A while back I read something about how ADHD messes with how you process time (you don’t) which explains so much about why I can never remember when things happened, like when an illness started or when I last heard from someone. Because every event in my brain gets classified into one of five time frames:

Earlier today: Literally today in the last waking period
The other day: Sometime between yesterday and three weeks ago
A while back: Anything between one month and a year ago 
A few years ago: At least eight months ago and probably not more than five years
When I was a kid: Either when I was an actual child OR when I did something embarrassing and was old enough to know better

So for example, I know I read that little factoid about ADHD more than a month ago because it was a while back, but I couldn’t begin to tell you whether that was in July or January.

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crying because ill probably never meet you and you are honestly one of my favorite people ever. 💕💕

Don’t say “never”! Who knows what will happen throughout life! I’ve traveled the world, lived all over the place, met so many people, lost jobs, been hired unexpectedly, had money, had no money (now :’P), almost lost my life, experienced so many things and most of them were unplanned.

You can’t prepare entirely for what will happen! Instead of “never” think “eventually”. It might not be today, tomorrow, or even next year, but you can’t predict who will be doing what and when they’ll be doing it :)

Prompt request

Warren Worthington III x Reader

Summary:  Hey with the prompts can I get 12 with Warren he says it to the reader. Thanks.

Prompt: “You’re the worst person I’ve ever met and I loathe the sight of you.”



Warren had no idea why he disliked you so much, or why you bothered him. You were the nicest person at this school, and the only one who wasn’t afraid to talk to him. But maybe that was his problem, he liked you and you were to good for him. He couldn’t have you.

That’s why he was so cold to you.Yet you were still so nice to him.

You knew it probably had to do with the way he was treated, and how he probably was never cared about or befriended in his life, so you tried not to let his cold demeanor scare you or push you away, but sometimes the things he said really did hurt. 

Like what happened today for example.

You saw Warren sitting alone in the courtyard. He was watching the younger students play basketball, and once and awhile his gaze would shift to the people riding bikes around the school, and occasionally over to the group you sat in with Scott, Peter, Jean, and the rest of the gang.

You told your group goodbye, before making your way over to Warren. 

Warren tensed as he saw you walking over trying to calm himself down a little before freaking out. He stiffened as you sat next to him and smiled.

‘Ignore her.’ He said to himself. But it was harder said than done.

As you smiled at him and said hello Warren forced himself to sigh, leaning back into the bench you both were on, and turned his head away from you.

You frowned but quickly replaced it with a small smile, not giving up.

“How’s your day been today?” You asked.


“Uhm…What do you think of the new book Professor assigned? Are you excited to read it?”

More Silence.

“What about the homework assignment? Did you-”

“Will you shut up!” He yelled interrupting you causing you to jump back and everyone in the courtyard to watch you two.

“I-I’m…” You didn’t know what to say.

“Jesus you’re so annoying! Can’’t you tell I don’t like you.” He yelled a little louder.

He almost immediately apologizing as he saw the look on your face. Why was he doing this? He could fix everything right now, make things right. Tell you how he really feels.

But his insecurities got in the way.

“You’re the worst person I’ve ever met and I loathe the sight of you.” He finished yelling, breathing heavily.

And when the first tear fell from your face he immediately hated himself.

“I’m…I’m sorry, I didn’t” You didn’t even finish your sentence before you ran off wiping your eyes.

I feel nervous about therapy today. I want to talk to her about it, let her help me, but even the thought makes me panic and feel like I’m going mute. It doesn’t help that that is what happened last time. I feel weird how much I’ve wanted a hug lately lol. Probably not when I’m there but rn inner child definitely wants it. I’d never! Ask. I don’t want to leave her. She feels safe and caring and I trust her and she knows all these things about me and I’m starting to share the way I think (which from the way I write on here might seem little, but in facts is very big). I wish I could have admitted to any of this sooner, so we could have worked on it and use it even. It scares me this neediness from someone to accept my emotions, to accept my thoughts, to feel safe enough with to be vulnerable. To be there in my most difficult moments and help me get what I need when I have no power to do anything for myself anymore. It hurts letting it go. Not knowing what I will get back.

