todays been pretty great so far (:


28/6/16 10:37 PM // typing out notes from my seminar today + awesome view of Oxford from the top of the tower at St. Margaret’s Church. I have a total of 3 courseworks to complete so far. The summer course has been pretty great and I’ve made more friends than I expected so 😁

Ok but really. Why is it so warm in December… I know I know El Niño but come on! Where’s my SNOW!

4 morning miles. Day 12 of my rwrunstreak!! I’m feeling pretty great about it! Ever never run 12 days in a row before ☺️

The serial podcast for season 2 came out today which I’ve been dying for! I don’t know how it will be as good as season one but I listened on my run today… So far so good!

Secret Love Song - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 1)

The sound of your phone ringing woke you up causing you to groan. You reached over to pick it up from the nightstand and saw that it was your boss. You sighed sitting up in bed and sliding to answer your phone.

“Hello?” You said quietly.

“Y/N! Thank god! Okay, are you available this morning?” She asked.

“Uh… yeah, why?” You asked.

“Madison is sick and she had an interview at BBC Radio scheduled and I need you to take her place,” she said.

“Sure, I can do it. What time?” You asked looking over at your clock.

“Well, you have to be there in an hour,” she said.

Seriously? How did she expect you to get ready, drive there, and be prepared for the interview in less than an hour?

“Okay, I’ll be there,” you said.

“Thank you!! This is such a huge interview for us, so I’m so glad we don’t have to cancel it. I owe you big time!” She said.

You ended the call and then quickly got out of bed and went into your closet. You through on some black jeans, a nice top and a blazer along with some heels before quickly throwing your hair in a bun and putting on a bit of makeup.

Once you were ready to go, you grabbed your bag and notebook and headed out the door.


You arrived at the studio and showed your press pass. Your boss sent you an email with all the information and questions that Madison had prepared, so once you checked in you sat down and scanned over everything.

Your face flushed when you saw the name of who you would be interviewing.

Harry Styles.


Freaking out was an understatement at this point. You were used to interviewing celebrities and other semi-famous people, but this was the first time you were interviewing someone of this caliber and someone you were a fan of.

If you weren’ t already nervous, you definitely were now and after reading Madison’s question, you knew that you couldn’t ask these.

You checked the time and saw that you had about fifteen minutes before your scheduled time, so you quickly took out your notebook and started writing down different questions.

This interview was supposed to be about his new single and album as a solo artist, so all the questions you were writing down were revolved around that.

“Y/N?” Harry’s PR came said walking over to you.

“Hi, yes,” you said standing up and holding out your hand.

“Hey, we’re ready for you, now,” she said.

“Great,” you said grabbing your things and following her into the room.

With each step you took, your nerves started to take over. You were starting to feel sick yourself, but it was much too late to turn around and go the other way.

Plus, you wouldn’t want to make a bad impression by leaving and being unprofessional.

She opened the door and let you walk in before her. When you walked into the room, you saw Harry standing over to the side talking with a few people and drinking some water.

“You can just have a seat right over there,” she told you pointing to one of the chairs in the middle of the room.

You nodded and went over to the first chair. You set your bag down and took out your notebook and favorite pen. You also grabbed your phone and set it up to record the interview in case you missed a few things while you were taking notes.

You were just getting everything set up when you felt someone walking up behind you. You turned around and saw Harry Styles standing there with a smile on his face and his hand stretched out.

“Hello, I’m Harry,” he smiled.

“Hi, I’m Y/N,” you said. “I’m from “Y/Magazine/N.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m ready whenever you’re ready,” he said.

“Oh, I’m just about set up, so if you want to just have a seat or something… that’s fine,” you told him.

“I’m just going to grab some water, would you like one?” He asked.

“S-Sure, Yeah, if you don’t mind,” you said.

“Course not,” he smiled before walking back over to the table of food and drinks to grab two bottles of water.

When he came back, you took the water bottle from him and your hands gently touched causing your face to blush fifty shades of red.

You cleared your throat and sat down in your chair while Harry sat in his in front of you.

“Okay, I’m just going to press record on here,” you say mostly to yourself and then you look up at Harry. “So, Harry, first I want to say thank you for coming today.”

“No problem, thank you for having me,” he smiled.

“Let’s start off with how’s your day going so far?” You asked.

“It’s going great. A little nerve wracking, but for the most part it’s been amazing,” he said. “What about you? How’s your day?”

“It’s going pretty well,” you nod with a smile. “Now, for all the people who might not know about this, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your new single that’s coming out in a few days.”

“Well, it’s coming out April 7th and it’s called Sign Of The Times. I’m really looking to it finally coming out. I’ve been waiting for this time for awhile now and now that’s its finally time, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it,” he answered.

