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i don't think feminism is necessary in today's society and you're an idiot if you call yourself a "feminist" especially since you're a man


Me: I need a break from all this Shakespeare work I’ve been doing. I’m just going to put my headphones on, shuffle my Musical Theatre playlist, and not think about Shakespeare for a while…

Playlist: “The girls today in society…”

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaah

Happy 4th Of July lovelies!!! Stay safe <3 Make sure to keep your pets inside and safe tonight!! They don’t like fireworks! to get ready for a fun day in society today! Wish me luck <3 ^_~ 

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You are probably the only horror movie buff I follow so question. Have you seen "A Serbian Film" and if you have did you like it? How bad is it? Is it worth watching?

*snorts* so listen i don’t think it’s possible to “like” a movie like a serbian film it’s actually fucking disgusting to be frank i mean there’s things in that movie that i never thought were even possible to be put into a movie and i’m trying really hard to explain my thought processes during it and i honestly can’t i was honestly just dumbfounded with the whole thing 

and also i didn’t like their explanation for why they made the movie in the first place like spasojević and radivojević said that it was an answer to politically correct “heartwarming” movies in today’s society + how constricting and manipulative movies like that are + that we’re killing art and free speech and honestly bye 

i can’t give a “oh this is good and this is bad” type of answer because all it did was make me feel dirty not even gross but deadass dirty

Gender. What?

I was having some thoughts last night that I need input on.

Adhereing to the binary gender coding of today’s society, and the way we curently denounce gender roles, how does one tell if they’re really a girl, or a boy? I mean.. without that binary we’ve been raised to know, what is left of gender differentiation? Everyone can do anything they want, so what’s the difference between “girl” and “boy” anymore? How does one.. identify as something that is now purposely undefined by a lot of people? Many still adhere to binary identification, but otherwise…? What’s the point? I identify as a girl, but what MAKES me a girl? How I feel? I’m not what society says is “girly” but I’m.. a girl. Society would say I’m boyish but I’m not a boy. That’s part of the binary, and our disliking for it, that I wonder about. What’s a boy? What’s a girl? How does anyone tell the difference?

These are the kinds of thoughts I have when I lay awake at night, and hearing some other opinions would be great. 

Because honestly… I don’t know what to think anymore, if we deconstruct binary gender roles, and binary genders. What makes anyone different? Two people can have identical interests and opinions and upbringings but identify differently. What makes us identify ourselves as one, the other, neither, or both?

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What sort of work have you been given to do over summer? My school hasn't given us anything

Hi, during our induction we had a 2 hour taster session for each subject and then for each subject we were set a preparation task/work to do over the summer. We have a test at the beginning of term in the sciences and maths to ensure we are capable to do the A-Level; these subjects just gave us work booklets to go through and make notes on as a kind introduction to the first few chapters/topics. 

For RS I have to research a Greek philosopher and write about their areas of thought and how they impact today’s society, as well as a reading task to do. It’s pretty simple stuff, but just gives us a good foundation of knowledge to dive straight into the course when we go back in September :)

  • Person:You're male, so you can't be a feminist.
  • Me:Oh I'm sorry! I didn't realise men couldn't believe in equality within society, freeing women of oppression, and ridding the world of sexist stereo-types! Thanks for letting me know - I will change my beliefs at once, and no longer support this very worthy cause!

look, if you’re gonna make a statement about Christian hypocrisy and cherry picking concerning same-sex marriage, you should do it right.

are you going to compare that passage in the Bible to other passages where it talks about owning slaves and various inhumane punishments that are no longer applicable in today’s moral society? fine. absolutely. go right ahead.

are you going to mention that Jesus died for all of our sins and therefore we do not need to follow the laws set in the Old Testament, including the one about same-sex couples? completely valid.

are you going to talk about laws like wearing different fabrics  together, following certain dietary restrictions, and having certain hairstyles as though they’re ridiculous and nobody follows them anymore? hold up.

people still follow these.

Jews still follow these.

our way of life might seem strange and silly to you, but don’t ridicule it just because you don’t follow it. that not only makes you an asshole, that makes you antisemitic.


‘Excess’ is a series of five photographs by Icelandic visual artist Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

“Employing real large-scale food sculptures and props. She spent nearly an entire summer experimenting, baking and cooking up massively-sized portions of food for a photographic series about the overabundance of food readily available to those who often need it the least. The glasses are large vases from IKEA, and her metalsmith brother created the utensils. The ice cubes in the giant glass of soda were made by freezing water in large yogurt containers.” via

Cake - Cookie - Pasta - Burger - Cheerios; prints available for purchase