Headcanons about Afterdeath

I’m completely in love with the ship and my idea of ​​Geno liking flirts, so here it goes:
- As in most verses, Reaper constantly visits Geno in save screen after they met at Christmas AU Party.
- Geno flirts with Reaper. All the time, like “you’re deadly beautiful today … and always”, or even something like “can you lend me a kiss? I swear I’ll give it back.” Reaper always laughs and flirt too, to a point where they start a war of flirtations and oh, they will not have mercy.
- Geno constantly says “you’re drop-DEATH beautiful” and no one can tell me otherwise
- Things come at a point where they can not spend five minutes without flirting with each other. “You have a tendency to flirt with death” “Pffhahahah” “Great, now you’re laughing in the face of death” (I don’t know if this makes sense in english. Don’t judge me, learn portuguese)
- Finally Reaper becomes impatient and says “Geno, Are you going to kiss me or just keep flirting? ”
- Geno obviously kisses him.“ Even after they’ve been dating for months, they’re still flirting with each other.
No one can handle these two, is like two Frisks with bad puns

Storm Damage

Well that was a long expensive day today. One of our beautiful trees crashed down onto our fence, and we had a minor mudslide out back too. That’s enough rain Mother Nature!! The sad thing is another storm is on its way tonight or tomorrow. We had the tree cut up and removed, the company that originally put the fence in, came on a last minute notice and replaced the smashed section of the fence that got hit and the mud slide was not only cleaned up but they made that part of the yard look better then before! All before the next storm, that’s on its way. 😬

Aaron was awesome, he gave all the workers a nice tip for rescuing us today!!

also hey guess who got to work today and yesterday on their days off because my co-supervisor doesn’t listen to me?

I told him a month ago “Do not hire high schoolers dude they quit without putting in a 2-weeks and they call in whenever its nice out” (I sincerely mean no disrespect to any high schoolers that follow me) and he goes and hires them anyway

well guess who had to come in on a beautiful Saturday I initially had off because one called in, and guess whose at work TODAY on a beautiful Sunday because the other quit over the phone yesterday!!!!