“I’m sure everyone is just as excited if not more to hear it as well,” you smiled.

“Would you like to hear it?” He asked.

“Sure, if that’s okay,” You said.

“Of course it’s okay, I want to know what you think about it and I’m sure everyone will want to know about it in the interview too,” he smiled.

“True,” you nodded.

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He typed in his password and scrolled through before you start to hear music filling the air of the room.

Once the final note of the song played out, Harry looked over at you. His eyes were trying to meet with yours, but they were having a hard time probably from the nerves of waiting on your opinion.

“Wow. That was really good,” you smiled. “I mean wow, I’m speechless.”

“I’m going to take that as a good sign,” he smiled.

You nodded with a laugh.

About an hour later, your time was up. You stood up and held out your hand.

“Thanks again. It was really nice meeting you and your song is really beautiful. Congratulations,” you smiled to him.

“Thank you, it means a lot that you enjoyed it,” he smiled. “And it was very nice to meet you.”

“Well, I should better get going. I’m sure you have more interviews to do,” you said packing up your things.

“Actually, you were my last one of the day,” he smiled. “Grimmy and I were just about to head out for some lunch.”

“Oh, well, I don’t want to keep you from that either, so I’ll be out in a bit,” you said.

“This might be a bit forward, but do you have any lunch plans?” He asked.

“I’ll probably just grab something nearby,” you shrugged.

“Would you want to join us for lunch?” Harry suggested.

That came out of the fucking blue.

“Um, I don’t know if that’s professional,” you blushed. “I mean, I would love too, but I don't’ know how my boss would look at that since you’re technically a client.”

“Oh, right, yeah I didn’t even think of that,” he blushed running his hand through his hair.

“Sorry,” you sighed.

“No, no, I understand,” he said.

“What if I invited you?” Nick said from the other side of the room. “I’m not your client, so if I invited you out to lunch and Harry just happened to be there… “ he suggested.

“He makes a valid point,” Harry smirked.

“That he does, but I would hate to intrude on your plans though,” you said putting your bag over your shoulder.

“It’s fine really, I don’t mind and it’s obvious that Harry doesn’t mind,” Nick smirked putting his arm around his shoulder.

You looked at the time before looking up at them. “Well, I guess I do need to eat at some point today, right?” You laughed.

“Exactly!” Nick said. “We’re going to a place just down the street, you’re more than welcome to walk with us.”

“Sure, sounds great,” you said.


The walk to the restaurant was a little awkward, mostly because of you. You couldn’t believe that you were going out to lunch with Harry Styles right now and that he was the one who asked.  

Maybe he was just being polite and after the lunch, he wouldn’t want anything else to do with you. Or maybe he was hoping you would write a better article about him if he took you out to lunch? 

Honestly, whatever the reason didn’t matter in that moment because you just needed to focus on not making yourself seem like an idiot. 

When you get to the restaurant, Harry opens the door and holds it open for you. 

“Thanks,” you smiled walking through the doorway. 

“No problem,” he said. 

You all sit down at a table and look over the menu before ordering. The waitress takes your menus and you take a sip of your water. 

“So, Y/N, since you spent the last hour talking about Harry, why don’t you spend some time to talk about yourself?” Nick said looking over at you. 

“Oh, no, I don’t really like talking about myself.” you said shaking your head. 

“Neither do I,” Harry laughed. 

You giggled. “Well, if I have to, why don’t you two ask me questions and I’ll answer them. Let me be the interviewee for once,” 

“We can do that,” Nick smirked. 

“How long have you been a journalist?” Harry asked. 

“Professionally, almost four years,” you answered. 

“Wow, so what made you want to be in journalism?” He asked. 

“I’ve always enjoyed writing since I was younger and I worked for school newspapers, and when it came to University, journalism was a better degree option than a creative writing one,” you shrugged. 

“Do you not enjoy being a journalist?” Nick asked. 

“It’s not exactly that. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love being able to do what I do, but despite popular belief interviewing celebrities wasn’ t exactly the type of journalism I wanted to get into. No offense,” you coughed. 

“None taken,” Harry says. “What type of journalism would prefer?” 

“I guess one that has a bit more meaning, like traveling the world and helping others while writing about my experiences there and things like that,” you blushed. 

“Why haven’t you tried that?” Harry asked. 

“Because unfortunately, that type of journalism doesn’t exactly pay the bills. When I was in university, I got the internship at the magazine company I’m working with now, there aren’t many traveling journalist jobs available,” you shrugged. 

“Well, don’t give up on that, hopefully, one day you’ll be able to do it,” Harry smiled over at you. 

“I hope so,” you smiled. 


After you all finished eating lunch, you get out your wallet to pay, but Harry puts his hand over yours. 

“Don’t worry about it,” Harry said. 

