I learned yesterday that when you see a bee on the ground that isn’t moving, it’s not necessarily dead, it’s probably just dead tired from carrying lots of pollen and needs re-energising. So if you mix a tiny bit of water with some sugar and let it drink it will give it the boost it needs to continue on its way. Bizarrely, this exact thing happened today! I found a knackered bee, mixed up some sugar water, gave it a drink and watched it guzzle and guzzle then suddenly come back to life. It was amazing! Thank you patrick, it was an excellent tip that i’ll never forget and will continue to pass on to others!

A while back I read something about how ADHD messes with how you process time (you don’t) which explains so much about why I can never remember when things happened, like when an illness started or when I last heard from someone. Because every event in my brain gets classified into one of five time frames:

Earlier today: Literally today in the last waking period
The other day: Sometime between yesterday and three weeks ago
A while back: Anything between one month and a year ago 
A few years ago: At least eight months ago and probably not more than five years
When I was a kid: Either when I was an actual child OR when I did something embarrassing and was old enough to know better

So for example, I know I read that little factoid about ADHD more than a month ago because it was a while back, but I couldn’t begin to tell you whether that was in July or January.

The majority of my followers has probably no idea who is running this blog and I barely post something about myself on here but I want to say some things because something really mindblowing happened today, something I never even dreamt of when I first started reblogging my first posts on this website. You are now one of more than 50 000 people following this blog and I want to thank every single person that follows me with all the love and gratitude I got in my heart for making this happen. This blog is something really special to me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if this blog didn’t exist. This blog and more exactly the content of my blog has had a huge influence on me and a lot of things happened since the time I started this blog. I would most likely not be making art by myself today if I never found my way to sacred geometry and visionary art through this website. I started out by reblogging trippy art I liked and slowly started to get more and more interested in all these structures, patterns and shapes that seemed to reoccur in a lot of gifs and artworks that I found. Out of this interest I eventually started to grow a small obsession with these patterns and started to try drawing the easiest forms, just doodling in an exercise book during class, nothing serious. It was actually during the time period in which I wrote my final exams in high school about a year ago when I first brought some shapes and lines together to create the first drawing I did that I’d consider an artwork. So that’s how it started. Suddenly everything changed. Never before have I thought of actually making art and here I am now – thinking about how this journey will continue.

Thank you so much for all the appreciation, compliments and love that I am getting for my art – you are the reason I am pursuing this path and why my heart is filled with love, energy and creativity.If applying to university and moving and all that stuff isn’t too stressful which I don’t hope I’m going to try to make prints of my artworks available for you all to purchase later this year.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without every single person that follows me, thank you all so much. I love you all <3

Here’s an idea - make Spark the kind of guy who’s good at teaching people. Good at explaining things. He spends so much time with little ones, probably quite a lot with young human children teaching them how to be around young Pokemon too.

So make him the kind whose inspiring speeches really reach out and touch you. It doesn’t just uplift your mood for a while - it makes you think.

Also, he never plans his speeches. Which irritates Blanche to no end. Candela always knows what to say, but Spark just… goes with the flow. With whatever happens to be the issue today.

Something's following my friend
Anon submitted:

I would like to submit this anonymously, please.

I moved to a dorm when I started art school about 6 years ago, and I got to know a girl who lived in a room next to mine. We soon became close friends, and at some point we started talking about paranormal happenings. She told me there was an entity of some sort following her. When she changed residences, things were calm for approximately two weeks. Then whatever it was following her caught up and weird things started to happen. 

Due to inheriting a certain sensitivity to paranormal things from my mother, I have always believed in spirits and such things, but had never had a clearly paranormal experience, as in something that I couldn’t have explained in any way. That changed when I began spending time with this girl, and today I can with certainity say that I have experienced something paranormal. Everything I tell here really happened, and some people will probably call me crazy and/or think my friend somehow staged those things, but I know they happened. 

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Things About Writing A Novel I Never Considered Until I Had To Write One:

  • how do you say the words “I’m writing a novel” without crying or making people want to punch you in the face?
  • what happens if you decide not to use a character who was previously in the story? will they be okay? did I hurt their feelings???
  • is imagining all the fic you could write about your characters weird? I think it’s weird. oh god
  • does colour coding your notebook and buying really nice paperclips count as work??? why not?????
  • are cute AU fic tropes cute when they’re not in AU fic or should I just boil my head in a vat of acid now rather than later?
Cross My Heart

I received this prompt to write a story based on the song Cross My Heart by Mariana’s Trench, which is a song that I enjoy, quite a lot. My brain did this thing while listening to this song. Thank you anon for suggesting it! You have lovely taste in music.

