EXO Chatting Relay Event - Chanyeol
  1. Hi~~~~
  2. Can you see this!?
  3. You should be able to (see this)
  4. I was anticipating for today
  5. Everyone, are you ready?
  6. 5 minutes is too long..
  7. It’s even more tiring than waiting for a cup ramen
  8. Has you eaten your meal?
  9. I’m going to eat after finishing this
  10. What should I eat?
  11. Please give me some recommendations
  12. Thank you for giving me good recommendations
  13. I’m bored..
  14. What should I do in these 2 minutes..
  15. Hukk -Okk -Ah.. cannot..
  16. I ate yeom-ddok and got upset stomach for 3 days
  17. Stir-fry kimchi with tuna and vegetables and then add some cheese and done!!
  18. It’s still left with 11 days.
  19. Co..k..cola…
  20. I like, I will go to Osaka!!
  21. I do wear short sleeve shirts but I will follow my mood on that day, and I will wear long sleeve
  22. Shhhhh It’s our secret
  23. Nemo?
  24. EDM Section!!!!!
  25. Nihao~~~~
  26. My height is 185cm.
  27. When I visit a cafe, I will order Americano??
  28. Nuna babo, dongsaeng babo, hyung babo, I’m just a babo in general. (Note: xx babo means he loves xx a lot until he turns into an idiot for them )
  29. Three hours ago, my handphone was film kkkkkk Bulletproof Film kkkkk
  30. I use ballet-binu… I’m joking.. I only use soap kkkkk (Note: Binu=soap)
  31. Oh!! Really!! I like pcy too!!!!
  32. Why do you talk about that person when you apply to chat with me??
  33. Yes.. I can’t read music sheets kkkkk
  34. Every round of snooker has 5 players at most?
  35. I feel like wanting to learn.. I really want to start a band ever since back then kkk
  36. Ah.. someone mentioned about snooker
  37. In billiard, I am 9999 times better than Kyungsoo..
  38. Kyungsoo can’t play like this kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  39. Let’s have fun!!!!
  40. Uhmm.. Love Me Right or Promise?
  41. Jjajang noodles and Sweet sour pork
  42. I prefer pouring the sauce and eat…
  43. Actually sometimes I pour the sauce, sometimes I dip the sauce.. I will stay in the middle of both.. Dip-pouring the sauce
  44. Chanyeol Oppang
  45. My highest weight of my whole life is right now.. it’s… a secret
  46. Me too, will work hard to study Japanese
  47. I like myself only
  48. Like I said, thank you for making the best memories in your 20s.
  49. You mean you are going to sleep now……….?
  50. Close your eyes and breath!?
  51. Recently.. even though it’s an old song, but I listen to Kings of Convenience’s Cayman Islands. It’s good to listen to it when it’s raining
  52. Assassination!! I was playing Crazy Arcade, then someone assassinated me with loudspeakers. Because of this, I wasn’t able to focus during the beginning part.
  53. Me too, fall for you after seeing you.
  54. I seldom play games.. Just when I’m really bored kkkk
  55. On the first showcase!!! I will never forget that time my whole body having goosebumps ><
  56. I’m sure I’m over 180cm, but because I am huge, so it’s okay.
  57. I really like Nujabes
  58. Fried tofu sushi… The kids that I went out with scolded me why I pay such high prices for fried tofu sushi at 스지집.. But it’s so delicious, what to do TT
