I have a lot of Unpopular Opinions™ that I would love to discuss...

but i also like having friends so i probably won’t.

Big Bang is probably one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Without them, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.
Without them, I would have already abandoned the dreams inside me.
Without them, I wouldn’t have met my precious friends that mean so much to me.
Without them, an important part of my life, namely music, would be so boring.
Without them, the colour yellow would be so meaningless to me.
Without them, my daily life would be filled with constant boredom.
Without them, I would have never learned that it is okay to be different as long as I am myself.
Without them, I wouldn’t know what patience is.
Without them, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today.

Happy 10th anniversary. Let’s meet each other again in 10 years, okay? ❤ Let’s meet and meet again until our all happiness is obtained. Let’s meet each other until whenever.

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okay, guys, i’ve been thinking a lot these days?? about what to do with this blog, because i feel it’s clogged and messy, and that it’s just… not what i want right now. i decided that i’m probably going to remake it one of these days.

i’ll change some things, move some muses to a sideblog on the account, keep some, and ADD a couple i’ve been dying to rp ( ylena which you might’ve spotted and azumi, a trashcan ) . i don’t know if i’ll change theme, probably not, but i’ll have a different URL, which i’ve yet to decide.

i’ll archive this blog, like, archive it PERMANENTLY and throw the key away. but it’ll be here in case people want to see it lol.

yeah so this is the notice i wanted to give, so guys, i won’t be making any kind of posts except to say what the new blog is and stuff, so yes. be ready.

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How are you doing today?

I have been really good but it is miserably hot here! I got a few things packed in my apartment this morning, escaped to starbucks with Randee for A/C this afternoon, went on a 20 mile bike ride, and am now home having dinner! Tonight I will probably just chill out…Tumblr, reading, Private Practice, etc :) 

Mood-wise, I am feeling fantastic. I have actually felt okay in my body today and that *NEVER* happens. I am really just feeling good because I am finally getting to eat a normal amount of food without gaining weight….like shit, I have eaten doughnuts/pastries for breakfast most mornings, I have had dessert almost every evening, and I have eaten whenever I am hungry AND still lost more weight over the past two weeks. It isn’t even the weight loss that I feel good about…it is the fact that I am finally seeing that my body might actually (?!?!) be normal and can finally handle (?!?!) normal eating. It is unbelievable. 

Also just feeling excited (and healthily anxious) because I start work AND move into my new apartment with Randee next week :~) 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY, KEITH MOON! (Wow, talk about things that were just never gonna happen….)

Moon in Taurus

Tranquil plodding, and we’re feeling pretty cosmic. Still good for Venus type things - beautification, flirting, making art, general pleasantness. Good for baking and cooking, too. If it weren’t for the next aspect, we’d probably sleep all day. Oh, and do auxiliary watering; prune things that are growing too fast.

Mars/Sagittarius conjunct Saturn/Sagittarius, 5:26 am MDT (Wednesday)

This is stressful, and although it isn’t perfectly exact until tomorrow morning (my time) we’ll still feel it intensify today. The conjunction is also sesquiquad (135 degrees away from) Uranus/Aries. It’s very restless, impatient energy, bordering on the violent, between Mars and Uranus - we do NOT want anyone telling us what to do. Saturn can usually be trusted to be the voice of reason, even in Sagittarius, but it’s also judgmental (a la fundamentalist religions) here. Try to streamline your activities Tuesday and Wednesday, remember to count to 10 (and when very angry, per Thomas Jefferson, to 100), and take care of yourself.

Looking ahead to Wednesday: after effects of the conjunction, a shanbled-up afternoon, and a Last Quarter Moon phase.

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First off– CONGRATS ON MEETING HEMSWORTH AND HIDDLESTON! I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE! I met Chris Evans; together we make up like 50% of The Avengers ;) 

And hoooly crap that mask I will never stop laughing also he looks really attractive from the neck down so A+ Dylan.