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Prompt: #16 with Shiro comforting pidge after a mission that scared/upset her. Gen

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It was the sounds that caught Shiro’s attention.

Peering down the other hall, Shiro frowned.  At this time of night, there shouldn’t have been anything that cause strange noises like that.  From the rec room, Shiro could see just a sliver of light on the bottom, flashing and changing colors rapidly.

Something on TV, then.  Shiro sighed and made his way down that way.  Hopefully, Lance and Hunk hadn’t gotten distracted during one of their movie marathons again.  Neither of them had kept track of the time, and so when Shiro walked in on them at 4 AM, they’d been stunned. And the next morning, they’d both been utter wrecks.

As he moved closer, Shiro realized the odd noises were old school video game sound effects.  When he tapped on the console, the door swung open quietly, and Shiro could see the tops of a couple curls poking over the top.

Pidge, then.

Leaning over the back of the couch, Shiro tapped on the top of her head.  He hadn’t thought he was being particularly stealthy, but the noise of the game must have covered his footsteps, because Pidge jolted and tried to throw the controller in sheer reflex.  It was yanked to a stop from the cord to the console, and instead it fell right back down into the couch.

“Good reaction time, but I’d prefer to see it in the morning,” Shiro joked, lips curled up.

Then he finally met Pidge’s eyes, and saw how red rimmed they were.

Oh, no.

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can i just say i absolutely hate when people say to stop using said in writing?? and to use other words?? like no. be quiet. using said is good. using it males it more special when you decide to use other words.

keep using said!! use it as much as your heart wants!!!! don’t listen to people when they say it’s overused or not to use it, it’s a basic word for when someone is speaking. it’s supposed to be used in dialogue.


The first panel doesn’t include cowboy sound effects, but I hear them anyway.

Thank you, American movies, for permanent searing yourself across my brain forever.



He was hiding his injuries so he could go right back into battle (even though this might mean dying)

And Kuromama did the exact same thing, pretending to be fine, and now ignoring her injuries to go straight back into the shrine (even though this also might mean dying)

They’re scarily perfect for each other in that regard. But it also means that they’re both definitely dying. This is it. This is how Suwa ends.

Because they didn’t have the time or strength to let themselves heal enough to protect their loved ones the way they wanted.

And it’s heartbreaking that both of their lives are going to end in utter failure of the one mission they cradle so deeply in their hearts.

But it’s also such a firm reminder to Kurogane (and the rest of the Tsubasa family, really) that you NEED to let yourself heal if you want to protect the ones you care about.

I’m not saying Kuromama and Kuropapa had a choice and made the wrong one, but the emphasis is clear that they were both presented with Kurogane insisting that they heal, and in both cases they didn’t (couldn’t?) do that thing, and then they both fail.

So turn this back to Tomoyo in Piffle reminding Kurogane that he, too, needs to heal. And he already knows that she’s right. Because it’s hounded him his entire life.

They just. Need. To let themselves heal.

Otherwise no-one will survive this storyline at all.