  59. I love sushi. I was thinking to go to eat sushi later but yesterday I ate so I am not going.
  60. Of course (i’ll choose) dancing 
  61. Come to Yeollie
  62. Uhmm.. I don’t go out…?
  63. What hair colour I like?? I actually like my silver hair.. but my hair is still hurt by it…
  64. Amen!!! I will pray for you too!!!
  65. I’m excited!! Let’s dance!!!
  66. One most suitable cute nickname will be fine. If there’s many of them, then it will be confusing!!
  67. I don’t think I have been through such difficulities kkkk
  68. Don’t be obsessed over songs that I composed, be obsessed over me.
  69. I really like ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’..><
  70. I like the nights more ><
  71. Maths…………..
  72. 문과!!! (liberal arts related majors)
  73. kkkkk You’re the cutest here
  74. If you eat watermelons, you will need to go to toilet
  75. /sings Three Bears song/ 곰세마리가 한집에있어 아빠곰 엄마곰 애기곰..
  76. After growing 4 more years, come to oppa
  77. I can’t do aegyo..
  78. It’s even harder to find a webtoon that I have not watched before… I was the one who recommended About Death (죽음에 관하여) to Kyungsoo!
  79. Vladimir ><
  80. EXO-Ls’ superpower is love!!!! giving out hearteu!!!!
  81. It’s because back then, they said people with same surname are not allowed to be married.
  82. They said Daegu recently is very hot…..
  83. Godric Gryffindor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. Me too, prefer during CMB era!! But it was hard to maintain TT everyday the colour was fading
  85. What cologne I use? It’s a secret!!
  86. (Q: Is it hard to say I love you?) Yes!! very difficult!! very embarassing!! I love you!!
  87. When it’s hot, (I wear) short pants ; when I dance, (I wear) long pants… kkkkkkkk
  88. I don’t really like beer.. kk
  89. I like both.. Because it’s summer, so it’s good to have short hair…………. It’s so hard (to make a decision)… kkkkkk
  90. Guys, the time is left with 10 minutes
  91. kkkkkkkkk Cannot
  92. I need to go to eat
  93. eungggggg
  94. It’s too fast…
  95. The time passes faster when I chat with all of you
  96. Everyone, now tell me what you’re curious of.
  97. kkkkkk. Ah, that one… I went for shopping but we met up conincidentally kkkk Even when I went to another supermarket, we met again kkkkk We are doing well~
  98. Try playing Yiruma’s Maybe.
  99. Wearing a few pieces of clothes..? Thin padding + Thick padding is the best combination
  100. Guys, now I have to go to have my dinner
  101. Goodbye everyone
  102. Going to eat my dinner
  103. To be become a man with principle, I will go and eat real rice
  104. Everyone, please be happy, don’t get hurt. Only look at the bright side, listen to good words.
  105. Let’s believe in each other and be happy together
  106. Bye!!!!!!!!!! 
  107. I will count one to three
  108. One
  109. Two 
  110. Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  111. Byeong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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140727 Angel Vacance Talk: Show us your charms! [eng trans]

