"I’m sending this one out to you and you and you and you…and you and you and you".

"Hot Thing" by Talib Kweli

Today’s Earworm is brought to you by the 80’s duo, D-Train.

This is one of those cases where an instrumental “loop” is playing over and over in my head…lol.  It’s those two measures (played by the keyboard, I think) right after they say “You’re the one for me.”  I heard it in a remix a couple of weeks ago…and since then, it randomly pops into my head.

Sidenote:  I always loved their (song) bridges…even though they kinda sound alike…lol. (Think ‘Sky is the limit…’ on their song “Keep On”…and ‘With the love I have inside of me…’ on this song.)

I am cursed

I am cursed. Absolutely fucking cursed. For some reason, I am host to a colony of earworms that routinely take residence in my brain and leave me singing/humming random songs for extended periods of time. There is absolutely no rhyme nor reason for their sudden appearance, but they routinely show up while I’m in the shower. There is no thematic consistency (anything from The Sound of Music’s “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” to Flo Rida’s “Low”). And the duration of their reverberation within the admittedly thick walls of my skull can last anywhere from hours to days. 

Today’s Earworm/Demon: 

Beyonce’s “Babyboy