                                             The Right Thing To Do

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Emma would never guess this night would turn like this. She wanted to help Regina forget about what happened today. She never meant one shot to turn into a couple of them… But at very first Regina seemed that she really needed more. She actually realised she needed it, too. It didn’t cross her mind that she probably should control herself, make sure to stay sober and watch Regina, be there for her.. Drive her home when she will get tired. But instead she kept kicking off each shot with Regina. The alcohol made her relax very quickly, making her all giggle and yearning. She wanted to take care of Regina.At some point a little voice in her head told her at some point they should get going, especially since they will have to walk all the way. Emma didn’t even thought if she will be able to go all the way back to the apartment. Her mind was all wrapped around the brunette woman.When they got onto the porch of 108 Mifflin Street Emma pressed Regina gently against the wall, laughing at how heavy her legs felt. “Oh god…” She laughed again. “We made it!” She shouted loudly giggling. Her both hands wereon both sides of Regina’s head resting again the wall to keep herself standing. “Do you have the key?” She asked after trying to open the locked door.

i think i can’t fall asleep without my pills anymore. probably seasonal. i took one today, but then things that prevented me from falling asleep happened till the effect started wearing off. then i spent two hours in bed with no results. i took another one some time ago. tbh i’m ok with depending on them, they are not sleeping pills, it’s a muscle relaxant. and even my neck aches less often and never for more than one day since i started taking it, and i get at least some sleep everyday. priceless,

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Today was planned to be an easy day for the demon, there had been no indications of trouble joined life involving him with the locals had been both slow and limited.

Though things so far had never seemed to go the way he hoped from prior experiences, but Dan was determined to make the most of it while he could, being collapsed on the ground and staring up at the sky.

How long would it be until something happened?….probably not long, he’d just gotten comfortable.

My coworkers were talking about childbirth today and I was like ‘nopenopenope never happening’ and they were telling me 'never say never’

And I kinda shrugged and 'well I mean I’m never going to have sex so like, the whole baby thing probably isn’t gonna be a problem’

And I ended up explaining that I’m ace and how that works

It went surprisingly well

Like they weren’t fazed at all they were just like 'oh that’s cool’

Which was really nice tbh


Okay so onto a topic that someone has probably talked about but I never see anywhere except one internet meme so like listen to me. More than eight gyms in region is a thing.

So today I’ve been watching a lot of XY&Z anime, I started with the first episode, “From A to Z!,” with the introduction to Zygarde. Anyway, Sawyer showed up with his Sceptile. After that, Ash and Sawyer were showing off their badges with Ash having seven and Sawyer having four. I happened to be paying attention to both of their badges and I noticed sawyer has different badges.

[Sawyer’s Badges]

[Ash’s Badges]

As I know this is a faint argument being Sawyer is from Hoenn and he could have obtained the fire, water, and flying badges while in Hoenn, but I have an argument for that.

In “A Fashionable Battle,” he only had one badge, which is one of the unknown badges, and in “From A to Z!,” he gained the bug badge the plant badge, and two unknown badges. Honestly, I don’t think he could travel to Hoenn, grab two badges, and return to Kalos. Also, to get into the Kalos league, he has to have at least eight badges from that region

That’s not the only bit of evidence of more gyms than just eight to a region. 

In “All Eyes on The Future!,” Ash wins his seventh gym battle to Psychic type Olympia (which was a fantastic battle, may I add), Ash is about to set off for his next gym battle when Professor Sycamore asks him where his next gym battle should be. Automatically, this confused me because I still thought there were just eight gyms to a region, so I thought i was just a goof on the anime. Apparently not since there’s a fire, water, and flying type gym he could have gone and battled, but ultimately he decided on the Snowbelle City gym since it was closest (where we get the iconic snow fight that always reminds me of “Fort Squidward” in Spongebob. Meme later).

So since there’s two pieces of evidence that there are more than eight gyms in Kalos, there’s proof in Kanto.

[Gary Motherfucking Oak, A Legend]

In conclusion

*mic drop*

tl;dr: There’s more than eight gyms to a region without saying it directly in the anime.