I can’t really hear well so there might be some mistakes and a few missing lines

(last line from the previous fancam. Niel: Who do you think is the tallest among us here now?)
Ljoe: So let’s one by one try to appeal to the fans with out charms. Changjo first!
Changjo: No you start!
Ljoe: Cap first?
Cap: No, starting from this side
Changjo: Starting with Ljoe hyung
Ricky: Ljoe show us
Ljoe: First off, my charm today is that I… I’m handsome? I don’t know about that. Today I grew taller. So you can rely on me today
Everyone: Take them off! Take them off!
Ricky: Really you have to take them off!
Niel: Louder!
Everyone: Take them off!
Cap: You have to do it for a sec
Chunji: Just take one shoe off
Ljoe: Just one?
Ricky: But our Angels know everything
Ljoe: You know? You know that my profile is a lie?
Angels: YEEEES!!!
Cap: His profile is a lie keke
Chunji: So all of you knew..
Niel: Just show us, it could be really charming
Cap: It’s just hanging there
Ljoe: Actually today, the stylist noona brought really high ones
Niel: Don’t try to excuse yourself
Ljoe: It’s not an excuse
Ricky: But..
Ljoe: We’re about the same
Ricky: I’m just wearing different shoes than you
Niel noticing Chunji’s shoes: Take them off!
Everyone: Take them off!
Ljoe: There’s something inside!
Chunji: It’s manners, manners!
Ljoe: That’s it for my charms
Chunji: Was it insoles?
Ljoe: My charm is insoles, it’s vacation time! Now Niel?
Niel: My charm? My charm is my lips ofc
Ljoe: Not that, not that. Everyone knows that
Niel: Uhh, charm… My ankle bone?
Niel: That is my charm
Ljoe: You have a lot of bites on your legs
Niel: I’ve been in rough places
Ljoe: In the jungle!
Niel: Cap hyung! You claimed to have sooo many charms?
Niel: You didn’t shave today?
Cap: Eh?
Niel: You didn’t shave?
Cap: I did!
Niel: Doesn’t look like it
Ljoe: It grew right back?
Cap: That’s my charm, my facial hair grows fast!
Chunji: How about growing a beard?
Cap: You don’t want me to? I’ll do that for the next next the single after that
Angels: Nooo (heey k-angels! be more open to new things!! it could be hot XD)
Niel: Is that it for your charms?
Cap: Yes, facial hair
Niel: Chunji hyung?
Chunji: Yes
Niel: Sommelier Kang Jimin?
Chunji: Yes, nice to meet you, I’m Kang Jimin the sommelier here. What’s with the atmosphere in here? Let me try to change that *points*
Chunji: Is that sufficient enough?
Niel: Yes it is
Chunji: Now, Ricky? Show us something
Ricky: My charm…
Niel: I heard it’s abs
Ricky: Umm.. I…
Angels: Show us! Show us!
Chunji: There’s something you wanted to show us, Ricky’s manly side… Please show us!
Niel: Oh, I apologize, Ricky agreed to show his abs at a later time
Ricky: If I show them to you now, you won’t be able to see the rest of the show today (cuz we’d be blinded by the hotness of them? XD)
Ricky: For your safety
Niel: Yes, yes
Ljoe: Then can you show us some other charm?
Ricky: I just.. I’ve turned 20 now
Angels: Whoooo!
Ricky: I can provide responsibility
Chunji: Do you have a lot of money?
Ricky: Money, well… I can at least pay for a delicious meal
Angels: Wheee!
Ricky: Thank you!
Niel: Now it’s time for Teen Top’s most charming Changjo!
Changjo: I umm.. my charms have lessened… I’m 20!
Ljoe: But that’s the same as Ricky, something else
Changjo: My feet are pretty big. Feet
Niel: Big feet? Show us!
Ljoe: But that’s similar to Niel, ankles
Niel: Yes, that won’t do
Ljoe: Show something else
Niel: Changjo-ssi, your backbone is really…
Ljoe: I can confirm this, his backbone is really no joke
Cap: Whaa, good view
Chunji: Yes, we’ve seen everything. Everyone, if you get a girlfriend what would you like to do? 
Changjo: Me!
Chunji: What do you wanna do?
Changjo: I wanna go on a date
Chunji: Date? So why don’t we all sing ‘Date’ together!

My New SNL Sketch

Nickelback Fan: [enters wearing Nickelback shirt] Hello everyone

Everyone: H-hello… [Camera focuses on Aubrey Plaza smiling into camera suspiciously]

Nickelback Fan: What’s up? You all seem…. A little weird today

Everyone: [Trying to look busy with their hands] Oh, w-what? No. No, nothing is up

Aubrey Plaza: [Slight grin] Haven’t you heard? Nickelback is the bad band. We hate Nickelback and their music. The band you like is the one we have ripped to shreds online every year for 10 years. Almost non-stop we do it.

