todays best selfies


……….i cleaned my mirror for this

tagged by @blumiin, @jungkookio and @taekookiesandcream !! thank you thank you thank you, i love being tagged and i’m always in the mood to see your beautiful faces,,, you can always tag me

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as always don’t feel pressured to do this!!!! and i also apologize if you’ve done this very recently, love you all and have a great day!!

  • me: i feel ugly today.
  • the world: don't say you're ugly, there are people who wish they looked like you! don't put yourself down. you are perfect.
  • me: i feel super pretty today and, look, i took selfies because of it and i think they came out really pretty too!
  • the world: ummmmmm, calm down and don't be a cocky, vain bitch, please. sure, you're pretty, but you're not a fucking goddess so shut up and be humble. thanks.
  • me: literally fuck all of you.