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RULES: tell your followers eleven facts about yourself and then tag eleven more people to do it.

  1. I have massive commitment issues and one helluva inferiority complex. So basically I spend my life refusing to commit to things (people, work, everything) bc I think I’m the worst and I figure if I do it, I’ll screw it up, or that people will just screw me over so why bother? :’)
  2. I hate university. I’m too impatient for the process of learning and waiting for things to happen, so I literally just hate going and can’t wait to graduate so I can get over with things. But then I also know I’ll probably hate work too, bc I’m just a hateful person whoops.
  3. Today I finally caved and started paying for Photoshop. As someone who never pays for anything online ever (eg. apps, music, movies etc) this was like??? A super big deal lmao
  5. I want to be a bartender, or a criminal psychologist, or a journalist, or a lawyer, or a politician. But I also just don’t want to put in the effort to get there, I want instant gratification and whatever job because I’m a shit person.
  6. When I was in primary school, I used to have an obsession with designing my future house. I’d get graph paper and design every lil bit in hella detail literally every break and it was a lil full on. My house had thirteen stories and a waterslide in place of stairs/elevator that you had to eat Gillyweed before you went down. It was obviously extremely realistic, ofc.
  7. I seem to attract the weirdest fucking people. Like, just thinking back on the people I befriend/dated or those who try and befriend me, the people have all been emotionally unstable, obsessive, abusive or a combination of these factors. Aka reasons why I stick to making friends online bc no thank you.
  8. The first proper musical I ever saw was Wicked and though I’d enjoyed musical theater prior to that, it was what triggered my obsession with all things musical theater and Broadway and first made me consider living in New York. Six or so years have now passed and not a day goes by where I don’t think about the day I can finally afford to move to my shitty little Brooklyn apartment and how happy I’ll be there.
  9. I just really fucking hate feet. Like, I have a genuine foot phobia and it’s shit. It’s awful.
  10. I currently have four novels in progress. I’m not entirely sure I’ll finish any of them, but I love each and every one of them and hope at least one will be published. If I can publish even just one proper novel, or even a book of my short stories, I’ll be happy.
  11. At the moment, my muse masterlist informs me I have 56 muses. The day I hit 100 muses is the day I decend into the abyss and regret all my life choices.

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With some distractions, these are all the gifs I was able to do today, a scene that is roughly about 2 minutes long(?) and I was actually doing another one when Photoshop decided to close on itself and I never save when doing these things. It’s not an important gif but it had MANY Lars expression (essentially it’s what happens right after the 3rd gif). there were also some other parts I tried to do (Lars flicking Ronaldos hair) but I didn’t really care for them. 

@bumnum. @ shy anon that requested Lars and Ronaldo gifs for this ep, sorry there isn’t really any here, those will probably happen tomorrow.

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Hey, sorry to bother you, but something really weird is happening? I'm in your sam tags, si when you uploaded thr last fic it's like lots of people are "mentioning" me, but actually they're not, because they're reblogging your work? Do you know why this is happening? Sorry again, I just found it unusual, it had never happened to me before?

Okay, this is happening to a lot of people today, myself included. I’m not getting the notifications when I’m tagged in things originally, but every time someone reblogs it, I get a notification saying I was mentioned by the person who reblogged it. Tumblr is broken. Probably because it couldn’t handle all the smut yesterday, tbh.


“ Dear Steve,

this is to avoid seeing your tears flow that I write to you today. I gave everything for you Steve. You have been the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. Unfortunately you are also the worst. I have loved you with every piece of my heart, every part of my soul. I never felt that way before you. What I’m about to do is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life. I must withdraw from your life while there is still time. I have to go. I release you. I know you really love me, I know you’ve always been sincere. But you’re not there Steve. You’re not there when I need comfort, you’re not there when I wake up every morning, you’re not there when I come home after a long day of work, you have not been there when I gave birth to our little girl, you have not been there when she made her first steps, you’re not even there to tell her goodnight. I do not blame you Steve, I know you do not want that. I know you would be there for us. But you chose to take care of the world. I understand it and I’m proud of the man you are. But you must also understand that I, we, your daughter and I need more than that. I hope you can understand. So I’m leaving Steve. Bittersweet memories that is all I’m taking with me. I wish you joy and happiness but, above all this, I wish you love. You can see our little girl whenever you want. I will always love you. And I hope one day our paths will be able to recross.

