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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #24

A Car Started To Pass Me And Disappeared 

Today I had my pickup truck bed loaded to the breaking point with things to take to the landfill (clearing out a hoard)- broken, moldy furniture, broken garage door, and other bulky odd-sized stuff.

I’d packed it well and strapped it all in but I was worried that to the casual drivers around me it’d look unstable as hell. The road I took starts off as a long busy two-lane highway and there’s never a chance to pass anyone until the road becomes 4 lanes with a drivable middle lane that eventually becomes a turning lane as you approach businesses.

As luck would have it, I ended up with a douche-bag in a new BMW trapped behind me on the long stretch. I was doing just above the speed limit and he was up my butt, despite my having broken furniture dangling like two feet from his grille. I couldn’t wait until the road would widen and he’d surely zoom past me and scowl for ‘holding him up’.

Sure enough, we reached the spot where the road widened and I saw him jerk into the left lane as soon as I yielded to the right slow lane. He started to pass me, entered my blind spot and then… I didn’t see him. I thought he was overtaking me slowly so he could see what I was hauling, or I was preparing to be flipped off as well.

The thing is, there was no nowhere to turn left yet, no roads or business at that point- and I watched my side mirror- if he’d turned somewhere (again, nowhere to turn yet) slowed down or even gone into the developing turning strip down the middle, I’d have seen his car fall behind me.

Credits to: Vault32

Remember Seeing A Movie Years Before It Was Released

Being born in the early nineties, I loved watching the ’Land Before Time’ movies. I remember being about 6 or 7, I was sick and in bed. My mom had a friend over and he brought me a movie to watch. It was a Land Before Time movie. So nothing weird about that. 

Well, fast forward about 4 years or so and I’m dropped off at the sitters and everyone is watching the new Land Before Time movie. Sweet! A new one, except this seems familiar. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before. I know I’ve seen this before. There are always parts of movies you remember very well and for me this was when the long-neck elders fight the two T-Rex. So that part arrives and I start telling everyone what’s going to happen. 

The sitter or her daughter that helped out asked if I’ve watched this already. I said, “yeah a long time ago”. I get told that’s not possible, it just came out the week before or whatever. Yet I specifically remember watching it years earlier. Every now and then I think back on this and it still perplexes me. Maybe my mom’s friend was a time traveler that had a love for kids movies. Maybe it was a glitch- who knows.

Credits to: Chestigo

Seeing Old People Young

For as long as I can remember, I will walk into stores, buildings, parks, fields, and if there is a person there 30 or older I always see them younger.

It usually happens for a few moments, like flashes of young and then I really stare at them and shocked to see wrinkles and liver spots. Like, I was totally checking out that grandma when she looked 20 something and now she’s 80.

Not sure if this is a glitch in the matrix, and before anyone says bad eye sight, I do wear contacts but my prescription is always up to date. And I am always within good seeing distance of the person.

Like, I’m not sure how to properly describe it. I see them exactly how they were when they were younger. Doesn’t happen every single day but it happens enough that I’m used to it. Sometimes I see young people as old but it’s very rare.

Credits to: SpookyB0T

Starting To Question Whether Life Is A Simulation Or Not

I was living in Florida for a while (back in 2014 and 2015) due to work. While I was there, I had been engaging in my own personal philosophical thought process about the nature of our reality. For a couple of days I really was wrapped around this question and it was sort of consuming my thoughts over those days, particularly whether we were living in a simulation or some type of video game. Well nothing new there, right? Scientists and philosphers have been throwing that idea around for a while. 

Well, two experiences occurred that made and make me questions my current reality as it stands and happened in similar time frames. Each seemingly innocent, but when put together seem to connect. All of these events occurred after I started thinking intensely about the possibility of reality being a simulation. 

First: I was working out with a trainer and a group of coworkers when we started doing squats. I started doing squats and the trainer stops and sort of laughs. Then he makes a joke about how I look like a Sims character. That’s innocent enough, right? I’ve seen the game and I got what he was referring to. I laughed. 

