Just to recap!
  • Louis has been in LA (presumably) for at least 2 weeks and hasn’t been papped the entire time. Has barely been spotted by fans
  • They papped him with the kid at his public, fandom and papparazi-known house for the first time this entire shit show 
  • Louis did not use the garage to unload/load Freddie and shield him from the pesky photographers parked 10 feet from his door like Eleanor did post-arrest on her getaway to LAX
  • Freddo’s face was not blurred 

100 Days of Youtube - (33/100)

↳ “have you been dipping your face in polystyrene again?”


My reaction to hearing Harry’s album for the first time. As you might notice, I got progressively drunker with every song. Happy Halbum! I am embarrassing!