With all my love, [Y/N] xx”

Here’s an idea - make Spark the kind of guy who’s good at teaching people. Good at explaining things. He spends so much time with little ones, probably quite a lot with young human children teaching them how to be around young Pokemon too.

So make him the kind whose inspiring speeches really reach out and touch you. It doesn’t just uplift your mood for a while - it makes you think.

Also, he never plans his speeches. Which irritates Blanche to no end. Candela always knows what to say, but Spark just… goes with the flow. With whatever happens to be the issue today.

So today an insane, unimaginable thing happened, and my brain is still trying to process it. While at work, I met Domhnall Gleeson!!

Its strange because I’m never at Goofy’s in the morning (my seniority isn’t high enough), and I’ve been avoiding merge like the plague since they changed our procedures at that position, but today I couldn’t escape it. So I’m standing at merge, waiting for fastpasses, when I see a “plaid” coming towards me. He was with a tall, thin ginger man, and I thought to myself, “Wow, that guy looks like Domhnall.” And then as they got closer I realized IT ACTUALLY WAS DOMHNALL. The plaid flashed his VIP card, so I let them through, and Domhnall thanked me (he’s very polite.)

I was so shocked, I just stood there for a bit and watched them walk up the ramp, debating whether I wanted to say anything. But then I thought “fuck it” because when will this chance ever happen again??

So I walked up to them, put my hands together in apology, and leaned in, saying, “Please forgive me.” (which was mostly directed at the plaid bc I was kinda breaking the rules) This got Domhnall’s attention and he turned to me. The first thing I could think to say was, “I’m making a Hux costume!”

He immediately brightened and said, “Oh! Really?”

Me: Yeah! I just finished my Poe costume, so now I’m starting on Hux!

DG: Which one? Well, I guess he only has the one. With or without coat?

Me: With!

DG: With or without hat?

Me, grimacing: With the hat.

DG: Nah, the hat’s complicated.

Me: But I don’t have your lovely ginger hair!

DG: Do it without the hat and get a nice ginger wig!

Me: Haha ok!

DG: Good luck to you! Have a nice day!

Me: You, too!

And then I went back to merge and kept doing my job while barely being able to talk and shaking like a leaf. I later learned that one of my fellow CMs noticed him and shouted, “WHERE’S COURTNEY??” before noticing that I had already found him. And everyone found out so quickly and kept congratulating me like I’d gotten a promotion. I was giggling and ridiculous the rest of the day. It was truly wonderful, and if I do end up getting in trouble, I don’t regret it. Also, I have his express permission to not make that goddamn hat!

So, in short, Domhnall Gleeson is a very kind, genuine, humble person, and I’m honestly even more obsessed now. Thank you, fate, for allowing this chance encounter.

Ouija Boards

There’s a lot of fear surrounding Ouija Boards, and that’s totally understandable. Some people do have really bad experiences with them, and some really creepy hauntings have happened as a result of their use.
I use my Ouija Board often though, and so far I have yet to have a bad experience. A combination of consistent dealings with the paranormal and a heavy background in the occult are probably the main reason for this. Today, I would like to discuss the the do’s of Ouija Boards, and the things you should never do.
-Use it with friends
-Ask the entity questions about itself
-Ask VERY general personal questions
-Use it in open areas with few objects that can be thrown, just in case things go south
-Be able to easily leave the room if anything happens
-Use in areas with decent lighting
-Read up on the warning signs of different types of entities. For example, if you smell something foul while using the board, you’ll know it’s a malevolent spirit and know to end the session.
-Know how to properly end a session. Always thank the spirit for talking with you, and tell it it may not stay in your home after you end the session. Make sure to distinctly tell it goodbye, the session is over.
-Use the board alone
-Continue the session if it begins to feel uncomfortable
-Have lit candles around. A malevolent entity could knock them over and cause a fire.
-Continue speaking with the spirit if it says it’s age is zero. This is a sign that it is a demon.
-Ask it when people will die, or how
-Use around small children or pets
-Use in areas that are hard to leave. You do not want to be trapped with an evil spirit
-End the session without a proper farewell. Aside from the fact the spirit may linger, you may also anger it
-Attempt to contact evil spirits or demons
-Try to contact the devil
I feel like the last two should be self explanatory, but unless you are a VERY experienced practitioner of black magic, don’t go messing with demons.
Also, always be on the lookout immediately after a session. Watch your home, and pay attention to its happenings. If you ended the session correctly, it’s likely nothing will happen, but it’s good to keep an eye out for new activity.


