todd and tom

Tord: Faen, hvor er det

Tord: Hva…

Max: Do you think Edd will be okay?

Todd: Ja, apparently it’s not the first time.

Max: Really? Edd and Him? 

Todd: I thought I told you? 

Max: Nooo I don’t remember you telling me…

Tord:  Faen, Faen, Faen…

Tord: Ah

((I would like to thank my sister for this update! She noticed I was struggling a bit and decided to help me and so yeah thankss sadieee 


Matt: Tord? 

Todd: Someones not very friendly.. 

Edd: Oh, I’m sorry about Tord. He’s not usually like that..

Todd: Hey, it’s no problem. 

Todd: Hey, so the boys and I are going to The Pub in a hour you could come along. It’ll be good to get to know you more! 

Eduardo: Uh, Todd.. 

Edd: Oh, Uh, I don’t know-

Tom: What my friend is trying to say is,

Tom: Yes. Yes we’ll go to a pub. 

Todd: Great! We’ll get a taxi.

Todd: He’s not you’re slave, asshole

Make: Gah! 

Eduardo: He’s so cool!!

Mark: Quite.

Tom: Hahaha y-you’re right anon, I- I- I-

Edd: Tom, that's the Taxi outside Eduardo is telling the monster story to Max and Todd so we better hurry! 

Tom: Great.

???: Howdy! 

Tord: Uh!

Eduardo: What are you losers doing now? 

Mark: I didn’t say you could stop fanning, Jon. 

Jon: Sorry…

Eduardo: Wow, someone’s a bit of a sissy!

Eduardo: Hey, Todd, you were right about this one!

Todd: Are you proposing I can be wrong, Eduardo?

Eduardo: Uhh, what no! O-of course not, Todd…..

Todd: Howdy, folks!