“Are you sure?” You said. 

“Yeah, it’s fine,” he said. “But if anyone asks, he paid for it.” Harry nodded over to Nick with a smirk. 

You sighed but nodded with a laugh. Once the ticket was paid for, you all head out to leave. You walk back to the studio, where your car is, which happens to be parked right next to Harry’s. 

Nick had already gone back inside the studio, so it was just you and Harry standing near your cars. 

“Just so you know, I don’t usually do this,” Harry said leaning up against his car. 

“Do what?” You asked confused. 

“Go to lunch with a journalist, who interviewed me,” he said. “And I’m not saying that you would, but our lunch and now is completely off the record right?” 

“Of course, I would never do something that,” you said quickly. 

“I know, I just wanted to make sure,” he smiled. “And I know this might be a bit of an issue for you, but I really want to see you again.” 

“You do?” you said. “For like an interview?” 

“No, I mean just to hang out again, maybe dinner next time?” He asked. 

“Oh, um, I don’t know. I would like to, but like I said earlier…” you said. 

“I understand,” he sighed kicking his boot against the pavement of the parking lot. 

You bit the inside of your cheek. “How about this? We could exchange numbers and keep in touch?” You suggested. “But I don’t know about going out in public…” 

Harry looked up at you smiling. “I think I can handle that.” 

He handed you his phone and you added yourself into his contacts and he did the same in yours before you exchanged them back. 

“Well, I better get to the office so I can start typing up your article,” you said. 

“I can’t wait to read it,” he smiled. 

“Maybe I’ll send you a copy before it gets published,” you smirked. 

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” he said. 

“Have a nice rest of the day, Harry,” you smiled with a wave. 

“See you around, Y/N,” Harry said before the two of you got into your own cars. 

He motioned for you to pull out first, so you did and drove straight to your office with the biggest smile on your face. While Harry drove to his house, wearing a matching smile. 


Okay so no one really cares about my musical tastes but Mother Mother released a new album like, today? And so far it’s been pretty great. This song is my favourite of the bunch.

Gone Home

Have y’all ever played this game? (Spoiler Free)

It’s like the evolved form of a point and click narrative game. It’s first person, you walk around to pick up or click on things, and all the while it tells you a story through some journal entries (conveniently read to you)

So I played it for a good long while the other night and it really cheered me up that day. I’m like “yeah this is a good game to play when I need to relax, I’m already invested in the characters!” 

So I had a pretty rough day today, on top of everything else that’s been going on, so I figured “Hey, why not relax and enjoy more of this story, eh? Make ya feel good.”

Oh how wrong I was.

So I get to a point where I gotta go to the basement. Felt spooked at first because even though I know it’s not a horror game and has no jump scares, I always get paranoid. But I get the next journal entry, and it’s definitely the happiest one I’ve found so far. I’m feeling great!

Then it hit me.

This is too good.
It’s going too well.
I know how to write stories like this.
You make everything seem like it’s going great, and then you destroy the reader’s emotions by tearing it away.

I get the next journal entry.

Called it.

So I quit the game, I’ll play again later, but for fuck’s sake all I wanted to do was play a nice video game with a good story to make me feel better and then you have to do that shit to me goddammit.

jihope  asked:

whats your top jihope fics? its for science

I’m sending you to this post, but since it’s been so long, I’m also posting the latest one as well:

1. Today on “What Not To Do In A Cupboard”… - Of course by the great syubology 

2. walk the walkbazooka (ah smut)

3. still waiting on your sunshine -  airplanewishes (it’s not finished but I’ve been enjoying this so far)

4. Life With a Poltergeist (He’s Pretty Fucking Annoying) -  SilverAndGreen (this one doesn’t end with Jihope but I like it so much and got emotional in the end :( )

5. Only One Thing at a Time -  freelancejouster (this is is goddamn mysterious and I just wanna know more)

6. I honestly recommend every xmyp’s story!

7. Terminal Tattoos Series -  wingedseok (T_T)

8. You’re Right. -  joonphases

9. Acquainted -  jonghyunslisterine

10. Boy Meets River In Egypt -  nivo (so cute)

11. Heaven -  TheHalesNyx

12. Like Fire and Powder -  miskeen

13.  keep the streets empty for me series -  Lunarieen (still waiting for more)

14. Baby, The Stars Burn Bright -  suga_peaches (this story isn’t entirely about Jihope but it’s amazing so I highly recommend)

I’m sure there’s more and I can’t even express how happy I am that the Jihope tag is getting bigger and bigger. Authors please keep loving my precious boys and keep spoiling me with wonderful stories ♥

I got my fish today! After my tank has been running and settling for 3 weeks. He seems pretty chill in it so far, enjoying his new surroundings. Just a pretty blue betta fish.

