todays best selfies


Hey remember when @cupcakelirry tagged me to do this selfie thing like 500 years ago but I never did bc I’m a mess??

anyways I tag @drippingpen @lilypheonix @firefliesforstars and @lilacsanpeonies but all of my followers are cute so you should all do it!!

  • me: i feel ugly today.
  • the world: don't say you're ugly, there are people who wish they looked like you! don't put yourself down. you are perfect.
  • me: i feel super pretty today and, look, i took selfies because of it and i think they came out really pretty too!
  • the world: ummmmmm, calm down and don't be a cocky, vain bitch, please. sure, you're pretty, but you're not a fucking goddess so shut up and be humble. thanks.
  • me: literally fuck all of you.

small bear dresses warmly for winter

Okay so my day started on an off note, so I wanted to treat myself with Olive Garden. Today is a male day, but mainly I threw this shirt on because it’s big and comfy. When I went to pick up my order, the hostess addressed me first with she/her, which at this point I’m so used to I didn’t even think on it since I just planned to grab my meal and go. But when she got a better look at me and what I was wearing, she, of her own volition, immediately apologized. “Oh! I’m sorry! I just saw your shirt. I didn’t meant to get it wrong.” And then she went on about how her friends are always correcting her for this sort of thing and apologized again. She was VERY sweet about it!

So. This absolutely made my entire day. Not ONCE, whether I’m wearing this shirt or that button I have, has ANYONE /ever/ addressed me by the right he/him/his pronouns on a male day, even when I make a face at them, point out my shirt or button, or even when I see them openly LOOK at the thing I’m wearing for my pronouns. People have ALWAYS continued being rudely incorrect. So the fact that this random woman is the first person to not only apologize for her mistake of her own volition, but also continue to use my right pronouns, since I’ve come out as genderfluid is so refreshing.

But I do want to add: the fact that I’ve been out and obvious in public for this for as long as I have and this is literally the first person IRL who’s bothered acknowledging it is actually kind of pathetic. Not on me and not on her, but on society as a whole. It’s literally that easy, people. She made no excuses to defend herself. She saw my shirt, openly addressed me and admitted to being wrong, apologized for it, and corrected herself from then on. She was very straightforward. It wasn’t an issue for her; it was an easy fix, and it made me so happy and feel so validated. That’s all you need to do. It’s not hard. Everyone should act like she did.


taehyung looked happy today so i do too 😊