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Memory Log 23/1/17

My sisters boyfriend Tristan came over late yesterday, a couple hours after we had finished switching my parents and Jades rooms. I don’t know him all that well but he gave me a cool hoodie for Christmas so he’s pretty chill. I forgot to eat yesterday and ate a full Hawaiian pizza for dinner. Pineapple on Pizza is amazing. I’ve eaten today, as my parents took me to the warehouse where I bought a book and a trans girl and a book about a girl who loses her memory and keeps a digital journal about it (I think it’s pretty obvious why I got it)
These are the little blurbs;
“Samantha McCoy has always been a girl with a plan:
1. Graduate top of her year
2. Get out of her small town as soon as humanly possible.
But when Sam’s diagnosed with a rare disease that will slowly steal her memories and then her health, the future she’d planned so perfectly is derailed before it’s even started.
Realising her life won’t wait to be lived, Sam begins a diary, a place she can record each day in detail, and embarks on a year of new experiences – disobeying rules, going to parties, lying to her parents, falling in love with impossible boy.
If Sam’s going to die, she’s going to die living.”
“Two outsiders. Two secrets.
David longs to be a girl.
Leo wants to be invisible.
When Leo stands up for David in a fight, an unlikely friendship forms. But things are about to get messy. Because at Eden Park School secrets have a funny habit of not staying secret for long…”
After the warehouse expedition we went to get lunch. I got a Chicken Avo Tank and an apple pie, my dad got some kinda roll and my mum got a small Turkish dish. The cashier at the bakery I got my lunch from was a sweetheart and made me, socially awkward teenager with terrifying amounts of anxiety, feel quite comfortable. He was nice and I would like to be his friend, though it will likely never happen. That was about 5 and a half hours ago. I have been listening to The Adventure Zone for the past five hours today. My favourite character is Taako, with Magnus coming second and Merle third. I still love Merle just not as much as the other two atm. I’m hoping to have dinner soon as the strawberry milkshake I just had has made me want more nutrients. That’s all for now.
I’ll update tomorrow.

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42, 31 and 40

42: Do you hug/kiss one of your parents today?

Not yet ahahaha

31: Honestly, do you hate the last boy you’re talking to?

 NOPE. And honestly, I might even like him lol 

22 Jan 2017 | Day 1

This picture does not pertain to today but I am too lazy to find one that does.

I think “lazy” describes today which is something that disappoints me because I hate being lazy.  Even though I do hate not doing anything, I tend to fall underneath the category of not doing much.  Today my parents left sf and I was alone to myself for the rest of the day. It’s great to be alone, but when I am alone for too long, I become so disconnected. And not disconnected in a good way, like not using tech and shit, but disconnected as in being detached from my surrounding peers.  I literally spent almost all of my day in my bed, watching a 12-hour Livestream. Although I enjoyed the Livestream, I probably would have thrived more by actually doing shit that would help me with my life.

Why am I so fucking lazy sometimes?

Maybe because I just got back to school and I’m still adjusting to seeing and interacting with people. Perhaps this change of setting is causing me to get “anxiety” (or whatever what’s up with me) which is then affecting my motivation. 

 When I look into my true being of “who I am,” I do not believe that I am a lazy person. I find myself to be incredibly determined at certain activities, which is probably why I am so frustrated with my laziness at this moment.

I am working on understanding that some days will not be good, but I tend to have problems accepting this idea because I have been told that we should be living our life to the fullest and have no “bad days.” But in reality, it is probably impossible to always have a great day.

I suppose all this frustration comes from me putting too much pressure on myself to be “happy” and always doing cool shit.

sorry for such a rant about myself.. i just needed to let it all out in to the pit of the interwebs

