Well, if you’ve been so careful at keeping me your little secret, how is he figuring it out?”

“I guess my behavior has changed, according to him, or some bullshit.” He begins shoving various belongs into the case.

“Changed how?” You shiver, and begin getting dressed into actual clothes to warm yourself up.

“I’m a lot less grumpy or something. I was focused on patrolling instead of listening to him rambling about my change in moods or whatever the fuck– until he just fucking gaped at me and said in a matter-of-fact tone ‘you found the one’. And holy shit, how fucking cheesy is that sentence? He had a stupid shit-eating grin on his face too and just–” He looks over at you, who is now fully dressed and becomes slightly tense. “Wh-what? What’s that look for?”

You walk up to him, and pull him into a kiss before he can even process what’s happening. He’s not complaining about it, though. When you pull back you lean your forehead against his with a large smile on your face.

“What was that for?” He whispers.

“For being sweet without even realizing it.” At his look of confusion you giggle. “I’ve been making you happier.”

“Well, yeah.”

“And it shows. That’s why they’ve figured it out. Mr. Big Bad Red Hood isn’t so ‘bad’ anymore.”

He rolls his eyes with a small scoff. “I think criminals would disagree.”

“Jason,” He hums, signifying you have his full attention. “Would it really be bad if I met them?”

He sighs through his nose and gives you a kiss of his own. “Probably not. I just want a little more time before they try to completely humiliate me.”

You laugh, “Then schedule it.” He looks at you as though you’ve lost your mind, and you laugh harder before continuing: “Tell them they’ve assumed right, and before they break into the place, give them a date and time of when they can come over.”

“You really think they’ll listen?”

“Well, you’d be inviting them rather than avoiding them and making them all the more curious.”

He sighs. “Fine, but if they end up breaking in within the next hour, just know, it’s your fault.”

You laugh, “Just give me a warning.”

When Jason comes back home, he looks both skeptical and surprised. His family had agreed to his terms, and were going to be coming over to visit sometime next week. The entire night, however, he’s incredibly tense to the point he decides to skip patrol because: “They’re planning something, because there’s no way they are going to just listen.”

Turns out that’s exactly what they do. Once it hits seven days, the group of vigilantes come over- and instead of using the front door like normal people, two of them enter through windows.

Jason was just cooking up some food when he heard a body flop onto the floor from the Living Room. With a sigh, he turns the stove down a tad before heading out, he leans against the doorway as he stares down at his older brother who was currently still sprawled out on the floor.

“Y’know, when I said a ‘you can visit in a week’ I didn’t mean ‘you can break and enter’. I was mostly referring to ‘maybe wait for me to call’ and ‘when you do come over, use the fucking door!’

Dick smiles a little sheepishly. “Sorry, we wanted to make sure you didn’t try to hightail out of here at the last second.”


Before any more words could be given, your scream is heard, and Jason takes off before he’s even fully processed it. He slams open the door to your guys’ bedroom to see you leaning against the wall with a hand over your heart, and Damian, who had broken through the window, was just standing there unamused with an eyebrow raised.

You turn an embarrassed glare to Jason. “You know ‘give me a warning’ means let me know before they come in here!”

“You know, I did warn you that it was possible they’d break in!” He retorts, angrily grabbing the youngest by the collar of his shirt- earning a “tt”- and dragging him out of the room, but before he leaves he gives you a look. “And oh, hey, Y/N, my family’s here.”

You grab the closest object near you, which just so happened to be one of his gun holsters, and throw at him with all your might. He closes the door in time for it to bounce off, and you hear his amused, but also irritated with the situation, laugh. You take a few more breaths in order to calm your beating heart- because your window was shattered right behind you- and exit the room to find Jason looming over his two brothers and scolding the both of them. The oldest is looking at the ground guiltily, as though he was a puppy that got caught chewing on something he wasn’t supposed to, and the youngest is looking away with an annoyed expression and his arms folded.

It’s only when there’s a knock at the front door that Jason sighs irritably and leaves to go answer it. When you turn to look back at the brothers, you squeak with a jump when you see Dick is now standing right in front of you.

“Sorry,” He says with an amused grin. “I’m Dick, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“I’m Y/N,” You respond, shaking his hand when he offers it.

Jason returns to the room with four individuals following behind him, each being introduced to you as Alfred, Bruce, Tim, and Cass.

“Surprisingly, the front door actually works,” Jason quips, and before anyone can comment he adds: “You also interrupted me making dinner, so I’m going to get back to that before it burns.”

As soon as he leaves, you’re thrown a barrage of questions from his siblings. You did your best not to laugh when the first one was: “Do you have a criminal record?” Slowly, it worked from interrogation to just getting to know you better, and that’s when Bruce and Alfred joined in the conversation.

It’s another ten minutes before Jason returns, and he sees you conversing with them all happily. He takes the vacant seat next to Cass and simply listens to whatever was being said, though not entirely sure what the topic was. He didn’t really care what it was, if he was being honest, because you were smiling and that’s all that mattered.

“She’s nice,” Cass quietly speaks to him, and he nods. “She makes you happy.” He nods again. “And you make her happy.” He shrugs and she smiles. “I am glad you found each other.”

He blushes slightly as he looks down at the marking on his own wrist. “Yeah,” He glances over to see you laughing at something that was said and he smiles brightly. “Me too.”

it would have been so easy for the scene in which Todd chases Neil to get his notebook back to end in one of them stumbling and the other one not reacting soon enough and falling on top of the other and they’re still laughing and out of breath, but when they realise how close their faces are they stop laughing and it’s this moment which they know can end up with them kissing, but then they get startled by noises from the hallway and so they quickly get back up again but neither of them can stop thinking about this and how fast their hearts were beating

think about how Neil’s giggling would have stopped suddenly as his eyes wandered to Todd’s mouth which was right over him, and Todd would have his arms on either side of Neil’s face and he’d be like, “well shit, why do I like this???”

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Highschool!AU

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 9,909

Summary: Although she was considerably out of his league, he couldn’t help but fall for the girl who always stood up for him when no one else would.

Author’s Note: This took forever to write but I think it’s okay for what it is…Some parts really had me in my feels ;-; but I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

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