One of my managers had her baby and I got to see pictures and she’s so cute! And everything is so wonderful and beautiful and today is going to be a good day!!


happy lee jooheon day !! 🌹🌟

today the most beautiful angel turned 23 !! him ??? the galaxy’s most beautiful, kind and talented man !!! capable of handling any situation, loving his group members & friends, forever thankful to his jooheonbebes and supporters !!!! this man ,,,, this angel,,, this star,,, really had one dream. to take advantage of his talent and skills and achieve something great !!! 8 years of training. moved away from his family. dedicated his every day on practicing and becoming the person and artist he is today. nothing could get in his way of chasing his dreams he really did everything he could, put his everything into his work, he turned his passion into a lifestyle. he is so inspiring and loving and kind and generous and talented and sweet and beautiful and respected !!! we love you !!!!! lee jooheon, rapper, dancer, singer, song writer, composer, jacket & album cover designer, multi instrument player, fluent in english, award winner and so on at just the age of 23 a loved and loving person that spends every day of his life giving love to his fans and supporters and always putting his everything in his music, known for his anti racist, anti sexist and pro lgbt ideologies ,, someone whom i love wholeheartedly and will never stop supporting, i’ll always be by your side, thank you for everything you’ve done for us, monbebe, you deserve nothing less than the entire universe ,,, we love you the most !!!!! 

Absolutely And Completely

So I’ve just been having major Dad!Harry feels lately and came up with this little fluff piece.

Literally nobody asked for this

Warnings: Sickeningly cute Dad!Harry fluff

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