His name is Cesare Borgia. He’s great. I’ll take photos later!

you give me something to think about (chapter 8)

Read on ao3.

Summary: Trini’s never been good at making friends, which only makes being stuck in the same school for seven years even more miserable. But when she finally does meet someone nice, she ends up with a whole lot more than she bargained for.

It’s gonna be one hell of a year.

The Slowburn Hogwarts AU that no one asked for.

Note: I totally forgot to make a post for chapter 7, ahaha… it’s too late to do that now, i guess. oh well.

The whole quidditch team is sprawled out on the grass in various states of exhaustion. There’s definitely leaves and grass in her hair, but Trini can’t find enough energy in herself to care. She groans, lifting her head and propping herself up on her non-aching arm

“Alright, quick break, and then we’ll run it again,” Jen calls out, despite the complaints of the whole team. Ernie gingerly makes their way to her side.

“Jenny,” they begin, and the captain raises her eyebrow at them. “You know I’m all for perfectionism, but I think in this case, we’re hardly likely to win the Cup if our team dies first.”

Jen surveys the group of half-dead teens laid out before her, before letting out an exasperated sigh. “Fine. But if we lose because we didn’t practice enough? I. Will. Kill. You.” She emphasizes each word by poking Ernie in the chest, glaring at them, before stalking off to grab a drink of water.

Ernie turns back to the team. “So, great job during practice today. I know Jen is being a little… harsh, but it’s just because this is a pretty new team, and our first match isn’t that far away. She means well, I promise.”

Trini blinks, sitting up fully. She immediately regrets it, as all of the muscles in her body scream in protest. “Wait, our first match is when?”

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

how is dream daddy? everyone else on my blog has been adamant about not playing it bc game grumps and other affiliates are pretty racist and tend to use a person's sexuality or race as a punchline (arin saying the n word, like half of dan's stories), so i was curious as to whether the game itself was well made - it sounded like it was pretty genuinely good despite grumps involvement, but it also sounds like they had a tangental role at best

I mean, I’m enjoying it so far, I’ve only played Craig’s route and have yet to explore the stories of the other dads. But I haven’t immediately noticed anything wrong with it yet??
I don’t know enough about the grumps to weigh in on any of their content and stuff they may have done or said, all I know is I like their voices??? And they made the famous “what am I willing to put up with today” video. Some stuff with Johntron being a scummy Son-Of-A.
I’ve seen a whole load of positive stuff but not a load of negative so my current view of them is probably not very balanced??

Either way I’m not playing for grumps I’m playing for dads and the game has been pretty respectful so far??? You can pick if u had a husband or a wife previously, you can pick wether Amanda was born or adopted, you can wear a binder, the avatar creator has a great range of skin tones to choose from, I’m loving it??

“Woah There, Spidey” - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by velociraptor

Word Count: 1851

Warnings: Mention’s being held captive and tortured by Hydra, FLUFF

Author’s Note: Whats up y’all? I was skyping with @love-allthingsmarvel and @rejectedmarvel and we came up with an idea for an imagine and I decided to write it! In this imagine, the reader has the ability to see a person’s biggest secret whenever someone touches their hand. This was really fun to write, and I’m sorry it took longer than I thought it would :D Whale, I hope you guys enjoy!!


First day at Midtown High and you couldn’t be any more nervous. You weren’t nervous about school, or the obnoxious teenagers. You were just nervous about what would happen next in the crazy mess that was your life.

Two years ago today, you had been locked up in a hydra cell, being tested on like some lab rat. It was hell, and you thanked your lucky stars when Nick Fury broke into the Hydra base and rescued you. Once he discovered your ability, Fury personally trained you to be a Shield agent and kept you away from the others. Fury had become a father figure and treated you like his daughter. But he saw how much it hurt you. To learn someone’s deepest, darkest secret when you did a simple thing like shake someone’s hand. Some secrets were meant to stay a secret…

You had become a pretty fantastic agent, especially for being so young. It was a rough life though, and you finally told Nick that you decided this life wasn’t what you wanted. He understood and bought you a lovely apartment in Queens, New York. Nick enrolled you into Midtown High and kept tabs on you, just to make sure you were all right.

You walked down the crowded halls of Midtown High, trying your best not to touch anyone as you attempted to find your first class.

“Oh great,” You sighed, glancing down at your schedule. “Chemistry first. My favorite.” Sarcasm was a natural response, especially when you were nervous or frustrated.

The bell rang as you walked into your chemistry class. You stood in the front of the room as the eyes of judgmental teenagers and a scruffy male teacher landed on you. You scanned the room to find an empty seat and your eyes landed on a desk in front of a dorky, pale boy with ruffled hair and a poorly covered up bruise on his forearm. You rushed over and sat down in the seat, looking back at the boy who looked so familiar to you… but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

You searched through your backpack, looking for something to write with until you felt a tap on your shoulder. You looked up, a pencil in your face.

