Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night wondering why I’m still in this fandom.
Then some amazing people appear in my mind and I feel better but… for how long?
For how long will I be active in this fandom? When I see some “Classic TR fans” behaviour I just want to close everything and forget about what has happened to my childhood heroine.
I don’t mind the haters. However, seeing what is happening to Tomb Raider is more than sad for me. I gave so many opportunities to the franchise. I played LAU trilogy. I played Reboot. I tried so hard.
For me, Lara Croft is gone since 2003. So… what am I doing here?

today is a good day. i had fruit for breakfast, one of my favorite fanfictions updated, and my panic at the disco pandora station finally started playing florence and the machine like i’ve been training it to for months. feels good man

ordinary-runner  asked:

When you get this tell me 5 things that make you happy and then send this to the first 10 people in your notifications :)

Today is a good day for this!  I stayed out a little too late last night, and am feeling cranky and sluggish due to lack of sleep.  (Then again, I stayed out late due to date night, so, yay!)

1.  Date night! And pretty much everything else about my boyfriend.  I seriously had NO idea that being in a romantic relationship could be so fun, and could make my life easier.  My boyfriend is awesome.

2.  Summer!  I love hot, sunny days.  I love having my Liz home instead of doing the school shuffle on my days with her.  I love the pool, the water park, vacations…all the good stuff.

3.  Drawing!  Facebook memories dredged up a picture from a year ago and it was garbage. ^_^  It’s amazing what practice, along with forgiving one’s own mistakes, can do to improve skill.

4.  Plants!  Especially flowers and foods.  Gardening is fun.  Taking photos of flowers is fun.  But even seeing a bunch of green trees, or watering the houseplants at the paycheck job, will cheer me up.

5.  Coffee!  Why, yes, I will have a warm and delicious drink that wakes me up, thx.

forestwildflower  asked:

14, 17, 44, 72, 113 & 146!

14. Do I believe in luck and miracles?

I’d have to say no.

17. Do I think that there is life on other planets?

Yes, at least I hope so! The universe is far too large for us to be the only planet with life on it.

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Outer space! I’ve been a fan of Star Wars and scifi since I was a wee child, so of course I’m going with space!

72. What color are my towels?

Black and brown, because I am so vibrant and full of life.

113. What was my childhood nickname?

Honestly, I never had a nickname as a kid, I didn’t get one until I went to basic, and that was ‘Goose’, because of my last name.

146. Was today a good day?

Yes! I cleaned and organized my car (so productive), and went off-roading and shooting with friends in the mountains! Though it would have been a lot better if @forestwildflower was there with me!

i honest to god was walking through the parking lot of my college’s chick fil a and i witnessed with my own damn eyes two beautiful women, one in a plain dress and the other in a navy uniform, hold hands and then kiss each other goodbye and it was so cute and as i turned to head back to my dorm i saw these two boys staring at them across the parking lot and i was like “oh no” but then the taller one grabbed the shorter one and kissed him really hard and they looked so embarrassed and i realized that sometimes you just gotta have a little courage yknow