todaysart festival


Unit Moebius vs Schmerzlabor

I saw these two in a container in the central area by vortex at today’s art. they had changed the space to be much like a jumbled studio; old analogue synthesisers, ancient speakers stacked high, dusty instruments, a sock covered microphone and a book created this obscure scene. in amongst these strange belongings are two bedraggled looking men who appear to have ridden the wave of the music scene for quite some time, futuristic hippies, long hair, leather clad, headbands and coloured sunglasses galore. the constant testing and explorative sounds coming from the speakers along with the unintelligible shoutings and ramblings of the smaller and older of the two men created a feeling of anticipation, as if a show was about to kick into full force and these two were just testing their equipment, an explosive show never came but as you come over the precipice of realisation that that is not what this is about you let yourself be engulfed in the sounds, the music and the atmosphere taking you to a place different to the technologically advanced city that surrounds us. a performance celebrating 20 years of bunker records celebrated in a way that enables us to decide whether to reflect back on past similar experiences in this environment or forwards into the possibilities of those to come. enthralling experience.


in my pieces i want to have an atmosphere which is enhanced by having large numbers of people in a space, using audio and potentially my presence as the artist my also make the work more personal. change how it is experienced by the viewers