“Here,” The boy smiled. “You can use mine.”

You smiled back, looking into his precious, cocoa colored eyes. “Thanks,” You whispered, gently taking the pencil out of his grasp and making sure you didn’t touch his hand.

“I’m (Y/n), by the way.”


You nodded and pointed the pencil at him. “Nice to meet you, Peter.”

“Good morning class!” The teacher exclaimed, waiting for the class to respond. Everyone just groaned, which was definitely not the reaction he was expecting. He threw his hands into the air and sighed.

“I said,” he continued, “Good morning class!”

“Good morning, Mr. Fritch.”

“There we go. So today we will be getting to know your classmates. I want you to turn to the person closest to you and say your name, and your favorite movie.” Mr. Fritch sat down in his chair and went on his computer. Most kids turned to their friends and complained about how lame this was. You heard a few girls near you talking about some party that was a “total bust”, and decided to talk to Peter instead to avoid that drama (because yikes).

“Well, I’m (Y/n). And my favorite movie is probably… Star Wars.”

“Holy shit!” Peter exclaimed, slamming his hands on the desk. “That’s mine too!”

You both laughed and then fangirled about how great Empire Strikes Back was.

“Hey, how did you get that gnarly bruise?” You asked, pointing at the black and blue mark on his arm. Peter glanced down at his arm, tugging at his sweater to cover it up.

“Oh, that’s uh-that’s nothing.”

You knew he was lying, but before you could tease him about it, Mr. Fritch interrupted your conversation and began going over the class syllabus. Learning about so many rules and upcoming projects, you sighed and turned around. This was going to be a long class.

Fifty dreadful minutes later, the bell rang and class was finally over. Everyone quickly gathered their things while you stayed behind and talked to the teacher about what the homework assignment was. As you entered the busy hallway, you wondered how the rest of your day was going to go. “So far so good,” you muttered under your breath.  You hadn’t learned any life changing secrets and you made a friend. Today actually might not be so bad.

Sixth period ended, and it was time to go home. The day had been pretty great, and you were excited to go back to your flat and take a long well-deserved nap. You walked out of the school and headed towards the bus stop.  You sat down on the bus bench, putting in your earphones and listening to some of your favorite songs. You walked to the curb and checked to see if the bus was coming around the corner. When you saw nothing, you turned around to sit back down on the bench. But Peter had run straight into you, making you land on your back and sending your phone smashing on the pavement.

“Oh my god!” Peter shouted, grabbing your hand to pull you up. You saw a flash a light and then Peter’s worried face.

“Woah there, Spidey,” you said as you wiped the tiny rocks and dirt off your hands. Peter’s eyes widened, he felt like a deer in headlights.

“Wha-what did you just call me?” He stumbled over his words and his hands started to tremble. 

“Oops, probably shouldn’t have said that…” You cringed and put your hands over your mouth.

“Why did you call me-”

“I know who you are, Peter. I know… what you do at night,” You said subtly, giving him a wink. Peter’s heart dropped, how did you know? You couldn’t know… He never told you. Or at least he didn’t remember telling you. You glanced over his shoulder, seeing the bus pull up to the curb.

“Look, Peter. Just… can you come home with me?”  You asked quickly, grabbing his arm.

“What?!” Peter was even more in shock and stared at you in fear until you tensed up.

“No! No, I-I didn’t mean it like that,” you assured, letting go of his arm and searching for your dollar bills, putting your foot on the bus. “Yikes, that came out weird. I mean, can you just come over to my house and I’ll explain everything?” Peter nodded and stepped onto the bus with you.

A bumpy 10 minutes later, you arrived at Peter’s apartment complex. You both ran out of the bus and starting jogging up the steps, entering the building.

“Wait, how did you know where I live?” Peter asked, concerned about who you were and who you could have been working for. You gave him a confused expression.

“What do you mean? I live here, apartment A33.”

“No way! A35!” Peter exclaimed, pointing a finger at his chest. You laughed and he smiled, admiring how beautiful your laugh sounded. He quickly snapped back into reality: He just met you today, and somehow you knew about his “sticky” secret. Peter watched you fumble for your keys as you approached your apartment. You unlocked the door and threw your bag on the couch in the middle of the living room. As soon as he entered your flat, you shut and locked the door behind you.  Peter was starting to worry as you shut the blinds and started frantically pacing back and forth.

“(Y/n), are you okay?” Peter questioned. You took a deep breath and looked down at your hands.