Friends = Ships

Today’s topic: Jarter. Fanfic style: Headcanons

A/N: Everyone’s doing something for you, but me so here-

  • When he confessed that he liked you it- wow. He didn’t stutter, but he was sure talking fast
  • jk he stuttered at least like- once. (who the heck wouldn’t!? ;-;)
  • the lot sucks tbh, but its better than his place for sure
  • so yee- you’ll probably hang out there a bit
  • oR your place
  • when your parents found out about Johnny they honestly felt sooooo bad
  • like- “Poor Johnny.” 
  • at the kitchen table?
  • “You think Johnny ate today?”
  • yeah your parents cared a lot about him probably
  • so- they would invite him over as much as possible, even though Johnny felt bad.
  • “I don’t wanna bother or nothin’…”
  • your parents interrupt you while you’re speaking to him and like- “Oh Johnny, you would never!”
  • (what am i-)
  • You two have that relationship where there’s always something to talk about
  • if there isnt for once- the silence isn’t awkward, it’s nice and peaceful and he actually really enjoys it
  • he’s pretty slow on things but you’re patient with him
  • when he gets frustrated you’re like, “Johnny…look- you’re a different kind of learner, and that’s okay! You’re gonna get this, alright. Sooner or later, but you will, and I’m gonna make sure of it.”
  • he honestly just- hUGE SMILE
  • and he blushes- okay?
  • “Gee, thanks…I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  • (smol)
  • okay- expect small tears okie-
  • because this boi suffers a lot at home and sometimes he just ends up thinking too much and- starts tearing up and sniffling and- its “extRA: comfort time”
  • (-_- why-)
  • and if you’re ever sad too- he’ll comfort you, just like you comfort him
  • “Surprise! I got you a book of puns”
  • yeah- expect pun material
  • (or whatever it’s called: oh- props?)
  • He likes picking flowers for you okay- especially Scorpion Grasses (he’s so adorable!!!!!!)
  • walks up behind you and puts a flower in your hair without you noticing until he points it out
  • will nOT- I REPEAT- NOT, do anything that makes you uncomfortable
  • including smoking- like- yes he will quit for your sake

and so much more but- that’s it for now. love you m8


Tag Game

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a - age: 19 (just turned, whoa)
b - biggest fear: not being happy
c - current time: 8:22 pm
d - drink you last had: milk
e - every day starts with: my obnoxious alarm
f - favorite song: at the moment, probably LA Devotee by P!atD
g - ghosts, are they real: yes
h - hometown: the place where my home is ;)
i - in love with: food/fictional characters/celebrities
j - jealous of: people who are sociable/can strike up a conversation out of nowhere
k - killed someone: no but my anatomy teacher taught us a few ways
l - last time you cried: today because parents are stressful
m - middle name: Amber (it was going to be my first name but my mom thought it was too much of a stripper name)
n - number of siblings: zilch
o - one wish: keep all of my friends happy
p - person you last called/texted: my daaad
q - questions you’re always asked: not really sure
r - reasons to smile: my cats, my friends, I’m doing good in school
s - song last sang: LA Devotee last night in the car
t - time you woke up: 10:47 am
u - underwear color: blue
v - vacation destination: Birmingham, England, or to where my English friend lives :)
w - worst habit(s): proCRASTINATING
x - x-rays you’ve had: on my chest because I had pneumonia
y - your favorite food: Mexican food, I can fucking eat it every day
z - zodiac sign: Capricorn ♑️

Tagging: whoever wants to :)

My mom apologized — this is groundbreaking. She doesn’t apologize. Ever.

But today I gave my parents an ultimatum. I was honest without being mean. I told them they could finally face my childhood and apologize for it or not be in my life.

I’ve spent the past 29 years of my life trying to move passed this on my forgiveness alone and have them in my life, and I couldn’t. They decided to follow us to Colorado. They’ll be here in a week. I was at my wits end.

I don’t even care if their only motive to apologize was the baby. At this point I don’t even care if they really even meant it.

It was the action.

Thank you, Jesus.

I’m moving out from my parents and today I brought a bag full of random things I didn’t need immediately.
I know there’s something at the bottom of my bag. And I know I’ve put it there so I’d unpacked it as soon as I arrive home. But I don’t remember what it is so maybe it isn’t that important.


Today’s #parenting lesson involves how you bounce back after you take an L.😅I never claimed to use conventional methods to make a point to my offspring y'all.🔠➕💫=🎯

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do you think you’ll have a valentine this year?

i truly don’t know yet.

when was the last time you were sick?

a while ago

are you one of those people who are always cold?


what are you listening to?

the tv

when was the last time you worked at your job?

well i’ll be starting a new job tomorrow, but the last time i worked was January 5th

how many more days until your birthday?

2 months and 2 days :)

do you tend to waste a lot of money?


what did you last drink?

Arnold Palmer

what did you last eat?

english muffin with strawberry jam

where do you get all your clothes?

forever 21, kohls, old navy, etc.

how many windows are in your room?


what were you doing at midnight last night?

sleeping or trying to sleep

who already made you smile today?

my parents and a few others :)

have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

yes, 2

is there a person in your life that can always make you smile?


are you a jealous person?

sometimes, yeah

when was the last time you got a haircut?

