todd bates

Hear me out.

I want to start a legitimate discussion with the side of Tumblr that are sending hate messages and reblogging our content to shame and belittle us; I understand them, and I get where they’re coming from, and I want for them to be able to to do the same, if not at least ask us some questions in a sophisticated, non-abusive way.

The thing you guys need to understand is that we didn’t wake up one day and think “Goddamn you know that horrifying savage monster that brutally devours children? Let’s draw his CLUSSY.” No, most of us likely grew up liking villains, like Jafar from Aladdin, Snape, Hans Gruber, Poison Ivy, Magneto, Loki, Hannibal, The Joker, Norman Bates, Sweeney Todd, every questionable Tim Burton character, every vampire ever, the list goes on. Some more extreme than others, some are straight up physically attractive, some are attractive because of their exaggerated personalities and dark charm (Joker, Loki, Gruber), and some are attractive for their complexity and danger (DANGER being a widely common kink which even your mom is probably into i.e. Fifty Shades). Any of these characters can be debated where exactly their appeal lies, but Pennywise is like a awful mashup of all of those, and is definitely one of if not THE most extreme case in liking villains. Not only does IT:

  • Eat children (violently)
  • Enjoys the psychological suffering of others
  • Has zero remorse and will do anything to get a meal

But IT is in essence, a hellish monster from another dimension that’s been picking off humans for centuries. So yeah, I can definitely understand why some folks would be strongly opposed to people being attracted to this creature and making cutesy art, coming up with fluffy headcanons, and sexualising the shit out of it. I can absolutely get that, and we’re definitely not going around telling our friends and parents about this stuff. It’s a very niche fantasy/kink and an extreme one, so for the most part we stick to our small community, just like the other freaks into inflation porn, egg laying, piss fetish, preggo porn, vore, My Little Pony ect. There will ALWAYS be a community of people into some freaky ass shit and yes you could argue “But their kinks don’t revolve over a monster that eats CHILDREN!!” But ya know what? It’s a fictional dude. And if you wanna treat this like it’s real, IT is an alien that needs to eat. 

Anyway I hope this added some sense to the discourse. If you’ve read this whole thing and still think we’re disgusting and should be shot, you do you, just blacklist the IT tags and move on.  We aren’t here looking for trouble, we just wanna be our freaky selves in our own corner of the internet. 


heroes & villains

The HUFFLEPUFF VILLAIN is quite hard working and dedicated, with their own warped views on fairness. They may attempt to ‘better’ society by taking measures that are bizarre, or cruel to others. Their loyalty and work ethic makes them able to slip under the radar, and the threat they actually pose will be underestimated by many. This is ultimately a huge mistake to make, as the Hufflepuff villain is deadly and will never stop.

Characters: Captain Phasma, Gareth, Harley Quinn, Harmony Kendall, Norman Bates, Todd Alquist, Harvey Dent & Wilson Fisk