“Wow, this is gonna be tougher than I thought,” you said as your heart started to race. You were about to tell someone about your ability, your backstory. Someone that you had only met and known for about seven hours. But for some reason… you felt like you could trust him. I mean, you did just learn his biggest secret. Even if he told someone, you had blackmail (although you weren’t that shady).

“So, about two years ago, I was held captive by this really bad organization called Hydra. They were testing on me, kept calling me this weird thing… like an ‘inhuman’ or something.” You sat down on the couch, biting your lip and started to play with your thumbs. “This is really weird to explain but pretty much I can see a person’s biggest secret when I touch them. More specifically when someone grabs my hand, I don’t know. It just triggers me or something.” You babbled as Peter sat down next to you and pointed at your hands.

“So, that’s how you found out-”

“That your Spider-Man? Yeah,” You interrupted. You shrugged and studied his face to see how he was going to react. Peter looked into your eyes with worry and exhaled.

“How did you get out of there?”

“Nick Fury saved me, he used to be the head of Shield. He broke into the base and trained me to be an agent. But I realized I didn’t want that, so he bought me a place here and… the rest is history.”

“Wow,” Peter sighed.

“Probably don’t wanna hang out with a freak like me, huh?” You said as you pushed yourself off of the couch, walking over to the kitchen to grab a water bottle. Peter laughed.

“Are you kidding? You know who I am, and I also happened to be the school’s convenient punching bag!” You chuckled as you turned around, noticing how close he was to you. “You are different,” he continued, taking your hand in his and staring into your eyes. “But a good kind of different.”

You smiled, you felt yourself slowly falling for this boy. It was weird, you had known him for such a short amount of time but he had already taken hold of your heart. You felt his face being drawn towards you like a magnet, but you cleared your throat and it snapped you both back to reality.

“Sorry.” Peter snickered, slowly backing away.

“No, you’re fine,” You giggled, staring at his hand that was still wrapped around yours.  Peter squeezed your hand before letting go and walked over to grab his bag.

“Well, I should probably get back down the hall.” He snorted, realizing how dumb that sounded, but he felt a little better when you laughed with him. You showed him out and watched him walk a few doors over before calling out his name.

“Yeah, (Y/n)?” Peter asked as he rested his hand on the doorknob to his apartment.

“See you at school tomorrow?”

Peter nodded and gave you a wink after you mouthed “See you in Chem, Bug Boy.”

You turned around and closed the door behind you, biting your lip as you made a huge grin. You actually were pretty excited to see where your life was going to take you now.




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Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

10,000-15,000 steps 👍🏻
Meal Plan 👍🏻
6-8 hours of sleep 👍🏻
128 + oz of water 👍🏻
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You’re officially going to be inundated with cat pictures every once in awhile. This certainly isn’t a cat blog, but with Simone needing so much attention at the moment; yeah–I’m going to be talking about her quite a bit. This sounds probably a little bit lame, but going to the gym this morning was the longest she’s been alone so far. 😂

Today was pretty erratic, moments of extreme high and low. Started out high going to the gym and getting a great workout. Then, when we came home Simone had somehow tipped her cat box over. HOW? She’s like 6.5 lbs!? So, my germaphobic ass is standing there dripping in sweat and scooping up pounds and pounds of cat litter off the floor. Like, I’ve gotten a lot better in the past few years, but dude. No. Too much. Skin crawling. 

I have a busy day tomorrow. Gym, fiance’s checkup, dropping off my glasses to be fixed, and picking up some house supplies. That should hopefully bring us to about noon or 1 PM, then we’ll have lunch and rebuild my PC. I’m currently backing up all my files. TAKING FOREVER.

OH! I am now 95% sure the neighbors are more than moving out, but already GONE. I went out to the balcony to eavesdrop–I mean, relax and I heard what sounded like a cleaning crew up there. I heard a shop vac running and then the familiar voice of a maintenance worker shouted “SHUT IT OFF, MIKE!” Oh, please, please, please! I know there’s always the chance the next tenant could be 1000x worse, but I will cherish the nights it takes till they refill that unit. 

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Aw HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 18 is the best one right? c:

thank you all for taking the time to send me birthday wishes! ヾ(^∇^) today’s been pretty great for me so far, though i’m not sure how i feel about being considered legally an adult now xD 

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As usual, i’ve been pretty productive at work today so far. On my own, I have made…

  • At least 30kg of Sticky toffee pudding. Including the cake mix and date mix.
  • A fuckton (official cooking term) of cheesecake, including base, then portioned
  • 2 genoese sponges that are 1m squared
  • 2 fucktons of fruit chopped
  • Chocolate pearls made including calcium bath.
  • Now I gotta do service and more

Fuck Yeah


Tokyo has been awesome so far and I’ll be sad to leave on Sunday.  I’m doing pretty much obvious / tourist-y stuff, which is fine because I love obvious / tourist-y stuff.