SFW - 1 217

Grace takes a deep breath in and turns on her camera. Today seems to be one of those days when she just doesn’t feel like filming. But she films a video anyway. She shudders just thinking about what would happen if she would unexpectedly miss a day. If the reaction to her minutely late uploads are any indication, Tumblr would probably explode and she’d never hear the end of it.

She looks up and checks that the camera is in focus and smiles, hoping it doesn’t look as forced as it feels.

“Hey guys it is Once Over Wednesday here on It’s Grace or OOW for short.”

Grace laughs, she can’t help it.

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I honestly have never been more disappointed in a fandom/group of people. Ever. What has happened today will NEVER be inexcusable. Sending death threats isn’t appropriate at all, and if you’re one of those people who sent Rap Monster one, you must be extremely happy aren’t you? You cost fans hundreds of dollars, probably even thousands.

They performed their last song, feeling SCARED, bolting off the stage as soon as that last second of the song came. What happened to the performances that they always dedicated to us, always lingering on stage to spend their last moments with us?

I don’t think some of you understand the whole fandom thing.
These boys constantly update about their lives, constantly have comebacks, working on new songs and always improving.
And now with this world tour, they also have jet lag, even more practice, and are moving from venue to venue in just days.

However, some of you don’t appreciate that.

Some of you are so immature that you don’t think first, you act first, and your first decision was violence, agreeing to that one post to punch Namjoon in the face. Some of you think it’s funny to send death threats.

You’re so selfish if you’re one of these people. Not only did you affect BTS, you also affected fans, whether they came to the venue or not.

What happened to the unity we had when we helped the boys place first? What happened to all the inside jokes?

Instead, fans are attacking other fans, the boys’ safety was potentially comprised, money was lost, and fans are torn apart, they can’t even get 10 seconds to see idols up close.

Things like this, is what is tearing apart our fandom, and it’s breaking me in half. I’m getting more sad and upset every minute I write this, and I didn’t even go today. I’m ready to burst into tears at how upset the boys could be.

Whether it is an idol or not, making death threats is not acceptable. I’m sick of immature fans, sick of hate being sent to inboxes, sick of the growing weight on my shoulders.

I’m sick of certain people not understanding how to be civil.

I was about to go to sleep today, but it’s now 12:15 in the morning and I can’t go back to sleep at all, I am SCARED and WORRIED for BTS.

Please, for the rest of the locations, treat the boys like KINGS, please show them your love. Listen to the rules and not take pictures/videos for others to watch.
Learn to respect other people’s opinion.

Let them know that we DO care, and that not all of us are like that.

They deserve every amount of love possible.

The apparently simple idea that one day out of seven should be devoted to rest and reflection has always been a radical concept. Its earliest practice challenged the ancient world, where labor was the lot of beasts and slaves, and leisure was the privilege of the rich and powerful. Today, when the hum of the machine never stops, when everyone has too much to do and not enough time in which to finish, Shabbat continues to pose fundamental questions about values and the value of life.

Anita Diamant and Howard Cooper, Living a Jewish Life

One of the things that I’ve learned while converting to Judaism, probably the most important thing, is to take time to just spend time resting. Spend the day with those you love and reflect on the good things about life, about your values, what you want out of life, and how to reorient yourself. For me, this happens on Shabbat. The rituals and foods make the day special and help me to recharge and refocus for the week ahead. Sometimes it is hard to put aside work and other worries in order to focus on the blessings of life instead of what’s lacking or what needs to be done. But I’ve come to realize it’s absolutely necessary. For this, I’m grateful for the Shabbat as a symbol of salvation in an ideal world and a taste of what that world could be like. Of all the holidays and institutions, Shabbat is probably the best one to come out of Judaism.

“More than Israel has kept Shabbat, has Shabbat kept Israel.”