But then he says it one more time, but this time he says it in a serious tone “Did you hear that, Tim (which is my name)? I said you look like a Sims character.” The inflections in his voice was odd, it was more like he was hinting at something rather than making a joke and waiting for my reaction. Perhaps it was nothing but it was odd, but everybody else around me didn’t react or even laugh at the reference. It was strange.

Second: So, I enjoy creepypastas and I like listening to them. So, I started listening to this creepypasta and found it pretty good. Now the night before and that night, I had been thinking intensely about reality and all that.

Well, as I scrolled down the comment section I notice this guy’s comment (Pete Detrick) who says “Tim, you’re in a video game.” 

I’m blown away but I’m skeptical, thinking it’s just a coincidence and he was just replying to some other person’s comment. But as I’m scrolling up and down, I notice he isn’t replying to anyone on the comment section. His statement is just out of context and oddly out of nowhere. 

I could imagine the person was perhaps making a comment about the story itself but the main character in the story never mentions his name being Tim or even has a name. (Oddly enough the story is about a person who commits suicide and enters some alternate reality).

Credits to: FloatingTheVoid

hey guys!

cv$ pickups today!

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okay so I made a mistake and didnt check the mask for a tag.. i didn’t beep and once I got home and looked through my loot and saw a security sticker tag! I’ve torn it up and threw it away but I didn’t beep at all… still check for tags tho

anyways, super easy, saw only 2 ppl working there the entire time!

Weird All Over (a poem)

Weird All Over

It will drive you mad
as you pass through this town
on your way to lunch in the city

the houses all the same
ranch-style and white with
slate-gray roofs above

the same birdbath in each yard
approximately 10 yards from the front porch
which is bordered with azalea bushes
and roses even the mailboxes all match
black metal on wooden posts with red flags
that have never been raised and the same green
trash cans a few feet away because today is pickup-day

the same day you discover this bizarre little community
you took as a shortcut to shave half an hour off your drive
to see friends

your only hope for sanity being the last house you pass
before turning onto the highway, the one with two shocking pink
flamingoes near their birdbath

and driving on all you can do
is feel pity for the plainness and conformity that plagues
so much of the world these days

but also a strange hunch
that those people in the last house,
well they could be

anonymous asked:

Yoongi, 30, 62, 118/119 (Drabble game) Please?

Yoongi, 30 “you’re mine, got it?” + 62 coffee shop+ 118 getting hit on + 119 jealousy

Every time the bell jingles, your gaze automatically wanders to the frosted glass doors, looking for a particular grumpy looking blonde who can’t quite open his eyes fully till he inhales at least two cups of your signature matcha macchiato. Today he’s bundled up warmly with a fleece scarf concealing the lower half of his face, and his windswept hair looks like its been hastily stuffed under a beanie. He joins the end of the line that seems longer today, and although he’s too far away, you can practically hear his grumble of annoyance for every extra minute he has to wait for his caffeine fix.

The line shuffles along painfully slowly until he’s the next customer in line and your tongue is itching to ask him for his number today, your rehearsed pickup line already on the tip of your tongue. You’ll slip it in just after you open the cash register to pick out his change of exactly a dollar and twenty cents, before he thanks you with one of his rare smiles and shuffles away with his hands clasped around your specially crafted beverage.

“Can I have a house special matcha macchiato?” The voice does not come from Yoongi himself, but the orange haired man standing in front of him. Not many know about your specially crafted matcha macchiato, and Yoongi’s the only regular customer who orders it on a daily basis. Startled, you start to reach for a cup to mark his order, but you realise that there’s only a few scoops of matcha powder left in the tub, only enough for one order.

You hesitate and glance in Yoongi’s direction for a second, but he remains so still that you can’t be sure he isn’t asleep on his feet. You return your gaze to the man with sunset coloured hair and taking a deep breath. “I’m sorry sir, that’s not on the menu and we don’t craft special requests during peak hour.”