Took my Korean friend out for sushi and drinks last night, and tomorrow for my last day we’re going to either the zoo or Yokohama.

Did Meiji Shrine today.  The gardens were great, and I think I’m going to have a lot of great pictures to edit and post when I get back to lurvely Daegu.

I’m staying in the red light of Shinjuku, and it’s got to be the most safe and clean and polite red light in the whole world.  LOL Japan.

Stopped by Harajuku this afternoon.  I’m sure 15 years ago it was edgy and hot.  These days don’t go there unless you want some asshole to yell at you when you try to take a picture of a vintage Iron Maiden shirt that he’s trying to sell for way too much money.

Familiar Faces. Pt 3.

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Oh my GOD I love, love, LOVE how you write so much!! I don’t think I’ve loved a Newt Imagine as much as I love yours!! Please write a Part 3 if it’s not too much trouble!! :) requested by anon.

A/N: (To the anon) I got your second message after I’d written most of this so I tried to incorporate your idea into what I’d already written. I hope you like it!!!

It had been about a week or so since the bonfire and, as it turned out, life in the Glade was pretty boring. Every couple of days you were assigned to a new ‘Keeper’ but nothing seemed to fit. 

You’d tried the Slicers, Sloppers, Med-jacks and even the Builders, but nothing seemed right. You weren’t incapable but you weren’t amazing at anything either, the Keepers weren’t exactly lining up for you to join them. 

So far today you had been working as a Track-hoe, alongside Newt. It was tiring work and you certainly didn’t enjoy it but apparently, you were doing a great job. As you sat, thinking back to all the ‘hard’ work that you had done that day, you groaned in frustration. No matter what Newt said you knew that you hadn’t done a great job, you had barely even tried. You didn’t fit the job, you didn’t fit any of the jobs. Living in the Glade, devoid of any past memory, was bad enough but doing a job you hated every shucking day; even worse. 

“Already having another buggin’ break Greenie?” You instantly looked up at him. 

Neither of you had spoken about, or even brought up, the conversation you had shared at the bonfire. After his confession you had been utterly lost for words,unsure of what to think let alone say.You hadn’t been given much time to form a reply eitherr, as Alby had turned up and had practically dragged Newt away from you. 

Ever since then you hadn’t had much chance to bring the topic up with him but you had spent as much time with him as you could, trying to force at least one memory of him to the surface. So far you had been unsuccessful and you blamed it on the fact that you never seemed to have a moment alone with Newt. You were always surrounded by the other boys and Alby’s watchful gaze never strayed far from the two of you. You knew that Alby was just looking out for you around the male population of the Glade and you were grateful for it, you really were, but… it was starting to piss you off. 

You wanted to talk to Newt, properly talk to him, more than anything but it was difficult when Alby kept such a watchful eye on you both. You were going crazy not knowing exactly what he had meant when he had said that he knew you. Did he have an actual memory of you? Or was it just a feeling of familiarity he had? 

Realizing that you still hadn’t replied to Newt, you sputtered out a laugh and replied. “I thought I told you to stop calling me that.” You grumbled, jokingly. 

He smirked down at you and held out his hand. “Come on, I’m taking a break now too.” Putting your hand in his you allowed him to pull you to your feet. You were forced to suppress a smile at the inexplicable sensation you felt at the contact but you couldn’t help but smirk as he held your hand for just two seconds longer than was necessary.

The two of you walked slowly, neither of you in any particular hurry to part, and eventually you decided to share your concerns with Newt. You knew that he would listen to you. “Newt, do you know what job I’m gonna get?” 

He didn’t answer you right away, looking out across the Glade and breathing a heavy sigh. “No, not yet.” 

“I’m terrible at everything.” You huffed, gloomily. Newt’s hand on your arm stopped you from walking any further. 

“No you’re not.” His brown eyes implored yours as he spoke the words softly. “No one’s shuckin’ amazing at their job to begin with. You’ve got to take the time to learn.” His mouth lifted into another smirk, “don’t worry about it, Greenie.” 

You smiled halfheartedly at him. His words had made you feel better, but only fractionally. You still didn’t believe that you were ever going to be any good at any of the jobs but, Newt had faith in you so you would try your best regardless. 

Just as you were resigning yourself to try your eyes caught a flash of movement re-entering the Glade. It was one of the haggard, worn out Runners. 

A Runner. It was like a buzzer had gone off in your head and you could barely hide your excitement as a realization struck you. You were supposed to be a Runner. It didn’t make any sense, it sounded ridiculous but you knew that it was true. 

Looking back up to Newt with your newly formed excitement shining in your eyes, you asked him a simple question. 

