My New SNL Sketch

Nickelback Fan: [enters wearing Nickelback shirt] Hello everyone

Everyone: H-hello… [Camera focuses on Aubrey Plaza smiling into camera suspiciously]

Nickelback Fan: What’s up? You all seem…. A little weird today

Everyone: [Trying to look busy with their hands] Oh, w-what? No. No, nothing is up

Aubrey Plaza: [Slight grin] Haven’t you heard? Nickelback is the bad band. We hate Nickelback and their music. The band you like is the one we have ripped to shreds online every year for 10 years. Almost non-stop we do it.

Nickelback Fan: [Into camera for 5 minutes] AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


140727 Angel Vacance Talk: Show us your charms! [eng trans]

I can’t really hear well so there might be some mistakes and a few missing lines

(last line from the previous fancam. Niel: Who do you think is the tallest among us here now?)
Ljoe: So let’s one by one try to appeal to the fans with out charms. Changjo first!
Changjo: No you start!
Ljoe: Cap first?
Cap: No, starting from this side
Changjo: Starting with Ljoe hyung
Ricky: Ljoe show us
Ljoe: First off, my charm today is that I… I’m handsome? I don’t know about that. Today I grew taller. So you can rely on me today
Everyone: Take them off! Take them off!
Ricky: Really you have to take them off!
Niel: Louder!
Everyone: Take them off!
Cap: You have to do it for a sec
Chunji: Just take one shoe off
Ljoe: Just one?
Ricky: But our Angels know everything
Ljoe: You know? You know that my profile is a lie?
Angels: YEEEES!!!
Cap: His profile is a lie keke
Chunji: So all of you knew..
Niel: Just show us, it could be really charming
Cap: It’s just hanging there
Ljoe: Actually today, the stylist noona brought really high ones
Niel: Don’t try to excuse yourself
Ljoe: It’s not an excuse
Ricky: But..
Ljoe: We’re about the same
Ricky: I’m just wearing different shoes than you
Niel noticing Chunji’s shoes: Take them off!
Everyone: Take them off!
Ljoe: There’s something inside!
Chunji: It’s manners, manners!
Ljoe: That’s it for my charms
Chunji: Was it insoles?
Ljoe: My charm is insoles, it’s vacation time! Now Niel?
Niel: My charm? My charm is my lips ofc
Ljoe: Not that, not that. Everyone knows that
Niel: Uhh, charm… My ankle bone?
Niel: That is my charm
Ljoe: You have a lot of bites on your legs
Niel: I’ve been in rough places
Ljoe: In the jungle!
Niel: Cap hyung! You claimed to have sooo many charms?
Niel: You didn’t shave today?
Cap: Eh?
Niel: You didn’t shave?
Cap: I did!
Niel: Doesn’t look like it
Ljoe: It grew right back?
Cap: That’s my charm, my facial hair grows fast!
Chunji: How about growing a beard?
Cap: You don’t want me to? I’ll do that for the next next the single after that
Angels: Nooo (heey k-angels! be more open to new things!! it could be hot XD)
Niel: Is that it for your charms?
Cap: Yes, facial hair
Niel: Chunji hyung?
Chunji: Yes
Niel: Sommelier Kang Jimin?
Chunji: Yes, nice to meet you, I’m Kang Jimin the sommelier here. What’s with the atmosphere in here? Let me try to change that *points*
Chunji: Is that sufficient enough?
Niel: Yes it is
Chunji: Now, Ricky? Show us something
Ricky: My charm…
Niel: I heard it’s abs
Ricky: Umm.. I…
Angels: Show us! Show us!
Chunji: There’s something you wanted to show us, Ricky’s manly side… Please show us!
Niel: Oh, I apologize, Ricky agreed to show his abs at a later time
Ricky: If I show them to you now, you won’t be able to see the rest of the show today (cuz we’d be blinded by the hotness of them? XD)
Ricky: For your safety
Niel: Yes, yes
Ljoe: Then can you show us some other charm?
Ricky: I just.. I’ve turned 20 now
Angels: Whoooo!
Ricky: I can provide responsibility
Chunji: Do you have a lot of money?
Ricky: Money, well… I can at least pay for a delicious meal
Angels: Wheee!
Ricky: Thank you!
Niel: Now it’s time for Teen Top’s most charming Changjo!
Changjo: I umm.. my charms have lessened… I’m 20!
Ljoe: But that’s the same as Ricky, something else
Changjo: My feet are pretty big. Feet
Niel: Big feet? Show us!
Ljoe: But that’s similar to Niel, ankles
Niel: Yes, that won’t do
Ljoe: Show something else
Niel: Changjo-ssi, your backbone is really…
Ljoe: I can confirm this, his backbone is really no joke
Cap: Whaa, good view
Chunji: Yes, we’ve seen everything. Everyone, if you get a girlfriend what would you like to do? 
Changjo: Me!
Chunji: What do you wanna do?
Changjo: I wanna go on a date
Chunji: Date? So why don’t we all sing ‘Date’ together!