August 5th

if you could make your lips bigger, would you?


what’s something you’re excited for?

starting my new job tomorrow!

do you drink more apple or orange juice?


is there someone you used to talk to every single day that you don’t talk to?


would you rather have long or short hair?


do you like to sleep?


ever feel like you’re not good enough?


do you like to cuddle?


is your life falling apart or coming together?


is there anyone you know with the name Mike?


when was the last time something bothered you?


would you rather be at the beach or lake?


have you ever had to get stitches?


would you put out a cigarette on your tongue for one thousand dollars?

ew no

when you go to the mall, where do you go first?

depends on what i’m going there for

does anyone call you babe?


in the run of a week, how many times do you straighten your hair?

lately, zero

math or english?


when was the last time you saw your father?

about an hour ago

sorry ill probably delete all those posts in the morning i just chewed both my parents out today for fucking me up and neither of them care and im so frustrated. they only ever give me excuses and call me ungrateful and no one believes me when i say what they do because i got so good at hiding it

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i really wanted to go to the march today but my parents wouldn't let me bc they thought it was too unsafe :/ but do you live in the D.C. area ?? if so that's super rad and so do i !! :-))))

aww I’m sorry you couldn’t go :// my mom was worried it was gonna be unsafe too but tbh I’ve never felt safer. we were surrounded by 750k+ ppl who care about our human rights and uplifting others. there was nothing getting past us. and i live a little south of dc but it’s not a far drive at all!

Day 3 and 4

Friday and Saturday

Had an amazing workout Friday. Wow. So proud of myself. I spent two hours at the gym, going absolutely nuts!

Decided to go home for the weekend to my parents. So today I have been chilling. So much chilling. I literally have no idea what I did today, the day was just suddenly over, hahaha.

But I had to drive my parents to a ‘’dinner party’’ and pick them up, like twenty minutes away from our house, so I spent a good fourty minutes blasting Years & Years in the car, absolutely busting my lungs out. I’m very happy no-one could hear me, the singing/screaming was very intense!!

Aaanyway, hope you all have had/will have an amazing Saturday, and hopefully it was more fun that mine. May you drink all the beer and wine!

I'm A Scotsman

I’m feeling a little Scottish/Patriotic today like the US with their flag, English with tea or Canadian with bacon.

Maybe it’s because I have been thinking about the beauty of Bonnie Scotland recently. Or that I’m reminiscing that I flew home a year ago today to surprise my parents. Also reminiscing about my cycling trip through the Hebrides. Or maybe it was the misty/foggy/frosty weather outside. Or maybe it’s that I started watching Outlander yesterday.

Whatever the reason I put on my tartan scarf, turned on my Scottish playlist (which include bagpipes, the occasional Scottish band and Flower of Scotland) on my iPod and went out for a 23km walk.

It felt like I was 6,200km away back home in Scotland marching through some old town and then through the countryside or a highland moor. In reality I was walking through DT Edmonton and then along the River Valley to Capilano Park and back.

Scotland is still home. Though I am not ready to return or want to live there forever, I still love and many aspects of it. Though I’m of Irish background as well, I am very proud to be a Scot!😄

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I’m trying to write on good days too

I got to see my parents today. They were really happy and that means so much to me. They’re in a really good place. I hope all parents in the world strive to be in a good place. They truly are their children’s role models. I hope my parents continue to walk in the light. My dad briefly mentioned today that it is highly unlikely that they will live to see the greater milestones of my children’s lives, such as graduations, weddings and their own children. I am greatful for my grandparents. They motivate me to work hard and make all of my ancestors’ sacrifices worthwhile. I can’t imagine experiencing their passing any time soon. I know it’s coming. I think I’m still too immature to see how much time is left. My parents reassure me that it won’t be as soon as I fear, however, as I’ve learnt through this experience, time does not wait for anyone. I don’t wish to think too deeply about the death of my grandparents or parents. Instead, I want to focus on taking as many photos and videos of them while I can. Thankfully, my grandparents now have internet so I can facetime them and at least show them my face once in a while. We don’t have much to talk about for lack of similar interests in addition to the langauge barrier but I know that presence is often enough. Honestly, I wonder how parents live everyday without being scared shitless about the safety of their children. I recently began to be scared for all my loved ones, only hoping that they take my “take care” messages very seriously, knowing that at any moment they could be snatched away. And I realize, that at least for my parents, it is all God. It is because they trust that He will always be with my sister and I. And even if we were to be taken away suddenly, I believe that they would continue to trust in God like I am right now. Because you can’t sacrifice what you don’t know for what you do know. So even if you don’t know why bad things are happening to good people, what you do know is that God is good.