So, I feel like I should tell people how I met Daddy. In reality it was not like a long story, but short may it be, meeting Daddy @castrokinky is probably one of the best things to ever happen to my love and kink life.

It’s not common in today’s world to find happiness, I mean true happiness, the kind you never get used to, the kind that you only find a few times in your life. If you can’t tell… I’m smitten. I don’t want to look pathetic here, but my past dominant’s all mentally abused me. Made me feel like shit, told me I was not worth their breath, treated me like trash. I had been following Daddy here for a long time not was allowed to contact him for various reasons… I won’t go into them, but when I was free of my last Dom’s grip I was typing my message to Daddy so quick I thought my phone was gonna break. Fast forward a month and half later and here I am, in a relationship with Daddy. To add to my new found bliss, I later approached @whisperpup to Alpha me, he accepted. So now I have my Daddy, my alpha, fellow pups @puptangle and @pupknottie, hopefully our relationships will grow as all of us progress in this kinky world!

So now I’m looking at a new future for my kink life, a bright future filled with happiness and positive experiences. I hope that through out my journey I can bring you all with me and show you my new world! I’m going to go now, I hope someone can get some good out of this long ass text post.

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I know someones probably asked you this before: whats your favorite gif of every member J?

Yes… but it was so long ago, so many things have happened and I have hundreds of new gifs to enjoy!

See… there’s one small problem… they’re so unique, I’ll never get to use them in a reaction.ㅠㅠ
Second small problem: I love too many gifs, so we’ll have to do one post for each member!


First off, may I present… THE CUTEST CRIMINAL EVER!! What could he have been jailed for? Pouting under the influence?

Exhibit 2: A baozi eating baozi. Plus, cute little Joseon-era bun on top of his head. Bun-ception.

Stripper Seok. I’ve wanted him to be a recurring character for so long… Put him in the Queen of Hearts strip club and there is no one who wouldn’t get their wet panties looking at those abs.

- Admin J

(Tomorrow, Luhan!)


I spent six hours out, looking for Blair. I had no idea where she was, and every place I went to only to found out she wasn’t there diminished my hopes. Duncan sent me a text one hour ago, telling me we had already looked everywhere, but he still had an idea, and if she wasn’t there, we should give up for the day. Kieran is still out there on the search.

In dark days like today, I hate my parents more for making the two of us repel technology, and in this case, mobile phones. 

I walk through my studio to get to my bedroom. I should rest, but I know I won’t be able to, so I’ll just probably just lie down, look at the floor, and think about all the horrible things that might have happened to her. I didn’t realize I cared to much until she left. Maybe is because I’ve never stopped caring. Have I lost her… again?

A sudden sound of steps drags me out of my thoughts. I walk to the stairs, listening to the noise of the front door closing.

‘’Blair…’’ I mutter, about to run like a maniac down there.

‘’This is a good house’’ a male voice says instead, one that I have never heard before. ‘’And it’s empty’’ he laughs. ‘’Let’s get started’’

And then I can only hear the sound of glass breaking, the furious steps of the men who have just entered and the beating of my heart. My knees flail, making me fall back to the floor. My hands tremble spasmodically. I feel like my ribs are tightening up, not letting enough air enter my lungs. I have to breathe, but I can’t.

I’m trapped.