Ouija Boards

There’s a lot of fear surrounding Ouija Boards, and that’s totally understandable. Some people do have really bad experiences with them, and some really creepy hauntings have happened as a result of their use.
I use my Ouija Board often though, and so far I have yet to have a bad experience. A combination of consistent dealings with the paranormal and a heavy background in the occult are probably the main reason for this. Today, I would like to discuss the the do’s of Ouija Boards, and the things you should never do.
-Use it with friends
-Ask the entity questions about itself
-Ask VERY general personal questions
-Use it in open areas with few objects that can be thrown, just in case things go south
-Be able to easily leave the room if anything happens
-Use in areas with decent lighting
-Read up on the warning signs of different types of entities. For example, if you smell something foul while using the board, you’ll know it’s a malevolent spirit and know to end the session.
-Know how to properly end a session. Always thank the spirit for talking with you, and tell it it may not stay in your home after you end the session. Make sure to distinctly tell it goodbye, the session is over.
-Use the board alone
-Continue the session if it begins to feel uncomfortable
-Have lit candles around. A malevolent entity could knock them over and cause a fire.
-Continue speaking with the spirit if it says it’s age is zero. This is a sign that it is a demon.
-Ask it when people will die, or how
-Use around small children or pets
-Use in areas that are hard to leave. You do not want to be trapped with an evil spirit
-End the session without a proper farewell. Aside from the fact the spirit may linger, you may also anger it
-Attempt to contact evil spirits or demons
-Try to contact the devil
I feel like the last two should be self explanatory, but unless you are a VERY experienced practitioner of black magic, don’t go messing with demons.
Also, always be on the lookout immediately after a session. Watch your home, and pay attention to its happenings. If you ended the session correctly, it’s likely nothing will happen, but it’s good to keep an eye out for new activity.


“and when you’re fifteen feeling like there’s nothing to figure out but count to ten, take it in this is life before you know who you’re gonna be”

hey taylor!! as you may know it was my fifteenth (!!!!) birthday today (february 8th) and your song fifteen means more than anything right now. going into high school was honestly one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me and fifteen really helped me get through it. it was a new school with a lot of new people and I though I’d never get through it, all the homework, the drama with friends but I’m still alive and I’m a little stressed but hey I’m still here spending my life on tumblr and netflix. you mean the world to me and i want you to know that without you i probably wouldn’t be where i am today at the age of fifteen.

love, love, love,

Brenna ❤️

Invel: Explain the reason of your absence for today’s meeting? Neinhart: Ugh, I will go with Wahl and Dimaria to the port, alright? Invel: …Since his majesty is in a hurry, I will not impose any punishment this time. However, I will not allow similar things to happen again. Remember it next time. Neinhart: Yeah, yeah, I got it. They will probably never see each other again, Zeref and the Spriggan 12s (maybe Brandish and Dimaria will, but the others…) O__Q

Random guy changed my day

and probably my life

The nicest thing happened to me today. It was so surprising, I don’t even believe it. I was at Subway ordering a sandwich and my credit card declined, I’m not sure why because that’s never happened before. I didn’t have any cash to pay with so I was stuck. The guy behind me saw what was happening and immediately said to the man working the register, “I’ll buy it” and I had no words, I thanked him so so much. I tried really hard to argue and not let him, but he insisted and wouldn’t back down. I’m still kind of in shock, it was so sweet of him and I feel so ridiculously surprised and happy. I’ve been feeling really awful recently and going through a lot and this completely cheered me up. He made my day, my week, my month, he really made a huge difference simply by paying a few extra dollars, but that was so kind of him and unnecessary and he did it just because he could. I couldn’t pay him back because he left the restaurant right after, I didn’t even get his name. I honestly have decided, because of this, everyday I’m going to go out of my way to do something nice for a stranger. It’s amazing how far small acts of kindness to strangers can go

Guess what today is? That’s right, Character Design Inspiration’s 2nd birthday! We’re celebrating with crappy clip art plopped on top of the logo because I completely forgot that this was happening today until about fifteen minutes ago! 

On a more serious note, though, thank you so much to everyone who’s followed and supported this blog! Two years ago, I never would have believed that my silly little reference and inspiration blog would one day surpass 2,000 posts and 28,500 followers. It’s been a wild ride, but in the best way possible! There’s probably a million things I should say here, but I’m in the middle of finals and pretty low on energy and free time, so I’ll just leave you with this: thank you!! A huge a thank you to each and every one of you for making this blog so rewarding to run <3

Regarding IMPORTANT MCU CANON for Jane and Darcy!