You brace yourself for a heated reply, but he only shrugs. “Oh damn. Should I come back when it’s off peak then? When do you get off, cutie?”

You can almost feel your cheeks heat up at his unexpected compliment, and you’re floundering for a response, well aware of the complaints coming from the tail end of the line at the holdup.

“Move the fuck on Jimin, some people actually have things to do today,” his timbre voice draws your eyes to him, and he’s glaring at Jimin now, fully awake. 

“Geez grandpa, chill. Vanilla latte please,” Jimin holds up his hands in defense.

You quickly ring up his order and mark it on his cup, secretly relieved. When Yoongi steps forward, you smile at him brightly.

“The usual, Yoongi-ssi?” You glance warily at Jimin, but he’s already heading towards the collection point.

“The usual,” he’s as taciturn as ever, and this morning he gives you exact change instead of the ten dollar note, so you miss your chance to get his number. Disappointment strikes a chord in your heart as you hand him his receipt and the next customer moves on.

“Hey, I’ll do cashier for a while, you look dead on your feet,” your co-worker, Yura tells you as she nudges you aside. You smile at her gratefully and start to head towards the fridge to put together Yoongi’s matcha macchiato.

“Min Yoongi!” You call out as you place his steaming hot drink on the counter, watching him nervously as he shuffles up to collect it. He slides a piece of paper across the counter to you as he claims his drink with his free hand, taking a gulp of it almost immediately.

“Oh, you can keep the receipt, Yoongi-ssi,” you say, starting to slide the piece of paper back towards him when you realise that he’s scribbled something on the other side of the receipt. It’s a series of numbers- his phone number.

Yoongi lowers the cup from his mouth after a long pull of the steaming liquid.

“You’re mine, got it? No one else can have you,” he says, and you assume he’s referring to the beverage, but his eyes are fixed firmly on yours. 

“Are you free later today?”

omg I’m sorry it took this long!!! i’ve finally cleared all my drabble requests and i’m currently working on our anniversary AUs now yay! thank you all for waiting so patiently! 

Admin Sky

3/7 Soup-Nose’s milk production has gone up enough that it’s finally been worth making cheese and eating it with honey and poached quince. Huzzah!

Not quince from our trees, mind you, because last year the goats wanted to check off “q” on their list of First Letters Of Expensive Plants I Have Chewed On, and ate all the quince trees except the one someone parked a pickup on. 

Today we planted two new quince trees. The goats haven’t found them yet.

Meanwhile, the goats have completed chewing on plants from the English, Cyrillic, and Tamil alphabets. They are now working on plants whose names can only be written with the alphabets whose letters melt glass and devour men’s sanity. I think they’re using my credit card to order them, too. Their newest plant has been keeping me up at night, singing about every promise I will ever break and eating the shadows of owls.

so I was going to wear my awesome leia-hugging-r2d2 shirt today to the pickup rehearsal for Five Women but THEN I got a stupid cold (for which I blame the maintenance dude who was in my house last week) and even though it seems to be mostly over I do not want to risk spreading it to my cast. so my AD is going to run the rehearsal and I guess I’ll just stay home and finish up tatooine with zhaera.

I’ve been seeking out a more active lifestyle. I forgot how much I loved soccer so went to a pickup game today but it was all really buff men, and I usually wouldn’t mind but these guys were especially big and I got there a bit late. I think next week I’ll push through the fear/anxiety and kick butt. I’m also remembering today that I never cared what I look like or about clothes just comfort, for some reason I recently got overwhelmed about what others think of me and it changed my joy of life, I started getting socially anxious. I just want to do the things that make me comfortable and happy again, even if I have to do it alone cause no one else is into it. I miss comfortable shoes, and soccer games, and sweating like crazy in the sun, eating burritos at a Mexican spot, and enjoying the simplicity.