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Kryptonian Shenanigans

Supergirl and Power Girl have wigs of each other’s hair. Since they are, technically, the same person, even the Watchtower teleporters can only tell them apart by costume, so they frequently switch places to fuck with the Justice League. To date, the only people that have ever noticed when they switched were Jason and Helena.

Honestly, Renaroo, what I think would work the most about them is just how much respect they would have for what each other’s been through and the relative BS that both of them have had to work through on a seemingly by-weekly basis.

Even on a meta level, we see two people who have lost everything, or so they think, and they eventually start to pick up the pieces and still feel the call to help out those in need that are weaker than themselves. There’s a certain resilence their that I think they would find extremely respectable in the other and they could console each other like not many friends could.

I mean, yeah there’s Superman and Batman, but Supes was a well adjusted kid from Kansas so he doesn’t know Krypton as much. He’s an Earthling first and foremost.

I guess, as far as friendships go, it would be great to compare it to Earth 2 Kara and Helena Wayne, with maybe being slightly less close. Those two have been through a lot together and I think there would be a similar thing for Jason and Kara.

If there’s one thing that Scott Lobdell has done right with Jason’s character (there are several, but they are all overshadowed by his failures), it’s that, in an interview I believe, Jason doesn’t judge Koriand'r (Starfire) for the things that she’s done and I really think this would extend past towards other heroes that have their own issues that they’re trying to work through.

In the Court of Owl’s Tie-In:

External image

We see Jason acutally trying to get the Talon assassin to repent his assassin ways and become a good guy. Granted, the assassin just wants out on his own terms, but Jason made the offer just the same. It speaks volumes of his character at this point, despite being the ass that he is, that he’s willing to do that.

As for Kara, in her I see something else:

Her’s is a story that’s of a young woman who’s life spiralled out of her control and a lot of people feel that way these days, what with the economy and young people (I sound old, I’m in my early 20’s XD) still finding themselves.

Even first coming to earth, she makes a friend in a young Siobhan Smythe (apologies to people of Celtic decent for mispelling that if I did)

External image

(can we just take a moment to appreciate this scene? She’s been through Hell and it’s just nice to have a spot where she’s having a good laugh)

In her first crossover, she’s manipulated by a guy named H'el because she wants her old life back, which is something many of us can relate to, going back to the way things were. going further, she eventually gets fed up and becomes a red lantern (if you don’t mind/hate the idea of this or Guy Gardner being a red lantern, I’d look up ‘Red Daughter of Krypton; it’s an engaging read). She finds more friends there, even though she’s forced to leave for her own good, the whole experience helps her to grow as an individual, like a teen coming into their own.

Even in her secret origins story, we see something that I think defines the Supergirl of any era, or any young person that just wants to make a difference despite what those around them keep telling her.

To go by a quote of hers (paraphrasing):

I’m learning as fast as I can, but this planet does not make sense most of the time! You have to trust me to find my own way!

Kara is fiercely independent in her own right, a lot more than other renditions of Supergirl, and I love that she wants to be able to walk on her own.

As for how their chemestry would be, I’ll take some cues from the only comics they ever appeared in together, I’d imagine a lot of friendly rivalry between the two, similar to how Steph and Kara had it:

I also think there would be a lot of this going on:

I just really like the idea of her flying him everywhere.

But then, you have to remember that Jason would keep stuff from her to the point that she’d be concerned about him, worrying about him because, regardless of how much he might try to seperate himself from Batman, he’s a lot more like him than he’ll admit in a lot of ways.

I think a lot of their relationship (in a romantic context) would really be comparable to Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell of FMA fame:

(as an aside, you can really tell how well an anime is written by how little the fandom deviates from the canon ships. Really.)

He’d care about her a lot and he gets into a lot of crazy stuff and even though he knows that she can take it because she’s such a resilient person, he’d want her to stay out of it because, he thinks, that’s what’s best for her.

He’d be really receptive of what’s going on with her and would be careful and stuff like that, even if he makes the choice to keep her in the dark about what’s going on in his life.

Kara: You never tell me anything!

Jason: I don’t have to tell you everything. I don’t have to tell you anything.

Kara: That’s so stupid! You’re stupid!

Jason: It adds to my mystique.

Kara: Mother of Rao, what if you get hurt?

Jason: Better me that you. You’re to important to me to-

Kara: What?

Jason: What?

Jason: What?

At that point, after the cat is out of the proverbial bag, Jason wouldn’t really know how to react because he’s used to maintaining the reputation of a stoic loner badass and being brought down to a cape is something he honestly wouldn’t expect to happen, but then he’s got no choice because he’s already opened his big mouth, so then he tries to pull an Ed and explain in it some stupid way that would make Bruce of all people face palm and laugh saying 'no way in hell he’s not one of mine’.

And those are my two cents on that matter!


Legacy Titles: 2/6

  • Nightwing
The Nightwing persona has appeared in various incarnations, with Dick Grayson being the most prominent when he outgrew his role as Robin. Nightwing was a Kryptonian God, which an ancient Kryptonian superhero used to defend justice. Superman told a young Dick Grayson about the myths and legends of the god and superhero, which he took to heart when deciding on his adult superhero name.
  • Kryptonian God: Action Comics #888 by Pere Perez (Center)
Image Source:
  • Cheyenne Freemont: Nightwing #122 by Paco Diaz (Lower Left)
  • Christopher Kent: Action Comics #875 Original Solicit by Eddy Barrows and Julio Ferreira (Lower Right)
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  • Thaddeus “Tad” Ryerstad (Stylized as “Nite-Wing”): Nightwing #21 Cover by Scott McDaniel, Karl Story and Patrick Martin (Middle Left)
  • Unnamed Kryptonian: Nightwing Secret Files and Origins by Scott McDaniel (Upper Left)
Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band Setlist

1) Matchbox - The Beatles (Carl Perkins cover)

2) It Don’t Come Easy - Ringo Starr

3) Wings - Ringo Starr

4) I Saw the Light - Todd Rundgren

5) Evil Ways - Santana

6) Rosanna - Toto

7) Kyrie - Mr. Mister

8) Bang On The Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren

9) Boys - The Beatles (Shirelles cover)

10) Don’t Pass Me By - The Beatles 

11) Yellow Submarine - The Beatles 

12) Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen - Santana

13) Honey Don’t - The Beatles (Carl Perkins cover)

14) Anthem - Ringo Starr

15) You Are Mine - Richard Page

16) Africa - Toto

17) Oye Como Va - Santana

18) Love Is The Answer - Todd Rundgren & Utopia

19) I Wanna Be Your Man - The Beatles

20) Broken Wings - Mr. Mister

21) Hold the Line - Toto

22) Photograph - Ringo Starr

23) Act Naturally - The Beatles (Buck Owens cover)

24) With a Little Help From My Friends - The Beatles

25) Give Peace a Chance - John Lennon

Enjoy! These were the songs that played the night my life was made, so I hope you give some (or all of) these a listen – you might find that you like some new artists/bands!

Like…Valentin is not even a rootable villain. I am not even like aww he does it 4 Charlotte like has a kid I would be aww Todd does this 4 Starr. Valentin just seems like a smug bastard & not even who he was hyped up to be. He acts like he is a big OG like Helena but he really is not.

I also don’t consider Valentin & Nina has next Cassadines. Like I want them out of Nik’s home. I am not even a Nikolas Cassadine fan too.