So today, after 8 months of being absent, I went back to the thing I loved the most. After being out for a knee injury and anxiety holding me back, I decided to return. I can’t tell you the emotion I felt when I stepped in the ring, to then be told by the trainer he’s really impressed with me and he could tell I’ve wrestled before. This is my life, my dream. And nothing is going to hold me back now. I’m going to show everybody, everyone that doubted me, who never believed in me why i deserve this. Just watch me, everyone will know my name soon enough. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 thank you so much for the support @short-arse-twat you’ve got my head in line and encouraged me so much. You’re amazing


My little lady got to explore Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum today! I’ve said this before, but I love doing things like this in the Hinterlands! It makes me imagine my geeky ball of Sharlayan sunshine sliding straight into fangirl mode. Plus, in this case, she was fangirling over pretty flowers, which must have made some sort of uber-fangirl magic, the power of which could change the world. Or just lots of squealing. Anyway, enjoy these pictures of Tara exploring, nerding out, and running from giant bees!

If you’re syrup I’m the sore throat
If I’m the restless storm you’re the clear sky
if I’m the heart you’re the pumping blood

you feel like a Saturday morning
you’re the good thing to come home to

I see us in colors
if you’re on fire then I’ll be your baby blue
you’re all endless red beneath my eyelids
but we’ll make a pretty sunset

You feel like sunshine to taste in my mouth

the excitement running into my fingertips

I feel like I’m jumping off a plane
without double checking the parachute
but you’ve become a safe place to land

—  falling n falling for you

the calendar // panic! at the disco

Lizzy’s College Tips Masterlist:

I’m an old, wisened super student who’s been in school for ten years and has too much information to pass down. Here is the masterlist of all the topics I’ve covered for newbie college students to sooth fears: 

First Day of Classes: What to Expect


What you really need for your Dorm Room/Apartment: A Complete List 

Laundry Tips for the Lazy Student 

Grocery Shopping List: What You Really Need 

Cooking Hacks and Essentials 

How to Eat and be Healthy 

Living Arrangements 


Making Friends


Writing Papers 

Societal Pressures

Random Important Tips

Tips for when stress gets to you

Dealing with Anxiety

How to Stave off Colds and Flues: Tips and Hacks

If there is a subject you want me to cover, please let me know. 

I was talking with a colleague today about Stranger Things and I realised that one of the aspects I loved most about the show was how the children were portrayed. 

So often in TV shows I personally find the writing for children of that age really lacking. They are either entirely plot devices or they only serve to create unnecessary conflict of the “but you’re not my real mom” variety. And frankly, to me that’s just really annoying and quite stale.

Over and over again I have found myself rolling my eyes at the scripts for kids. Because so often it has felt like the writers have never actually ever spoken to a kid. Or, to a large degree, they underestimate children’s intelligence or capacity for empathy. Also they underestimate the magnitude of kids’ problems which leaves you with shows where the main plot is fighting aliens or vampires or whatever and the kid is whining about something like not being able to have an ice cream, and this is inevitably a device that is only meant to lurch the plot forward for the adults. You know, when little Johnny decides to brave 20 vampires for that stash of Ben and Jerry’s and then dad needs to go save him.

Stranger Things is so wonderful because not only does it capture that same innocence and friendship of movies and books like Stand By Me etc it’s also because these kids are well rounded. They care for each other. They have empathy and they worry about their friends. They have interests and in jokes and little rituals. They fight because they care. They know what’s important and they are not treated as plot devices. Their friendship feels important because it is, their interests feel important because they are. 

It really to me feels like someone actually sat down with 12 year old kids and really spoke to them and got inside their heads, took them seriously as people. Their interests are never derided, their insights are never dismissed.

And Eleven, sweet lovely Eleven. She was so much more than just some strange little girl who can do things with her mind. I just wanted to hold her and give her a warm bed and as many waffles as she wanted and tell her she was safe forever.

I’m just so impressed by how they pulled this off and I really hope some other showrunners writing shows that have children in them learn a thing or three from this.