I’m probably the worst at lab tours like we had 5 first years come check out the lab today and I was just like…

“This is a shaker. It shakes…the things. It is for…shaking. Here is a colony counter. Tap tap tap tap tap you know how many colonies you have. Fantastic. Here is every 96 well plate your heart could dream of. Not really. That lasts a month. This is an ultracentifuge. Much like a regular centrifuge, but more. Ultra. These three black electronic devices are my children. I love them. Not that third one so much though. He’s naughty.”

I feel like I should be over this but I’ve been dealing with people shitting on U2 for so long and like - fuck! I just want to be able to tell people I love my favourite band without having to deal with their bullshit. Like wtf I don’t shit on people for liking indie bands that I think are crap. No one thinks the worse of anyone for liking “cool” bands. But every goddamn time I tell someone I love U2 I have to hear about how Bono’s a piece of shit, or how Edge can’t play guitar, or fucking iPhones, like ??? No, I don’t want to hear you insult something I really adore??Every time I go to tell someone irl about this huge part of my life I start with “Don’t judge me, but…” and I really shouldn’t feel the need to. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. 

I was curious so I tried on bras today and i was like. Lol nope. I’m not a boob guy. I’ve always wanted to be flat chested, always will be, I’m quite happy with my cute 30A sboobs that can pass for either gender. I don’t want a mastectomy and I also don’t want to wear bras ya dig

On a day like today,
 I washed my hair again
forgetting the monsoon. 
Now it wont dry until
until thursday
which is day after tomorrow
and  what should i do now? 

  On a day like today
I want to begin the discourse
from behind the door,
and not let anyone in
so that that the stench
of the sickness stays and
clings to my walls

on a day like today
when my hair won’t dry
on its own accord
i must put a machine to its best use .
the warmth on my hair
feels a little savage
and i put down the books
the glasses and began
 to weep befriending a slight
 discomfort of tales and moods. 

September 22, 2017

• Struggling with shame today. Just feel like I made a lot of mistakes last night and I’m embarrassed. Anxiety is making things difficult.

• Trying to stay positive and busy. I’m going to shower soon and make lunch, then I might go to Barnes and Noble to do some studying

• I have my internship 3:30-5:30 and I’m honestly really looking forward to it. I love seeing the clients and being a part of the group.

• I’m not sure what I’m doing later, but I’m hoping I’m hanging out with friends because I need some girl time

• Self-compassion is the way to go right now. I’m reminding myself of all the good things and trying to pull myself out of shame spiraling, because that gets me NOWHERE.

• Opened up to a boy about my ‘issues with food’ last night (not comfortable using the term ED yet) and generally feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed

it drives me crazy when people are super nitpicky about what they eat

one day there was breakfast pizza in the teacher’s lounge and I’m standing there having a slice. someone comes in, opens the box, and says something like “oh I shouldn’t haha”

and this morning another coworker comes in with a pack of mini donuts, joking like oh my goodness look what I’m having for breakfast today, so bad. I was like… that’s literally what I had this morning… (and idgaf)

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I just hate when people make a big deal out of eating a slice of pizza or having a cookie. you aren’t going to gain 5 lbs by treating yourself now and then. As long as you have an otherwise healthy relationship with food, just chill out. And don’t make comments that make me feel guilty about eating something!


I’ve been feeling really down on my craft lately, like everything I make isn’t good enough. I made a few sea witch kits today and although I liked some pieces it just wasn’t good enough as a whole. Does anyone have any advice for a discouraged lil witch?

  • Someone: what are you?
  • Me: a disappointment
  • Someone: but, as in a boy or a girl
  • Me: Vampires are too awesome to have gender
  • Someone: whats between your legs?
  • Me, touching my inner right tight gesturing inside my awesome black leather pants: a dagger, three hundred years old

This is my first ever official post of the main character, Liam Marise and it’s autumn themed!!! I hope you like! Today I’ll be posting his two friends as well! 


Hey bitches, thought you’d seen the last of me ?? So this week marks 1 month and 2 weeks on HRT, and today I was like “why the fuck am i still dressing like a boy??” And broke out my fave skirt from my woredrobe. Goodbye boy mode, henlo life as a giant asian woman ✌🏼👩🏻🦋 Follow me on instagram @indisposal if you wanna see my seemingly endless stream of updates

Back with Another Harvey Beaks Drawing, This is a Harvey X Piri Piri Drawing I did today.

Like I said before, This Romance is one of the sub-plots of The Harvey Beaks Fanfiction I’m hoping to do.

I have been wanting too draw these two together, and I finally did it. Sure it’s Not Too Perfect, but I’m glad I finally Posted My New Favorite Ship.

I’m also going too count this as an Early Birthday Gift Drawing for @cyngawolf‘s​​ Birthday Tomorrow, since she likes this ship so much, and she got me too ship them. Mostly because I probably won’t draw anything Tomorrow, because I’m going to Spend The Night at One of My Aunt’s House. I’ll possibly still be on here Tomorrow, but I won’t post any drawings tomorrow. Wish me Luck.

And Happy Early Birthday to Cyngawolf.