I guess some people may not know this existed, or if they did they had no access to it, but there are two issues of a comic book called Thor: The Dark World Prelude. And in it there is character development for Darcy and Jane that is CANON for the MCU.

It especially explains what happened to them over in Norway and what happened when Thor never came back.

You can probably find scans in certain tags on tumblr and I’m downloading copies now for myself so if anyone wants these particular scenes posted then let me know and I’ll do what I can today.

Below the cut are scans of all the darcy and jane scenes.

I don’t care so much if people ignore certain canon things for their own reasons, but if there are people who want to remain as true to the MCU as they can before branching out into their own twists, this helps tremendously.

The biggest thing is that while in Norway Darcy found out about why they were really there and she and Jane were pretty annoyed about not being told.

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Third Date - Chapter 1

Links to First Date and Second Date can be found here, and also on FF and AO3.

Link to Felicity’s outfit here.

Felicity had been awake for a while, basking in the light that streamed through her window. She woke with a sense of excitement that she couldn’t contain, knowing that today was the day she would get to finally have sex with Oliver. She probably could have crossed that line with him last night, but a very small part of her was glad that they had been interrupted, if only to preserve her (probably arbitrary) rule about waiting. The more she thought about it, though, the more she realized that the rule didn’t apply to them, not really; not when there had been a palpable tension between them since the beginning. And she knew that no matter when it happened, it would never be considered a “sudden” thing. And she was sure beyond all doubt that she wasn’t a fling to him. He wasn’t the man he used to be, and besides, they had exchanged declarations last night.

She turned to bury her head in her pillow, giving herself a moment to squeal with joy. Oliver loved her. It was a fact. She wished she could go back to a younger version of herself and tell her that dreams do come true. Not a shallow dream of getting the hot guy (although, she couldn’t lie to herself, dating a guy as hot as Oliver did feed her ego a bit), but that she would find a love that felt as true and epic as this. She thought she had known what love was; she thought she had felt it with Cooper. But what she felt for Oliver was completely different. It felt more permanent.

She shook her head from her thoughts, getting way ahead of herself. She was determined just to enjoy whatever they were right now, and what they had was pretty darn good.

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Seeking a Way Out
He feels like a princess trapped in a tower sometimes, being guarded by a jealous, angry dragon. The marks from nails along his back certainly feel like claw marks sometimes.

Today, he’s standing in the grocery, and just staring at a peach, wondering if he could sneak into the house without Nathaniel seeing. Then sets it down with a soft sigh, wincing when the tight chain around his neck rubs at raw skin.

He promises himself, like always, that one day he’ll run, and be free again. As he heads up with the things Nathaniel told him to buy, he knows…it will probably never happen.

But he can hope, can’t he?

all spy communiqués can be slipped under my door until further notice

olivia would know what to do
she’d probably wear a pink tutu,
dance an homage to
charlotte and wilber, then
eat some scones with tea.
this is a sweet charming poem
full of easy innocence on the surface,
but my eyes are swollen from crying,
i blame last nights caesar salad,
olivia would never eat such a thing,
i want to hide under my covers today,
build a tent city on my bed,
invite no one to visit, and
watch crunchyroll,
i hope what happened to
mount saint helens doesnt happen to me,
i was dormant and calm once but
now im churning,
searching for my equilibrium,
i hope half my body doesnt explode
into a paraclastic flow,
helen is calm again but
she used to look like soft serve ice cream,
now she looks like a
soft boiled egg, cracked open, no salt

You guys probably don’t remember, but one year ago today, I was attending the Bob’s Burgers Live Show in Milwaukee. 

One year, and I sometimes still can’t even believe this happened. Only in the fandom for about a year at the time, and already I got to meet the cast and creator. In fact, I was the first person to buy tickets for this particular show, so I got to be front row and center stage for the whole thing too. How did I get so lucky? 

And Milwaukee never looked better than it did that night. Everyone in pink bunny ears and Burger t-shirts. Walking through the market in full cosplay, hearing people yell, “Hey, Tina!” High fives and hugs and photos. Those were my people, and I felt a sense of belonging there that I hadn’t felt since college and haven’t felt since. 

Give us a Bob’s Burgers Live 2016 Tour. Let more fans experience what I did that night. Take me back take me back take me back.