Nickelback Fan: [Into camera for 5 minutes] AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

A Week of Denial: From the Diary of a Lost Man


it’s monday morning
i wake to find the moon’s blood
still caked under my nails
a purifying wash it was not

cryptic language speaks aloud from the mist
words deselected
words that lost meaning in the dawn of ideas
the dawn of monday morning

i woke before the riddle was answered
if i heard one crash
and then another
could i tell which was mine


tuesday ambled in under a cloudy sky
weary mind and heavy eyes
compound the hypnotic quality of light
a squirrel barks at the cat who stares intently

life has become a waking dream
painted hints of nightmare on the fringe
i think it’s going to rain today
everyone around me is dark

home smells of brown grass and green tea
everything is upside down
silence covers the air like a damp cloth
silent but for the distant hum of traffic on the highway
and the squirrel who makes a plea for her life


i’ve been staring at the floor my entire life
the only difference this wednesday morning
is the size of the cracks in the tile
this latest one has bothered me since 4:00 AM

my son took the time to look in on me for a moment
he reached out for my old journal
found it to be full of symbols and hieroglyphs
indecipherable as me
my sun never stays for long this time of year

i am the wicker embodiment of my perceived self
hard and brittle - functionally uncomfortable
there’s a bag of grout in the corner
to look at it is to crave the sanctuary of sleep
i think I could visit the past paradox free
i cannot recognize myself
the unused trowel whispers my name
through a mouth of rust


thursday morning - awake again
they call these the wee hours
ceiling fan whirr mocks from the darkness
my thoughts are with a certain psych major
that one who was made to live her own lessons

i had the dream again
concrete and bottle green glass
tucked behind hickory and blackjack oaks
mom’s sister was there
we talked about heaven this time
and how nice it would be if - only -
i woke crying

the good: i look to my left
in the midst of this hell she still holds my hand
the way her lip curls in smile
plucks a poetic string in my chest
she’s a shade of beautiful that burns my dirty eyes
dawn breaks through the window
nested wrens sing her name to the waking sun
these are moments to savor


today i found myself

i found myself delirious
lost on roads i expected to be done with
there is a certain kinship i feel
to the blasted retread lying on the shoulder
it is - as i - inanimate

but thank god friday morning air is lighter somehow
the sun is out
he flaunts an illusion of permanent embrace
i have chosen to be his fool for a day

the boy asked me
dad, how can man crawl so low
that his legs are forgotten
for the scales of his belly

i said - son, if his dog loves him
let that be your measure of a man
the world will take care of itself
he turned off the news and chewed on that instead

the last hummingbird of the year probed a dead zinnia
flew southbound, toward friendlier climates
i wonder where I would go if I could fly

p.s. - the squirrel lives
she is chased by her sisters
they dance and play among the shingle oaks
images from tv tried to shake their branches

my dog hopped onto my lap
i chewed on that instead


i slept beyond daybreak
the flyer on the nightstand spoke
it told me of an uncertain future
but still - a future
that and the extra sleep I took as a victory

we ate breakfast together and it felt like the first time
we laughed over coffee
even spilled a little milk
it was just the two of us
i learned that cartoons have been lost to infomercials

i remembered that her smile had been hard won
lost in the cold days - days before me
she told me that once, early on
it was impossible for me to imagine
but the feeling was always mutual

i remembered that all life is just so damned fragile
i told my son - don’t waste one minute
be amazed at every rainbow
even if it’s only floating on gasoline
be amazed - stay amazed
life is no place to deaden yourself

he looked at me
he has his mother’s eyes
i said - through eyes like that
the world has no choice
simply - it is amazing

i thought i might not smile again
but there i was - it was just the two of us
joking as we strolled to the park
we spoke with the people we met
we felt like humans again
saturday was a good day


suggestions of winter’s icy fingers
clawed through my window trailing
a piece of gunmetal sky in behind them

the flyer on the nightstand spoke
it is silenced now
preserved in cellophane

i don’t own a sweater warm enough for this
the leaves are still green
it feels like snow

it’s been a week since the blood moon
since the night my sky was forever stained
the funeral was wednesday
pieces have come back to me in dreams
i no longer pray for sleep
just rest
i wonder how long i’ll be able to feel her beside me

the boy asked - what happened
i said - our hummingbird is gone
he asked - where is she
i said - the southern cross watches her now

i didn’t tell her I loved her that night
we were just victims of the human condition
it happens once in a red moon
one day it’s just too late

the boy asked - what will we do
i said - we will carry on, son
we will carry on
we will stay amazed