“Why don’t I try out being a Runner?” 

The expression that overcame his features almost made you want to reconsider entirely. Almost.

“No.” You were taken aback by his instant rebuttal, a little hurt that he hadn’t even allowed you to explain. 

“Why not?” You asked, confused. He didn’t answer, merely glanced around at all the prying eyes and tugged your arm, signalling for you to follow him. You did as he requested, following after him as he walked, but you didn’t keep quiet. “Newt, I suck at every other shuckin’ job-” You followed him around the corner of a shabby building, out of sight of the other Gladers. “- why not try me out as a Runner?” 

“I said no!” You took a step back at his harsh tone, you had never seen him so upset before. Seeing your apprehension Newt took a deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose. He looked so pained that you couldn’t fight the urge to move closer to him. 

“Newt?” You asked, your voice no louder than a whisper. 

Finally, he opened his eyes. “It’s just… The maze changes you, it can drive you crazy… It’s dangerous out there, I just…” He looked away from you before he spoke next. “I don’t want to lose you out there.” 

Without thinking, you wrapped your arms around him and buried your face in the crook of his neck. He didn’t hesitate in returning your embrace, his arms sliding around your waist as your eyes fluttered shut, reveling in the comfort of his familiar embrace. You didn’t want to let him go, ever. You felt as though you’d only just got him back, as though he’d been missing for years. “Promise me.” He murmured against your neck. “Promise you won’t go into that buggin’ maze.” 

“I promise.” You felt evil for lying to him, when he was clearly so upset, but you couldn’t ignore the possibility of becoming a Runner, not when you felt so certain. In your mind, you reasoned that you wouldn’t ever have to tell Newt the truth unless you actually became a Runner, but the rational side of you knew that your deceit wouldn’t end well, regardless of whether you became a Runner or not. 

But you ignored it all entirely, focusing instead on the boy in your arms. 

You lifted your head up the same instant as he. You traced every plane, contour and feature of his face before resting your gaze on his warm, brown eyes. The instant your eyes met his your heart began beating frantically, as though it were trying to escape your chest entirely. 

But it stopped beating entirely when his lips met yours. 


scribbling a rare pair update and nursing a bad back

Tweaked my back BADLY using a kettle bell a week or two ago. Hanging out in my recliner with my laptop on my lap, drinking coffee and writing more of my Ororo/Emma fic that no one is reading, but it’s self-indulgent, because I just want to create more content for one of my favorite ‘ships for the sake of having more content. Hugo took the kids to a Giants game in SF this weekend. If I can sit up long enough to draw today, I might sketch. 

That being said, reading some of the Sam Wilson Birthday Bang fics I have so far and seeing the gorgeous artwork that has gone with it all so far has been pretty awesome. Kudos to the contributors and mods alike. I might not do Bangs anymore as a contributor, and I’ll just stick to WIP posting and being a beta from now on, or fic exchanges like the ones I participated in last winter. 

Good job, peeps. Keep up the great work.

café au lait;

The week from hell aka final weeks had finally arrived and your eye bags definitely showed how tired you were. You hoped whoever was working there didn’t mind if you sleep just for a little while.

5/10 of the 1k follower series
Pairing: Midorima x Reader (female)
Rating: K
Word Count: 1067

                   for kurokonofantasies who is the real mvp aka senpai

Finals week was always the worst. Sleepless nights, wrecked textbooks, empty pens. Worst of all, the eye bags. You looked like an absolute wreck but you needed to study somewhere. With your roommate always getting it on in your shared room, and the unbelievably crazy kids in the library, the café was the only option.

It was a quaint little café that you loved. The interior was gorgeous with wooden walls and that soft, jasmine smell that drifted through the air. Of course, there was the delicious coffee and tea. It was beautiful and had that homey feel that gave you the best kind of comfort. You curled up in the single couch with the book in hand. The music that whispered through the speakers was calming and sweet. You felt yourself relax more and more, tensed muscles unwinding. You snuggled deeper against the couch as the words in front of your eyes began to blur.

Maybe it’ll be okay to rest for a while…

A bittersweet scent tickled your senses and you scrunched up your nose, wondering what the hell that was. Your eyelids fluttered open and your eyes slowly adjusted to the lighting of the café. The lights had been dimmed slightly and you were so freaking glad that this café opened 24 hours. You jerked in your seat, realizing what time it was when your eyes landed on the clock. Crap, you had been out for three hours.

It was a good thing that your exam wasn’t that day – but wait. You fingered the soft blanket on your lap and realized that it had been keeping you warm. Where did this come from? Your eyes scanned the shop, looking for anyone, but it was empty. It was midnight already after all. You sighed and shut your unread book, setting it aside.

“Are you feeling better?” A sudden voice sounded.

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